Devon ke Dev Mahadev 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mansa and behula conversation. Behula says to mansa, how will you become sacred, you require others mercy. Mansa shouts on behula. Behula says, if i will gets booned then you will not do anything. Chakradhar worship to mahadev and says, this is all your mercy so that mansa couldnt hurt my son. Mansa tries her power but he couldnt do anything.
Here brahma ji says to mahadev that both behula and mansa trying to use their power. Mansa is trying to hurt laxmidhar and behula is saving her husband. Mahadev says, everybody is tryiing to get something those who comes out from me. They dont know anything. Brahma ji says, this is really destructable result, we have to stop it Mahadev.
Mansa says to behula, dont get happy because dont think that you win and dont think i forget to kill your husband. I am mercy you to see your love, now go and tell your father in law that he will worship me. Behula goes to meet her father in law. Brahma ji says, we have to get involve in this situation. Mahadev says, they both know what they are doing. This is all invalid, mansa and behula both will know their future soon.

chakradhar says to behula, if she will think that we will force me to worship then she is wrong. Behula says, ultimately mansa is daughter of mahadev. Chakradhar says, if i will worship her then it is not worship, now go and say to mansa that i will not fear with her and i dont need her mercy.
Behula reaches to her room then mansa ask from her that what will happen? did he accept me as goddess? Behula says, i will accept you as goddess and i will follow your rules. Mansa gets angry and says, does he think that i will change myself? I already warned him that dont marry his son with you but he didnt follow my instruction. I know that i cant kill your husband but now i will make your husband life as hell, he will hate with his father, then chakradhar think that he did wrong. Mansa put venom into laxmidhar. Behula cries and says, what you have done with him? Mansa says, i didnt kill him, i have only put venom into his body and his body will destroy time to time with this poison. Behula says, wha is our fault? Mansa says, you and your husband are in relation with chakradhar. Behula begging in front in mansa.
Chakradhar and his wife reaches into their room. Chakradhar says, do what you want mansa? But i will not change my decision. Mansa says, do your own, finally you have to accept me as goddess.
Lord ganesh ask from Mahadev, does mansa not thinking that she is doing wrong. Mahadev says, your mother will help her for uplift of mansa. Your mother is nature. Right now your mother is in penance. Your mother require my power. Ganesh ji ask, when will mother back from penance.
Doctor says to chandradhar, there is no life left in laxmi dhar. Behula says, he is not dead and i am taking oath that i will not take food until my husband will alive.

Precap:- diti says to mansa that how dare you to give challenge to mahadev. Mansa says, i will transform his adorer and show them that i will also become sacred.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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