Doli Armaanon Ki 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu continues lecturing Samrat. All ask her to be quiet, but she doesn’t stop. She says she has no sympathy for the person who has no sympathy for others. Samrat shows his attitude even from the wheelchair and asks her to shut and leave. Asha bahu thinks situation is going out of control, and therefore, she opens her mouth. She tells Samrat whatever happened with him is bad, but he’s getting in return what he did. She gives an example of a dog and a man. A man kicked dog and dog bit him in return. Since then that man is not able to say anything and when he sees water, his tongue comes out like a dog. Anu laughs. Her dad asks both to be quiet. Samrat asks what is this? They came to insult him? Urmi’s dad folds his hands and apologizes to Samrat. Samrat asks him if he even knows anything else beside begging to him all the time. All get shocked. Samrat asks Urmi what she’s doing by standing, Ask her family to leave. Her family then leaves.

They come home. Her dad is mad at Anu who didn’t return with them. They decide never to take her there ever again. Because of her, Samrat even disrespected them. Anu’s mum says as if Samrat respects him. Asha bahu asks she can still go there right. Dadi tells her she should not even step out of the house. Asha says she just spoke to control the situation.

Anu is in a park, recalling Samrat’s behavior. It starts raining. The guy whom she rejected comes there with umbrella. She asks him what he’s doing there. He says he saw her getting wet, so came to cover her else she would get sick. He again asks her why she rejected him, he’s too desperate to know it and if she doesn’t say it then even his ghost will follow her after he dies. She tells him she rejected because she loves someone else. He gets shocked. Anu takes umbrella and leaves.

Shashi comes to Aditi and Amrit and tells them that she has doubt on Urmi. She must be behind the accident. She has done some black magic on Samrat. Aditi says she doesn’t believe it and asks her to stop blaming Urmi every single time. Shashi says she even can’t share her doubts with her daughter. Urmi has made Aditi on her side. She leaves. Amrit follows her and says he agrees with her. He also knows a baba who can get rid off black magic, but it would cost. Shashi says anything for her son and asks him to fix a meeting. He gets happy.

Samrat is lying on the bed. Shaurya questions him if he’s in pain. Samrat says yes. Shaurya tells him all will be okay. Shahshi tells him not to do masti while his dad is not well. He replies that he never does any masti. He looks at Samrat’s leg and asks what’s that. Urmi tells him not to touch, it’s plaster. He keeps checking other things. Tauji tells him and he says he never does any masti. Aditi brings a pan and he questions about it as well. Aditi tells him that Samrat can’t go to toilet, so it’s for him. He finally goes out to play. Shashi asks Samrat to have juice. He’s trying to adjust his head, but unable to him. Urmi tries to help, but he asks her to stay away from him and stop all this drama. Shashi agrees. He says his mum is there to take care of him. She will do all his work. Shashi gets shocked. He asks her she will do it right. She’s lost. He shouts and repeats. She hesitantly says ok. Urmi tries to say something, but Tauji tells Urmi to let Shashi do it. Maximum work she will have to do will be help Samrat adjusting on bed and sometimes just clean the pan. Shashi makes faces. He tells her, a mum should not have issue with her son’s potty and loo. She awkwardly nods and asks in her mind, what she got stuck into? How to get out of it?

Precap: Shashi is scolding Urmi, but she answers back and tells Shashi that she’s responsible for whatever situation Samrat is in today.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. Samrat continues horrible behavior post accident

    Samrat continues with his arrogant and rude behavior even after his accident in the latest episode of Doli Armano Ki.

    It is seen that after Samrat (Mohit Malik) meets with an accident, he is rushed to the hospital.

    Urmi (Neha Marda) and the family rushes to Samrat who is screaming and howling in pain.

    Samrat does not cooperate with the doctors and Urmi helps the doctors to carry on the treatments.

    Urmi takes care of Samrat all night in the hospital even when Samrat lies there unaware of what is happening.

    When Samrat is back home, he once again starts screaming and shouting at his family members and also insults Urmi’s family who has come to meet him.

    It will also seen that Urmi’s sister Annu lashes out at Samrat and taunts him for being wheel chair bound as he hit her sister.

    Viewers will have to wait and see how Samrat will react to Annu’s bitter words.

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