Veera 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 9th May 2013 Written Update

Rv returns home, seeing their family picture he remembers the promise he made to his father that he will build a agriculture school. Ratan, Chaiji, Veera and Nihaal going somewhere, Veera pretends having pain and ask Nihaal to carry her on his shoulders. Chaiji teases her saying she may want the whole village to serve her. Veera- moti chaiji nok joke where Veera asks what is seva ? Nihaal pacifies by giving her toffies. Chaiji thanks Nihaal for saving her from Veera’s antics. Chaiji invites Nihaal to have dinner at Ratan’s home every night, Nihaal refuses saying he will eadt at dhaba and he won’t be living there for long. Chaiji questions Nihaal how can Ratan handle all the responsibilities of school alone? Says it’s his responsibility too. She further says that he has become part of her family, and not every relationship is related by blood. Rattan agrees with Chaiji, she also invites him to have dinner with them.

Bansuri in her doing heavy make up, Balwant seeing this pulls her towards him, he gets romantic. Baldev disturbs them, Balwant asks him about his exams, he say he did very well and answered all the questions.

Gunjan and Veera playing with dolls, Gunjan tells Rv has become bad by befriending baldev, Veera warns Gunjan if she wants to remain her friend she need not to talk a word against her Veer ji. Gunjan agrees to her and says Rv is a good boy. Gunaj stops a girl and asks if she is going to marry and go away from village. Veera asks her to give all her toys to Guajana so that she and Gunjan can play together. When the girl’s mother takes her wit her saying they need perform haldi , Veera asks Gunaj has she also fallen from cycle that she will have haldi applied on her. Gunajn explains how its part rituals held during a wedding.
Veera meets Baldev who asks him about Rv, Veera wanrs him saying her Veerji wont do any illegal work and he will pass exams on his own. She further threatens him trying to hit him with a stone.

Rv in his room, trying hard to study, remembering Veera’s words, Baldev saying what if he fails gain, he fears about not being able to fulfil his father dream. Moti chaiji applying haldi to Veera’s doll since Veera wants her doll to get married. Rv runs from there without saying anything, rattan gets worried.

At panchayat, Kartar trying to be good saying he himself wants to full fill Sampooran’s dream, he says they shoudnt bother Nihaal too much as he also has a life and family. He further tells its time the son’s of village take responsibility and stop bothering Nihaal. Nihaal disagrees to him, says he doesn’t have any family, he can be in their village to finsh all the work and it isn’t tough for him.

Rv meets Baldev who tries to manipulate him saying since he is going to fail he shoud run away from village. Rv says he is ready to do what he ( Baldev) says. Baldev say she doesn’t belive him, Rv promises him that he wont step out.

Pre-cap: Baldev talking to his friend on phone, say they don’t need to worry about being caught for cheating, if anyone need to be scared it should be Rv. Gunjan hears this.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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