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Mahabharat 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bheem stops duryodhan from attacking arjun, bhishma says stop duryodhan the sunset has set n u will break rules if u attack arjun n pandavas will win , use this anger of urs in tomorrow’s war, duryodhan says make arrangements for bhishma to rest his head, bhishma says i need no arrangements plz keep it simple n my head needs support of the arrows as my body, arjun uses n arrow to support bhishmas head, duryodhan says i have always insulted u bhishma but i always respected u , n always seen u as n blessing, bhishma says i have no issues with u n if u ask for forgiveness i shall forgive u, duryodhan says forgive me n bless me to win the war, bhishma says i will give the blessings but not to u but to yudishtir, n will give u blessings that when u shall die u will learn the true

meaning of dharma n u shall be driven to heaven n if u don’t learn abt dharma u shall be driven to hell so now duryodhan be wise, duryodhan says even when abt to die u are still partial ,look at the sun its setting n so u shall be driven to hell n its the punishment of being partial n u deserve the hells hardship, bheem says duryodhan shut ur mouth how could so curse bhishma, Krishna says its not the sun who decides abt the hell or heaven but the human deeds n bhishma deserves heaven since he has learned true meaning of dharma, sahadev says bhishma u have the blessings of death by wish use it free urself, bhishma says i have decided i will wait for my death on this bed of arrows as punishment for all my wrong deeds, n i wish that all my pandu putras till they achieve their right n deserving positions only then i shall give away my body n when hastinapurs throne sees knowledgeable n strong king and now i wish to be alone n so u all shd leave this place n its my orders , pandavas take bhsihmas blessings n leave.
Mahamantri vidhur says we have lost bhishma n important column of hastinapus grace we have lost it, dritrashtra says i know n this is bcoz of pandu putras ,they have destroyed hastinapur, vidhur says pandavas have jst attacked but actually ur 100 sons are responsible for this condition of bhishma, ur sons have always insulted bhishma n questioned him, this is all bcoz of ur sons n so now i have decided n give away my position of mahamantri dritrashta says i have no strength or else would have killed u plz don’t say such things abt my children, vidhur says ur son was never the candidate of hastinapurs throne but u always tried to do so n from now i shall never see ur face n i curse that ur 100 children will be killed n pandavas will win n u will cry the tears of blood on ur childrens death.

Duryodhan says from tomorrow our senapati will be…..

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. It was so sad to see Bheeshm go and gave his blessings to the one righteous one the Pandus brothers. Bheeshm was a very senior characters and just.

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