Jodha Akbar….. A revisit (Episode 2)

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It’s night the moon and stars hint the abnormal things going to take place….
There through the window Jodha stares into the deep sky trying to analyze what they convey…
Just then Jodha hears the announcement of raja Bharmal s arrival…..
Jodha : pranam bapusa, jaisa aana hua???
Rajasa : Jodha don’t you think its high time that you should know whom you are going to marry???
Jodha : no bapusa. The person I am going to marry had saved aamer from the cruel mughals captivity…. I shall be always happy to marry him… You don’t worry…
Rajasa : Jodha at times we need to be brave enough to face great difficulties…
Rajasa leaves with mixed feelings…. Jodha is blogged… She continues her glance….

Few miles away from sambhar shehensha Jalaluddin had put up his tent… The wind is blowing fast….
As we move deeper there is a tent…. Beneath it is a women dressed all in white having huge dark eyes with tons of attitude radiating out of each and every look of hers….. Mahamanga….
Mahamanga ( to her son adaham) : Jalal is a perfect shehensha… Physically as strong as diamond…. His brain as sharp as a needle…. But the most important thing is that there isn’t heart beneath his chest….
Jalal is seen valiantly fighting with his soldiers… All of them shivering in cold…
Jalal: pick up your swords and fight.. Or else consider your self blessed to die in your shehensha’s hands.
Soldiers: ji hukum
Jalal in very less time defeats everyone and stand firm with a victorious smile on his face….

Just then a shooting star falls…..

Jodha( praying for the protection of aamer ) : what a beautiful life this shooting star has… Even while ending its life it fulfills others wishes….

Jalal( watching the same ) mad are those who ask wish to a shooting star… A star which is going to finish its own life is going to fulfill our wish????

He notices something…..

Precap : jalal speaks about Jodha to mahamanga….

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  1. So sad jodha

  2. I’m a big AkDha fan. Nice chapter.Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks… Sure….

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