Mahakaali 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartika ready for marriage

Mahakaali 28th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati says to Shiv that Indar provoked Narntak, got him killed so he can provoke Devantak, tell me if I am worried about the coming storm? tell me. Shiv says no it has nothing do with that. Parvati says how will we handle this? if Devantak has power which can only be killed by using brains, power and sensibility. A loyal Raja Vishrurup comes there and says I have come to thank Parvati and Ganesh, you have saved my rule and my people by killing Narntak, I am sorry if I have come on wrong time but me and my daughters are here to thank you all. His daughters come there. He says my daughters wanted to meet Mahakali so I couldnt stop them. Girls greet Parvati. One girl says my name is Sidhi(sensibility) and other says my name is Budhi(brains). Parvati smiles hearing it.

Devantak is angry

and throws things around. Indar says I understand your anger but you have to finish Ganesh, he is sensible and can find a way to kill you like he killed your brother, go and take revenge for your brother as you can finish devs. Devantak asks why Devraj wants that? Indar says my position of Devraj was taken, I hate them so finis them, will you go alone? Devantak says I will use my powers to end them. Indar smirks. Devantak brings his force and says go back, I will battle with my enemies, I will be with you. Indar thanks him and leaves. Devantak says Indar tried to fool me but I will cheat him.

Parvati says to Vishru that Devantak is behind Ganesh as he killed Narntak, we want your help for that. Vishru asks for order. Parvati says we want your daughters to marry Ganesh and become a part of our family. Vishru says this will be an honor for us. Shiv asks if he accepts their proposal? Vishru says dont embarrass me, this is an honor to make relation with your family but how will it end Devantak? Parvati says your Sidhi is a Devi of showing right path, Budhi is knowledgeable, Ganesh has powers, if they three come together then it can finish Devantak. Vishru says I agree but they are still kids so how they will marry? Parvati says we will use our powers to bring them together, we will their vaakdaan so their powers will combine and can end Devantak but we have to talk to kids about this first. Shiv says I will talk Ganesh, Parvati says I will talk to Sidhi and Budhi.

Ganesh says to Shiv that how can I marry? I am a kid and I dont think Sidhi and Budhi will agree as when we went to their village, they got angry on us because we didnt let them kill their enemies.

Parvati talks to Budhi and Sidhi and says what if your encounter with Ganesh was not pleasant? same happened with me and Shiv but think about it, I wont force you for anything, let me know your decision.

Ganesh says to Shiv that you are planning against me, Shiv says no I am just telling you that if you agree for this then you will marry in adulthood but you will be bind in a relation, last decision is yours so think about it.

Ganesh, Budhi and Sidhi comes to Parvati and Shiv. Parvati says tell us your decision and it will be final. Shiv says women will tell their decision first. Sidhi and Budhi says we agree with this marriage. Shiv asks Ganesh. Ganesh says I am sorry but I dont agree with this marriage. All look on.

Indar comes to his place, his daughters ask if everything if fine? Indar says soon Devantak will end Devs and I will get my position back, dont worry, Devantak have promised to not hurt me and my loyals so we will stay here and whole Kailash will try to stop Devantak but they wont be able to. His daughter says I dont agree with going against Kailash, Indar says you are going against your father because Kartika saved you once? let Devantak kill Kailash. He hears force coming and sees Devantak coming with his force. Devantak says I am not a fool to go to Kailash, I will kill you and take all your Devs then I will call my enemies here. His force starts a fight with Indar. Agni thinks to inform Parvati and Shiv.

Parvati asks Ganesh why he is against this marriage? Ganesh says because I cant say yes without my heart agreeing to it. Shiv says this is about his deeds. Kartika says how we will fight with Devantak? Agni comes there and says Devantak have started destruction, he will kill all devs. Kartika says to Ganesh that we have to end Devantak. Ganesh nods. Kartika calls his bird and leaves with Ganesh. Budhi and Sidhi that we want to be part of this battle. Shiv says you will be important part of this battle.

Indar takes his daughter devsena away and asks her stay away from Devantak. Devantak comes there. Indar asks Devsena to leave, she runs away. Indar tries to attack Devantak but he laughs and says your weapons are useless on me. He grabs Indar and says you have to die but I have to show your standard first, he throws him away.
Devsena is running away but Devantak’s forces surround her.

Kartika says to Ganesh that why did you say no to marriage? how we will kill Devantak? Ganesh says we will find a solution, Shiv told me that we will find answer by our deeds. They see Devsena hung on a cliff and calling out for help. Devantak’s force is coming for her. Kartika says to Ganesh that go to Devantak, I will help her, he leaves. Ganesh says father was right, we will find solution by deeds, Devantak will die now.

Scene 2
Devsena falls from cliff but Kartika jumps and saves her. They share eyelock, she smiles at him and says you saved me again. Kartika says we can do one act again and again.

Devantak gets attacked by Ganesh. Sidhi and Budhi comes there too. Devantak says my brother’s killer is here. Ganesh says I freed him and I will free you too. They both attack attack each other, Devantak falls down. Mahakali comes there. Devantak says what son couldnt do, mother have come to do? you cant kill me. She says yes but I can injure you, she attacks him. Indar says where is Devsena? he goes to find her. Shiv comes there too.

Kartika takes Devsena to his bird and they fly away.

Indar says to Mahakali that I am sorry, please forgive me. Mahakali says you have one chance to rectify your mistakes. Kartika and Devsena comes there. Mahakali asks if they will marry each other? They nod. Mahakali says to Indar that you have a long way to repent this mistake starting with this marriage. Indar says I bless this marriage but how we will end Devantak? Mahakali says it will happen.

Ganesh says to Sidhi and Budhi that its good you are with me to kill Devantak. They say that we can help you. He says I dont need help. Parvati says to Ganesh that Devsena is with us now, are you still against this marriage with Sidhi and Budhi? he shakes his head.

Devantak says to Ganesh that there is no power in this world that can end me. Ganesh says you are too proud. Sidhi and Budhi gives their powers to Ganesh. Ganesh grows in size and looks down at Devantak. Devantak is shocked and says how can this happened? Shiv you blessed me. Shiv says you were proud that no power can kill you but they have all three powers to kill you. Devantak says but they are three powers separately and not one. Parvati says Sidhi have power of showing sensibility and Budhi have brains but they are combined due to vaakdaan and now they have combined powers which will end you. Ganesh attacks Devantak. Devantak dies and goes away. All smile. Ganesh takes his place back. Shiv says great fight son, Ganesh ended evils so he will be called Ganpati. Indar says I am sorry for my mistakes, I will repent for my mistakes. Parvati says end is good, we should go back to Kailash. Sidhi and Budhi greets them. Parvati smiles at Shiv.

Shiv and Parvati sits down. Parvati says I am thankful for your guide, my honor, respect, everything is joined with you, I found you and found my journey. Shiv says your journey gave me a reason too, Parvati says I thought my journey will end but you made me learn that end is start, with your guide I got to find my powers as Mahakali. Shiv says I did it all for myself, if you are here then I am here, you are the power of this universe. Parvati says but you showed me the right path, now I have understood that every problem have a solution, I am calm as I know you are with me always, my sons’ marriages are confirmed so I am in peace, I have done my part of protecting this universe and have done my work as a woman, I feel like all my wishes are filled and I am in peace. Shiv gets tensed and thinks what did you say Parvati? if you dont have any wish then there will be no wishes and hope left in the universe, you have started a end now and nobody will be safe now. Shiv says Mahakali’s end journey will start now and it will end all.

Vishnu says to Shiv that Mahakali has no desires now which will bring end to world, its a start of end now, earth will see the results first.

On earth, flowers become stale. One man asks priest what is this? Priest says I dont know, I feel like end is coming, dont know how big the problem is now.

Priest says to Shiv that first earth then patal-log will end, how we will fight with this? Shiv says Mahakali will find a solution, I trust her to find a solution that will bring a new start in the end.

Parvati says why I feel tensed? everything is fine now. Shiv comes there. Parvati says I want to talk to you, everything is fine but I feel like something wrong is going to happen. Shiv says you can find out everything, its on you how you see the situation, dont know if you are tensed about a coming good thing. Parvati says you have to answer me, you cant ask me to find everything. Shiv says you have to find answers as its related to you. You have to come with me for prayers as I am going to a den with all. She looks on.
PRECAP- End of universe will start and Mahakali have to save everyone. Ganesh becomes ash too.
Mahakali shouts that if I cant stop the destruction then I will end my powers. Shiv looks on. Whole universe is burning.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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