FanFic – Phir Bhi Na Maane… Badtameez Dil (Episode 2)

Here im back wit
MehBeer Day (Abeer and Meher Day)
hope you will love it let me know how it is.. Go ahead dudes… 🙂

Episode Starts with Abeer saying to Meher today is holiday and nobody is at home, lets we go out for coffee date baby, what you say.. As papa, maa and ishaan has gone for shopping.. meher refuses and says i have lots of works to do, before Ishaan arrive, we will go after he comes.. Abeer gets little anger meher hugs him from back and says dont be anger hubby, let we both do it together, Abeer says its an good idea Aj Rockstar Abeer Malhotra apne Biwi k ghulam, say it madam what works to do, meher laughs..

And says first is cleaning lets start and you, Abeer says cleaning i will not, better i will bring something for us to eat.. Meher says but Abeer.. He leaves i will be back dont worry going to a near restaurant.. Meher says lazy Abeer, he wil never change..

she starts to clean while arranging her stuffs, she found her dairy, she hugged it tightly as it has her memory in it, she thinks, how my hate changed into love..

She opens it and sees a page,

22 Dec 2008

she closes her eyes and take long breath and says i just cant believe you…. Mr. Abeer Malhotra will Love me so much, oh my..! She opens it hardly… Sighs….

Dear diary, it is hectic day and a terrible day of my life i know, but i just cant believe, it was the day in my life i didnt answered a question asked by him, “meher youre a topper but cant answer my question, you failed.. she smiles and says i can answer all of your question now..

She goes in FB Meher gets a chit in her room asking meet me at musical room, she thinks i know its Abeer if i will not go he will create a scene, its better i go and talk wit him, she goes there angrily, to her surprise it was dark all around, she calls Abeer…. And says dont waste my time, come out pls while searching him..

She hears a music and walks towards the sound, lights gets on.. She sees Abeer with his guitar, and he start to sing …
Aa Lag Ja Sine Se
Ban Ja Mera Rehnuma
Dekhta Hun Sapne Tere
Sun Le Meri Jaane Ja
Khwaab Ye Sach Ho Jaye
Agar Khuda Ho Meharbaa… While singing he roams around Meher, he sit in his knees and proposes her I love You Meher, meher gets shocked and looks around is anyone here, she says after realising just Abeer and me, it was good prank Abeer, i like it, Abeer gets up and says its not a prank Meher, im a bit serious, look in my eyes.. He drags her closer, and whisper in her ear, i know you too love me but you never express it, nor accept it. Meher pushes him and say Abeer stop your childish its not like what you think, she rushes out of the room.. FB ends…

She smells something and rushes out to kitchen, she gets suprised to see its abeer cooking, “Abeer says smilingly so finally you smelled it babe, i remember you used to love my dal makhni” meher hugs him tightly and says, Abeer i loved your surprise, you know i just cant imagine my life without you, you are the best and best dats why i want to spend my whole life wit you and ofcourse dat eight years i was leaving wit d memory you left wit me its Ishaan..she cries and says I love you so much Abeer.. Abeer says i love you too, lets have lunch together no cleaning no crying, just spending and catching the memory.. He takes her to table and serves her, meher gets happy, both shares eyelock …mere nishan plays… both smiles and Abeer ask her to taste it and says how it is, its d seventh time i tried, she takes a bit and coughs, abeer panics and gives her water and ask is it so spicy i didnt put spicy, he takes a bit and see at Meher who is smiling at him, he ask it was a good joke baby, she laughs and says so much love and concerned for me.. Abeer says i care for you, and i truly love you more, both smiles.. He kisses her and both gets romantic..

Jhuki Teri Palko Mein
Mil Jaye Mujhe Panah
Plakein Gire Aansu Bhari
Reh Jaye Mere Nishaan
Tute Dil Ki Mat Kar Tu Fikar Mere Humnava
Pyaar Doon Tujhko Iskadar
Reh Jaye Mere Nishaan…
Mere Nishaan..
Mere Nishaan..
Mere Nishaan..
Mere Nishaan..
Mere Nishaan..
Mere Nishaan..

Thanks a lots and lots of love my buddies.. Take care…

  1. nice

  2. Elsa Amazing yaar….Everything was so cute…i like ? it…Proposal scene too was so cute and Dal Makhni part too..
    Waiting for next part eagerly…Pls update soon yaar..Thank u for bringing my BD back in FF..and take care ?..

  3. Its nice elsa but plz little bit of longer u write very small episode plz write more lengthy, gud keep going we r waiting eagarly next epi

  4. Soooper se uper tha update
    lyk it

  5. So sweet couple…..

  6. Nce one Elsa its too good n m lvng it..plss update d nxt track soon tysm…:)

  7. superb elsa..but I want to tell u one thing.dont take me wrong dr.actually am also writing ff on BD.I think TU mistakenly put my ff name to urs and they put same cover pic which I sent for my ff.dr dnt take me wrong. am saying this coz readers get confused. can u report this please? I also report them.

    and u know they uploaded my second episode as third episode. .

  8. @ruby i will complain, thanks i too wonder they changed the title, i didnt posted (a new beginning) they hav added it.. So everything has changd sorry dear..

    1. elsa dr dnt be sorry. it is not ur fault..ur ff is fantastic dr 🙂

  9. @etretr fan hey nice to see u as im too fan of etr2

  10. @AaLiyA @rishi @suchich @sameeha @syna @sweety thanks to all of u again.. Take care as i m getting busy wit my class it wil take time for next epi.. Keep loving MehBeer.. Bye bye see u all soon..

  11. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    Abeer and meher r too awesome. I so wish we could actually full fledged romantic moments between Pearl and Asmita as Abeer and meher oh I so wish. I want them back. Star plus I hate u. U don’t deserve good shows. Good knows when will this television world evolve so that even these kind of good shows sustain not only those studip saas bahu show.

  12. Hi elsa dear, very cute episode, loving it sooo much, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  13. Elsa kidar ho tum kab ayega hamara mehabeer’s episds am waiting gi aap kab ayega ruby gi chutti deti humsab tum donoka intajaarkarunga jaldi aavona

  14. hey Elsa where r u dr?? pls update next episode soon

  15. Elsa???? Ur last update was on 25th..wht happened pls update next part soon…

  16. Badtameez dil diehart fan (DUDE!)

    hey elsa plzz updt d nxt part… where are u..

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