Mahabharat 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 7th January 2014 Written Update

Bhishm reaches the place and is distressed to see that the entire place has been burnt down… he is heart broken as he collects the weapons, thus confirming that the pandavas have perished and then cries “Nahi” exactly three times, since that spell doesn’t work, or doesn’t give him the supposedly burnt pandavas back, he takes back the weapons to hastinapur.

The people of hastinapur are observing a bandh for the day as they hear the news of Pandavas death. I was thinking that we learnt about bandh only during british rule, No, we knew about bandh right from our ancestors…

One man is trying to fly the flag in half mast- Seriously, I thot this also we learnt from britishers yaar, seems they haven’t taught us anything afterall. Dury pushes the fellow off and flies the

flag high again as he is bubbling with happiness. Mama sakuni and his gang of brothers are also happy. Karn is disappointed at his friend’s reactions, so he leaves the place sadly. Dury lets him go but doesn’t mind much.

The raj guru, the king, queen and princess are also very sad and they too cry inconsolably.

Bhishm walks back to the palace carrying the burnt weapons and then decides to leave the weapons in ganges. He goes to his mother and as he puts the weapons one by one, he remembers the kids/grownup Pandavas faces. He is heartbroken. Vidur comes there and they both share their pain of loss.

Bhishm says that he thought that the pandavas will be the salvation to the throne now that they have gone, he has lost all his hope. Vidur consoles him. Bhishm wants to punish Dury for his acts.

At some desolate mountain, a rock suddenly falls over and we seem Bheem with his fist out as if he punched the rock out of place. The other pandavas emerge from the tunnel and breath fresh air. Peeves is happy to note that Bheem finally got a chance to show his strength, I was expecting Arjun to carry all the five in his shoulders and emerge out of ground.

I was double happy again for another reason, Yudi got a chance to make decision and for once he shut Arjun’s mouth. He decides that they all will disguise themselves and live for sometime before they go back to Hastinapur to see Pitamaha.
I am still confused why this guy is hell bent in not letting people know about their survival?

Precap: Draupad’s yag for a son/daughter
Krishna and Rukmini conversation about pandavas escapade.

Update Credit to: peeves

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