Mahabharat 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vidhur says to dritrashtra that he curse that ur 100 children will be killed n pandavas will win n u will cry the tears of blood on ur childrens death. Kunti n pandavas are mourning on bhishmas loss, yudishtir says we knew the future but when it has taken place its unbearable, kunti says ur right sadness always breaks us down, draupadi says all this happening n war is our duty we are gonna lose lot more people who are close to us n we will have to mourn every night after war ends but now it’s time to plan next day’s strategy, arjun says draupadi is right bhishma new we will lose hope so he didn’t give away his life yet n so we have to turn by turn take care of him n today i shall go take food for him, arjun goes to bhishma with food n medicine , bhishma in pain n bloodshed

says arjun this medicine will not cure my pain, arjun says if we see u in pain we will not be able to fight, bhishma says medicine will not help cure my inner pain , arjun says atleast have some water, bhishma says this water will not help me im ganga putra n m waiting for my mother gangas water n the water of this land is full of blood if u want to help me help my mother enter this land with making her impure, arjun with his arrow fulfils bhishmas wish n mata ganga arrives, mata ganga sees bhishma in pain, bhishma says im sorry mother im not in state of seeking ur blessings, ganga says u don’t need to do this bhishma n arjun go get ready for war n i shall take care of my son now, arjun seeks mata ganags blessings n leave , bhishma says to ganga even after being ur son if done lot of wrong things why did this happen, ganga says u cant understand everyones behaviour u always were bound by promises n were strict towards self n this led to all this but its not ur fault bcoz i never gave u any impurity n since u were always pure people took ur advantage, bhishma says u are the sign of purity than how did i became impure, ganga says ur not impure, bhishma says then why don’t i get death, ganga says im here to give u death n share ur knowledge with right person n than shall i take u with me n till the right person arrives i will always be with u, bhishma says today my thirst has been satisfied.
Duryodhan says we kauravas don’t have to worry about bhishmas death , it was bhishmas promises that has led him to death n pandavas have not defeated us, bhishma was a great warrior but now we have an warrior similar to bhishma , who will be entitled as our new senapati whose knowledge couldn’t be questioned n its angraj karna who is also lord parshurams student, n karna its time for u to show ur skills n strength n i trust u n u have no reson for being partial as u aren’t related to pandavas n those pandavas are not ur students so its only u who can kill pandavas, guru dron upset with duryodhans decision n taunts leaves the place.

Krishna says arjun tomorrow karna will enter battle field n don’t forget he has the special weapon given by ur father.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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