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Episode begins with Draupadi talking to Krishna outside the Pandava camp. She complains that Karna had wounded Abhimanyu and Krishna interprets her worries and asks whether she wants to know if she should prepare for her sons’ death.
Krishna tells death is with us at every moment, we are always ready for death. Draupadi sobs and asks how she could ever be ready for the death of her children. Draupadi says she knows this is her duty and a chance for sacrifice, but her heart is not able to understand this. Draupadi says if her six son’s eyes close, then there will be nothing left for her to see in this world. Krishna sits next to Draupadi and tells her to look at God instead.

The Kaurava army are cremating Duryodhan’s brothers. Duryodhan asks Karna what stopped him from killing

Abhimanyu. Karna says he was pleased seeing his bravery and prowess. Karna asks for forgiveness from Duryodhan, but he is angry.
He tells Karna to ask forgiveness from his 30 brothers that Bhima killed in the battlefield. Duryodhan reminds Karna that this is war, not a competition, and his sole duty is to ensure his victory. Duryodhan tells Karna to prove his friendship.
Karna asks for his next order from Duryodhan, and he replies “Abhimanyu vadh”. Drona says this is impossible while all 5 Pandavas are on the battlefield.
Duryodhan says he doesn’t care how they manage this, but before he sees any of the Pandavas killed, he wants to see Abhimanyu die. Shakuni arrives with a plan to kill Abhimanyu. He tells them about Jayadrath’s tapasya to Mahadev to get revenge for what the Pandavas did to him during exile.

Next we see Abhimanyu outside the Pandava camp. Arjun comes there and blesses him saying he heard about his bravery against Karna.
Arjun says he is proud of Abhimanyu, as standing against Karna without being afraid is not an easy task. Arjun says he is blessed to have a son like Abhimanyu.
Abhimanyu asks Arjun whether Karna really is such a good archer. Arjun says that Karna has both power and determination, but if he also had valour then it would be impossible to defeat him. Arjun tells Abhimanyu that shakti and samaarth always compete, but shaurya doesn’t compete.
A heroic warrior only tries elevate himself, instead of trying to be better than someone else.

Arjun and Abhimanyu meet the rest of the Pandava army. Yudhi tells Arjun that Susharma has left to attack Virat’s city. Virat wants to leave to go and protect his kingdom. Krishna says if Virat leaves then his army will also have to leave with him, and Virat agrees.
Krishna says he can make his chariot horses ride faster than the wind, and Arjun alone is enough for the Trigarta army.
Virat argues that the army needs Arjun, but Krishna says there are other warriors present in this army. Maybe it is a day for one of them to obtain valour and fame. Arjun agrees and says he will defeat the army before sunset.
He tells Abhimanyu to fight wonderfully and blesses him with victory. Father and son hug while Krishna watches. Abhimanyu touches Krishna’s feet and Krishna blesses him to find such fame in battle that makes him immortal.
As Abhimanyu climbs onto his chariot, his raksha-kavach falls off. Krishna notices this but remains quiet as Abhimanyu rides off.

On the battlefield a messenger comes and tells the Kaurava army that Arjun and Krishna have gone after Susharma. Shakuni is pleased that their plan is working.
He tells Drona to begin the chakravyuh formation. Drona shoots an arrow into the sky that clouds the Pandava army’s vision.
When they manage to see again they notice the chakravyuh. Bhima says this is why they got Arjun away from the battlefield today.
Bhima says this chakravyuh will destroy the remains of their army.

Precap: Abhimanyu tells Yudhi that he is able to break into the chakravyuh and asks for permission. Yudhi agrees and says he and his brothers will continuously surround Abhimanyu and protect him. The Kaurava army is waiting for them.

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