Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with the same drama where sheila was showing exasperating/dandering/irritancy towards Payal , while at the same time Kushal [Rohit] enters in Deewan house with Kaira. Payal is weeping while she goes to Rohit and tightly Slaps him , while Rohit is shocked that why he got this slap? Ruble also comes there and Slaps Rohit……Payal says that why you were making all these situations? Ruble is also angry over him but PaYa stops him. Shiela is very angry . Adi informs Police and Police comes to arrest Rohit at right time. Rohit says that he did all this with Kaira because Payal told me to do it. Payal and others are shocked. Payal says that nope, he is lieing…please do not believe him…
Police takes Rohit with them while he keeps murmering that it was Payal who asked him to do this and that…

Shiela is again very angry. Shiela says that why all this happen with his ruble…and then she force payal to go from there. Payal says that please give me one more chance…Adi and Pankhuri make all of them realise that Payal was confessing about her Love with Rohit and All have a flashback where Payal and Pankhuri tell all of them that after shiela comes they will tell one important thing to them. All realise that its correct. Avantik says to shiela that we should give one more chance to Payal. Anuj also have same views but he is doubtful over Payal’s intentions. Shiela is broken and says that yeah you will have same opinion as your sister , right Anuj.

Shiela says that okay, that from today onwards I will not talk to both Payal and Pankhuri and will assume that they are not here , they are not visible for me here. Pankhuri is broken. Ruble realises that he should give one chance to Payal . Rubel says that he also did many mistakes and hence I’m ready to forgive Payal for her mistake. Payal says that I agree that I loved Rohit but now I started Loving you Ruble[Yeh Kab Hua?] and all other members here…and in real, I think that Your Family’s Love defeated me.

Shiela is very dissapointed by this and tells that she knows that nobody Love nor Respect her here and today all are against her and her opinions…she is totally broken and starts weeping and goes in to her room.

Govardhan mama tell Anuj that Pankhuri was not aware about Payal’s truth before marriage with Ruble. We told this to Pankhuri after marriage of Ruble-Payal.Ambika says that she will talk to shiela ji about this. Avantika asks Govardhan that why they messed up whole situation? they could have told this earlier. They are speechless.
Shiela in her room , is weeping alot…while she feels lonely and calls her Brother in Dholpur that she is alone here and she is remembering her brother very much today. Episode ends here.

PRECAP – Shiela opens almirah where she finds a file in which all the cash memo are there where Anuj paid all bills of City Hospital , where Avantika is donating her kidney to Preeti. Sheila says that why Anuj did not told me? Shiela is very angry.

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