What magic did u do? (Part 5)


Tq everyone for reading my ff
And tq for the suggestions and comments

Precap-sanskaar kisses swara on her cheek and on her forehead in the train; raglak have a fight

Sanskaar-sure that we r friends
Swara-sure friends
Swara gets a call and she excusume and goes
SANSKAAR on the wall of train writes friends??? (He mean that what is the meaning of friends)
And he also goes
When swara comes she sees which sanskaar wrote and smiles
When he comes she starts to explain him and he stares like that (song plays subhanallah)and he kisses her on her cheeks and forehead and she says pls sanskaar don’t do this then he kisses her on her lips he pushes her and slaps him.

Scene changes to raglak
LAKSH calls ragini asks her to come to the teras of your apartment immediately
RAGINI comes and she doesn’t find him he comes from back and kisses her and says hi ms. Beauty
She says laksh I got so much scared
LAKSH says I have a good news
RAGINI asks what laksh tell fast
LAKSH says I am going to Chennai for higher studies
RAGINI gets shocked says u could tell me before right i would also join with u
LAKSH says if u don’t like why to join
RAGINI it is my wish to join or not but I want to be with u then she says how many days?
He says not days they r months 10 months
RAGINI says what? I can’t live without u laksh I will also join
LAKSH says I can’t stay there u can’t adjust there
And they both have a big fight
RAGINI says ok go but never meet me again laksh says ragini ragini listen to me but before hearing only she goes away.

Next day
Swara comes to sanskaar and give her weeding card and says forget me sanskaar I am getting married and goes away
Even ragsan with their parents move to a new house
SANSKAAR ask ragini to ask laksh about swara
RAGINI says I can’t ask laksh but I can ask their parents
RAGINI go to swalak parents and asks about swara they say she got married and is very happy now
RAGINI says to sanskaar
SANSKAAR becomes teary eyed and says why did u do like this swara
RAGINI says to herself why did u left me alone laksh

Precap-1 year leap…….. SANSKAAR becomes a big director and he goes to U. S. A for shooting and there he gets a shock

Credit to: akshita

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  1. Sanskar and swara story ye maya chesave movie. Raglak yeto vello poindi manasu story i guesss

  2. reshma chippy

    this too boring yara its tamil film scences ur writing

  3. Very gud yr but plz show that swara also love sanskar but hiding it 4 some reason nd also show that swara is unmarried…..she lie to sanskar so that he can move on

  4. Nice but what about raglak

    1. Raglak will unite in end its based on NEP and the movie is like Love breakeup love breakup love breakup its from 8 yts to marriage.

  5. Ur writing is good but y u write the typical scenes from the movie u could have wrote it in ur way of style and sorry if told anything wrong

  6. Nice waiting for next episode
    Feeling bad for both of them

  7. Yaar ditto VTV and NEP and plz i know that Raglak will unite but plz dont separate Swasan if it is telugu version then its ok but if it is tamil version then finish it as like as anbil avan song

    1. Pls can u tell me What is NEP?

    2. Neethane En Ponvasantham NEP is the abbrevation

      1. thank you Athira

  8. Its look like the movie “Ekk Deewana Tha”.. Am i right?

    1. Ek Deewana Tha is VTV (Vinaythandi Varuvaya)

      1. thanks yar

    2. Yes lucky in hindi ek deewana tha. In telugu yem maya chesava movie

      1. thank you hayathi

  9. this story s a combination f tamil flims nee thaney en pon vasantham(laksh-ragini) nd vinaithandi varuvaya(sanskar-swara)…..pls try new concept

  10. Hi akshita sorry dr…. maine kuch galat kaha tho but we can imagine our couples in this one na so continue dr


  12. Its getting boring plzzzz unite swasan and what about raglak???will swasan also unite at end????

  13. Ohk well i’ve damn gud suggestion 4 u plzz stop writing fanficton we hv 2 go thru mch difficulty to read da real episode,its damn irritating man!! I beg plzzz !!

  14. If u really wanna ryt get a book published 4 urself,u guys irritate 2 da height :@

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