Mahabharata ff part 23


Time elapsed on its fast pace.. Draupadi has five sons prativindhya, sutasoma, shrutsena, shrutkirti, and Satanika.. Yudhishtira with the help of the pandavas have been ruling the kingdom efficiently.. A beautiful morning is all set ??..

The sons r playing in the palace joyfully happily and merrily whilst Yudhishtira is busy handling the daily affairs of the kingdom, with the pandavas like always guiding him. The court is filled with wise and brave men. Draupadi and Subhadra r cookin food in the kitchen with the servants assisting them. Everything is set as usual, bt it seems that sumthin is surely gonna happen, maybe bringing a heart break or happiness…
Draupadi -today we should cook something nice, different from usual. It seems to me that we should give a surprise to the kids as well.
Subhadra- Nice idea, bt what shall we cook?
Draupadi – we can cook something sweet, bt surely NT Laddoos..
Subhadra – haha… Cos of sutasoma??
Draupadi-yes.. He’s so small still won’t leave any single moment fr pouncing over Laddoos..
Subhadra -leave him jiji, what’s wrong in giving them one pounce..
Draupadi – You’ll surely understand one day, when you’ll become a mother.

It stops their convo n they indulge in their work aftr a laugh ??..
The dining table is all set up for a delicious ? lunch time. All the foodie pairs of eyes r gazing over the delicious food ???. The kids start pouncing over the food, the fathers thinking ? if they’ll get to eat or not ?. But the food was enough to accommodate everyone’s needs .. After everyone has finished eating, Draupadi and subhadra go to their respective rooms. Subhadra feels a bit unwell and lies down on the bed to rest. Arjun asks he what happened to her, she replies that she’s unwell.
A-I can also see that you’re unwell. But what’s happened to you??
S- I’m feeling dizzy ?..

She gets up from the bed and runs out with her hand on her mouth. Arjun gets confused… She was dizzy ? bt now she’s running, it’s impossible to understand her. Is it sum news? Shall I call the Vaidya? If its a gud news what’ll b Panchali reaction?
Draupadi notices Subhadra’s weird behaviour. You need a check up. Come to the room.she takes subhadra to the room and calls vaid raj.
Vaidya examines her and says that it’s a good news. Arjun gasps.. Wat?? Vaid says she’s pregnant. Everyone gets happy ?. Arjun says the first person who should know this news now is.. Madhav. Draupadi thinks isn’t it so soon…, no it isn’t. Don’t feel jealous, calm down, be happy, a brave son is gonna come soon. Or.. Otherwise, what’s the use of worrying unnecessarily. Arjun goes to write a letter.
The kids go to Subhadra and ask her when the baby will come ?. Soon, answers draupadi.. They get overjoyed.

Precap-Arrival of Shri Krishna.

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  1. Suji

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    Telly updates what’s this??? It’s part 24 of the same fanfic ☹☹

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  4. Nice ff vanshika I loved it a lot .Keep up the good job

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    Awesome di keep writing

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    Wow vanshika it is superb dear and a interesting precap also… keep writing ☺☺☺☺

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