Magical and True Love of Samaina-Chapter/Episode 6

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Precap:-Naina Goes out for her Duty…

Chapter/Episode-6 Begins

Days Are Passing.. And Samaina’s Love❤❤ for each other is Blooming like a Flower???..They Knew each other Very Deeply.. They Had Same Problems… But Still they are very Innocent Love Birds… Their Term Exam Is Nearing.. They all are preparing and working very Hard for their exams..

After Some Days Their Term Exams gets over… Now every one is Waiting for their Own results..

Shanti Maam Enters the Class for Announcing Their Results…

Shanti Ma’am: – I know that every one is eagerly Waiting for the results…So without wasting time..I will announce the Person Who has scored Highest Marks…

One of a Student silently Speaks to her Friend:-I am sure.. This Time also Naina has scored highest Marks….

Shanti Ma’am:-I know that everyone Knows Naina has Topped But this Time Naina has also Topped but one more person has topped which is equally With Naina’s Scores…

Munna:-Who ‘s That Person??

Shanti Ma’am:- I know that every one will be shocked to hear this Person’s Name…

Munna:-Shanti Ma’am..First you tell that Persons Name…

Shanti Ma’am:-Its None other than SAMEER MAHESHWARI…

Everyone is Shocked to hear this News Especially Sameer… He just wanted to get Good Marks But he never Knew that he would be topper of the Class with his Darling Naina

Naina’s Voiceover:- Sameer was Actually Changing .. My love for him has Changed him a lot…

Sameer(shockingly??):-Ma’am..It’s Me.. I don’t Think its Mine ..Can you check it Once Again Maam..

Shanti Ma’am(Happily): – Sameer I have also checked your Paper 3-4 times… I am also Shocked..But I am Happy that You and Naina are the toppers of this class.. Very Good Sameer and Naina.. Here Take your Results Both of You..

Sameer and Naina Take their Results…

After taking their results they sit with their respective places..Shanti Ma’am Distributes Others Results..Sameer and Naina are looking into each others Eyes Lovingly..???

After their Class,

Sameer:-Congratulation Naina…☺??

Naina:-Thanks and Congratulation For U also Sameer…???

Sameer:-Thanks Naina…Naina I want to Give You a Gift for this…

Naina:-What gift??

Sameer:-Its something special One Which you would not get Anywhere from this world..

Naina:-Ok then Give..

Sameer:-Not Now.. I will Give it to You After The School..I will be waiting here in this Classroom… After your duty Gets over..Meet me here … Just only for 5-10 minutes.. Will that be Okk…??

Naina:-Ok Sameer….????

Naina’s Voiceover:-I was eagerly waiting for this… And I was Thinking when will The Time pass..

Time Passes..

After  School Hours… Sameer is waiting inside the classroom For Naina…

Naina Comes..

Naina:-What is the Gift that you want to give it to me…??

Sameer:-Before I give you Gift.. I have to Tell you Something..

Naina:-Then Say it..

Sameer:- Do you Know Naina..How much I am happy today??…Because of you Naina..Now I am also the topper of my class…How much Nanu and Mummy will be happy bcoz of my results… I didn’t Imagined that one day I will be the topper of my class..I have achieved it.. And its All bcoz of You Naina..

Naina:-No Sameer, its not like that You worked hard and I just Helped you..Its your Fruitiful Result ..

Sameer:-No Naina..Its All bcoz of You..If you hadn’t helped me..I wouldn’t have achieved it..So I decided you to give a Gift only for you which is the Precious and Valuable Gift…

Naina:-Ok Sameer..Then Give it..

Sameer:-Promise Me that after I give you the gift. You will not break our friendship ..Promise me…

Naina:-Ok Sameer I promise that After You Give the Gift..I will not break our Friendship Promise


Naina:-100% Promise..Now Give Me that gift.. I am eagerly Waiting for it…

Sameer Leaned towards Naina..

Naina:-Why are you leaning towards Me..??

Sameer then Quickly Gives his Gift..

The gift was Kiss??.. Sameer kisses?Naina’s cheeks ???Leaving her Shock , Shy , Blush..??????

Her Face was Like.. Bright and Dark Red Tomato… ??She was Just Blushing and Was shy to answer…?????????

Sameer was also feeling the same..??????

Sameer:-So Did you like my Gift??As I have already told that you will not get this gift anywhere  from the world And it would be the most presious and valuable gift for you…Naina Answer Me…

Naina was still Blushing and was shy…????????????

Naina:-I have to go.. Will Meet Tomorrow Morning..

Naina Quickly Runs From There…

Sameer:-Listen Naina…

Naina didn’t turned her face she Just ran from there coz her face was filled with Smile and Blush…??????

Sameer also smiles..????


Chapter/Episode-6 Ends…

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