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Mahabharat 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,arjun says how will i get rid off this sin brother, karna says lay in mothers laps n u will get rid off all aff them like i did, n says dear brothers plz take care of mata kunti n arjun plz give my son knowledge, arjun says karna i promise n will give ur son the position u deserved , karna says to arjun competing u was my biggest sin n ur not jst great warrior but the greatest n i want u to burn my body, n vaishali u always tried showing me the right direction but i didn’t followed it rightly forgive me for this n now i shall take leave n kunti recites the song she used to wen karna was baby n pandavas take karnas blessings n karna breathes his last. Karnas funerals arrangement are made, arjun carries out the funeral rituals, arjun keeps karnas dhanush on his body n completes

the funeral ceremony while doing so he memorises the good interactions with karna.
Ashvathama is finding duryodhan , he finds duryodhan below a tree crying, ashvathama says duryodhan come lets go , duryodhan says ur alone here to take me back but to carry a dead person we reuire five people so go get 4 soldiers if any of our soldiers are alive, ashvathama says wake up ur not dead, duryodhan says yes im dead with karnas death my winning possibilities are over n its equal to deathn with all the great warriors death from kauravas side i have lost everything n so i wish to die n its bcoz of those evil pandavas ,they have killed my wishes my strength everything i trusted my friendship n they have stolen that as well, ashvathama says as long as ur last breth is in u aren’t dead see im here n i will be with u till death, duryodhan says no ur like that kunti son karna who will betray me, yes u heard right karna is elder of the pandavas n on his strength i went against pandavas , to that suth putra i gave everything i could n he with my enemies made plans to kill me n betrayed me,duryodhan says ashvathama tell me truth are u here to kill me, ashvathama says how can u say that for u i let my father died n now im here to give away my life as well then why don’t u trust me, duryodhan says what will i do with ur life , ashvathama says at this moment with brahmastra will destroy the war filed, duryodhan says this wont help i think the gods are also with pandavas n planned my death, but i don’t accept it n ashvathama go back to ur town n i will hide here half death n half alive till i hear pandavas death news n now im not a human any more n i have no existence but still i will not let the pandavas have peace.

Mamashri shakuni tells gandhari if u see duryodhan by ur eyes u can save him but we have a problem n its Krishna.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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