Madhubala 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th May 2013 Written Update

RK returns home pulling Madhu with him. Madhu asks him to leave her hand as it’s hurting her. Rk says, pain? Do you even know what pain is? Madhu says, I didn’t send that message.. trust me.. I didn’t invite Sultan either. Rk says, right.. you didn’t do anything.. message went to Sultan automatically.

Whole family comes there. Rk’s mother asks him to stop. Rk feels like Madhu betrayed him. He asks her, what were you trying to prove by inviting him? That there is someone who is more important than me in your life? Madhu tries to say no, but he stops her and says, wait a minute.. I hope I am not coming between two lovers. You and him are trying to get rid off me, right? You’ve done something like this before too.. you tried to get rid off me by telling your father to kill me. Deepali and

Silky are happy as their plan is working out. Deepali tells him to shut. Madhu says to Rk, you’re having a misunderstanding. Rk says, my mean wife.. I understood real meaning of everything today. Madhubala Rishabh Kundra.. no.. Madhubala Sultan.. Rk’s mother stops him and reminds him what she has done for him. If she’s saying she didn’t invite Sultan, then she didn’t. My Madhu doesn’t lie. Rk says, your Madhu doesn’t lie, but my Madhu does.

Deepli interferes and asks what about that message? How did Sultan get message from Madhu’s phone? Rk loudly says, Deepalu “chup” (Shutup). Rk is checking Madhu’s phone. Madhu tells Rk, I didn’t send any message. Something strikes to her and asks, what time was the message sent? Rk says, that doesn’t matter. In end message was sent from your phone. You must know the time. Madhu checks her phone. Deepali again interferes and says it’s your phone so you should know. Madhu says message was sent at 10 and you asked me to get medicine at 10, try to remember. I found my phone at 10:10.. this means this message was sent when phone was not with me. Deepali again interferes, superb plan. Madhu says, Deepali clashed with me, and then my phone got lost. Deepali says, what are you trying to say? I am not from chawl like you that I would steal your phone and message people. Rk says, you’re from the chawl as well. He says all clues are against you. Rk’s mother says, what’s going on? Deepali says, don’t know.. she tells Madhu, I clashed with you and then we talked. Did you see me picking up the phone? Madhu says, no, but you picked up my purse and returned it to me. Deepali says we are talking about phone. Rk says, phone was picked up by “chamcha” (pointing at Silky). Silky says, what are you saying? Rk tells him to say the truth. He goes towards him and catches his collar and asks him to say truth. Silky says, he’s telling the truth. Rk threatens him by picking up a flower pot and says, I will break your head first. Deepali gets worried and says, if he asks like this, then he will definitely say yes. Rk is about to hit him, and Sikly speaks out the truth that it was Deepali who messaged.

Rk tells Deepali, every time new plan..don’t you have any shame? You tried to create differences between me and Madhu today. And even after the truth came out, you don’t feel like saying sorry. You’re not human being right? What are you? A witch? Deepali with no shame says, I am not saying sorry because there is no point.. you won’t listen to anything. You all will think that I am doing something bad to this house, but it’s not true. She tells Rk, if you really see, then you will see me standing with you. Rk says to her, stop your nonsense. I saw myself Madhu deleting Sultan’s contact and number. By doing that, she deleted Sultan’s contact from her life. My Madhu doesn’t hide anything from me. I trust her more than myself. Deepali laughs, such talks are only good to hear. Where was your faith when you doubted Madhu when Sultan came in the party? When you insulted her in front of everyone? When you dragged her here in front of everyone? Why didn’t you say all this before? Because that time you didn’t trust her.. and this is not the first time. If she thinks about anyone, you would say who she is thinking about. You always doubt on her.

Deepali continues, you’re not always wrong. You should listen to your heart. It’s wrong to always trust Madhu. Rk says, so you think my heart voice is always right, right? Deepali says, yes. Rk says, then right now my heart is saying that by morning you and Silky should be out of this house. Rk’s mother says, but Rishu.. Rk says I will get a doggy for you. You can give your mother’s love to that doggy. He tells Deepali, you two have 8 hours.. after that if I see you here, then I will take you two on the terrace and throw you down. He’s leaving. Deepali stops him and says, what are you trying to prove by removing us from this house? That your wife didn’t do anything wrong? That she is honest, a husband’s wife? I agree that I called Sultan to the party. Rk says, everyone knows that. Deepali says, but ask her why she met Sultan that day outside mall? Rk looks at Madhu.

She had deleted Sultan’s contact from her life, right? Then why did she meet him? She tells Madhu, You gave us excuse that you got a call, and then met Sultan right? She tells everyone how she saw her with sultan and that is why she invited sultan to the party so she can reveal her truth. Madhu is all quiet. Rk watches her with a doubt.

Deepali continues, I know no one will trust me, so it’s better if you ask all the questions to Madhu. The truth will come out itself. She asks Rk’s mother, you remember I asked you to come with me? Rk’s mother says, yes. Deepali says, that time I wanted to show you Madhu with Sultan. But by the time we reached there, she had left from there. RK tells Madhu to tell Deepali that she didn’t meet him. Deepali says, she won’t be able to say it. It’s strange, the truth will win, but person who stands with the truth will lose. Madhu doesn’t say anything. Rk looks at her in disbelief.

Episode ends.

Precap: Silky gets down to Rk’s knees and apologizes him. He says, if you want to remove anyone from the house, then remove Deepali, but please forgive me. Rk says, if you want to apologize to anyone, then apologize to Madhu. He turns back and doesn’t find Madhu there.

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