MADHUBALA-EK ISHQ EK JUNOON FF- Episode 4 (a love with hate formula)


Guys there will be an accident track with which madhu will be in deep sleep for two weeks but it will end in two days.
Scene 1:
Madhu talking to mukund with tears in her eyes.
Madhu : why did you leave me? You did not believe me while I said the photos are because of rk who wants to take revenge from me but you believed your mothers words that I am not pure why did you come all of a sudde.

Mukku : no darling, I loved you really, you know first love cannot be erased. I have to listen to my moms words because I was not emotionally and economically stable but when I succeed in my business you were not there as you were rk’s so called biwi.
Madhu : yes I was and now also. I loved you as you said first love cannot be erased it also made me remember you when I needed you you were not there. I have no other choice other than rk
Mukku : nw also you have a chance I am always there for you because I am one of the top businessman in this Mumbai don’t believe in rk he will laeave you when you are not needed now you have given birth to his baby now he will leave you
Madhu : but how do you know this?

Mukku : because I love you come to me I will keep you as my rani. But if you don’t come to me I will kil rk for sure don’t take me easy ok
Madhu : ok fine don’t kill rk because he gave a gift that is my beti madhu. Leave him I will come to u. now also I love you. We will leave this Mumbai at rks birthday which is tomorrow. tomorrow night there will be a big party and at that time I will leave with you get ready I will be there outside rks mansion.okk

Mukku : ok sweet heart I love you I will be waiting for you. Pls tell those three magical words to me please.
Madhu : ok ( with tears in her face and saying sorry to rk telepathically) I love you now go
Mukku : ok sweet heart.
Rk hears this full conversation and cries hard and hugs gudiya and tells her
Rk : don’t worry beti your mother wont be there for you tomorrow but I will be there for you till the end of my life. I love you a lot madhu has said always ones love is enough for both and I will love you as a mom and also as a dad. Don’t worry beti I will be there for you.
Rk cries and goes from there with gudiya.

Scene 2:
Madhu, rk and gudiya in their room. Madhu in her night dress and rk wearing bermudass and t-shirt.madhu tries to take the baby to make her sleep. Rk takes the baby before madhu does and takes the baby with him to the balcony and sees the moom with tears in his eyes.
Madhu : rk what you are doing?
Rk : what I have done? Is it more than what you have done today?
Madhu : ohh you are angry with me as I left gudiya. You know what I got a call from malik (madhu’s father) so I have to attend it I went outside. Gudiya was sleeping I didn’t know she will cry. Pls rk don’t be angry

Rk : leave from here you are not fit to be mother. I hate you madhu pls leave its request with the spelling O.R.D.E.R ok leave
Madhu cries and leave to the room. Rk cries for scolding madhu and tells to his beti
Rk : don’t worry beti I wont scold your mother. don’t be angry on me.she will leve us soon. Ok don’t cry I will not let you cry.
Scene 3:
Madhu hears all this and cries
Madhu : no rk I wont leave you I love you a lot and our daughter. She is the symbol of our love I have to go to mukund because he will try to kill you rk you are most important for our beti if I am not there she can manage but if you are not there I cant manage without you. Because she is a Xerox copy of you.

Madhu makes bed ready for rk and gudiya and she decides to sleep in the couch. But rk comes and takes the bed for gudiya and straight away sleeps in couch. Madhu cries seeing his arrogance. Rk finds beti difficult to sleep in the couch because of him. So he sleeps on the floor and makes comfortable for his beti. At night rk wakes up to see gudiya is all right but when he turns to see madhu she is not there. he searches for her. Madhu was in the balcony talking with someone. Rk hears it secretly.

Madhu : don’t worry I will come tomorrow wait for me outside the mansion I will be there after cutting the cake as its rk’s bday.

Precap: madhu waits outside rk mansion. Rk sees the time and gives the baby to radhama he sees sikky and deepali coming and talks to them with tension. Madhu waits for someone a car comes in front of her and she enters the ca.

Guys thank you for supporting me there will be a interesting episode tomorrow and you will soon see rk’s fatherhood

Credit to: vaishali

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