Tere Bin 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akshay gets nervous breakdown remembering Nandini’s words what she hates him and does not need him back in her life. He collapses while trying to open his car door. His nursing nurse sees him while traveling in taxi and rushes him to nursing home. Irfan who is present there asks here where did she find Dr. Sinha. She says she found him unconscious near Victoria garden. He thinks why did he go there, calls Nandini and says Dr. Sinha was found unconscious near their home, if he had come there. She is shocked and rushes towards nursing home.

Irfan also informs Vijaya who also rushes to nursing home and then into Akshay’s room. Nandini also reaches there. Irfan says Dr. Sinha must have collapsed due to overexertion and will be fine soon. Vijaya says she tells him repeatedly not to exert himself, but he does not listen. Akshay subconsciously repeates Nandini please forgive me. Vijaya is shocked. Nandini runs out crying. Pyar hai ya saza….song..Irfan goes out and asks her if Dr. Sinha had come home. She asks him to take her home. He gets her into car. She continues crying. Irfan says Dr. Sinha’s family is there to take care of him, she need not worry. He fixes her seat belt and starts car.

Akshay wakes up and sees Vijaya weeping, asks why is she weeping. She nods no. Naani calls Vijaya and asks how is Akshay now. She says fine now. Naani gives phone to Neeti and neeti aks how is papa. Vijaya says he is fine now. Naani and Neeti reach nursing home. Neeti asks when will papa come back home. Akshay says in the evening before she comes from nursing home. Neeti says she will not go to school and have informed Naani already. In the evening, Akshay wishes good bye to his staff and says he will be back early in the morning and does not want anyone to be late. He asks nurse Jennifer to line up his surgeries. Vijaya signals her not to.

Family reaches home. Naani gets soup and Neeti asks Akshay to finish it fast. Ratan comes and after a bit drama asks Akshay why did he go to Victoria garden from nursing home. Akshay gets nervous and Vijaya angry.

Precap: Neeti wistles tune which Nandini taught her. Vijaya starts weeping. Akshay says Nilesh used to whistle like this, who must have taught her.

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