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The Episode starts with RK happily telling Madhu that he got a car for repair today. She is happy and encourages him to work honestly and become a king one day, as his name Raja. She says I will make tea. He says wait I will bring it. Dau ji complains to the inspector that Bhanu came to our home last night. Agni asks Dau ji to explain Tara to leave Bhanu and not be mad about him. She says Bhanu has killed our Bai ji, Tara should support us now. Tara comes there. Tara brings her bag and says she is going village. Dau ji asks how can you go alone, you came with me and will go with me. Tara says no Dau ji, I have already hurt you a lot, I can’t be here to make him use my weakness. She says I caught in duties for husband and dad. Dau ji says you can’t live alone there.

Agni says I think she is

right, let her go to village and she can light the diya in our haveli too. Dau ji says fine, go. RK stands in the queue to get water. Bittu requests a woman to let RK take water as he has work in garage. RK says no, you have it first. RK suddenly gets pain in his chest and thinks why is it happening. He takes water and drops the bucket on the stairs and he holds his chest in pain. He falls. The people rush to him. Madhu comes and is shocked seeing him. She gets worried.

Bittu says I will get a taxi. Madhu says nothing will happen to you. They take RK to the hospital. Madhu says I don’t understand what happened to him. He says when happiness comes in my life, pain also comes with it. Bittu says Kanha is always with you, he loves you a lot, and sometimes he tests you. He says you always win. She says what happened to RK suddenly. Bittu says he fainted, the doctor will say what happened to him. The doctor asks Madhu to come. She asks what happened to him. He says did he had chest pain before. She says no, I thought he is tired, what happened.

He says he has a hole in heart. She is shocked and cries. She asks since when and does he know about this. He says we will know it after tests. She asks whats the cure. He says operation but it will take much money. He says your husband is not fit now, he has a big disease, it needs time, money and courage. She says I have time and courage, but not money. She says we just got married and started our life, we opened a garage and we don’t have much money. He says the operation is costly, you can take help from NGO, but hyou have to arrange Rs 2.5 lakh yourself.

Madhu asks the doctor to help her. He says you can cry alone, but be strong in front of him, he should not know about this disease. He says no one should know this, so be careful. She says fine. He asks her to give him medicines on time. She asks how, will he ask me then. He will not eat medicines. He says its tough but you have to make him eat, don’t let him do anything of heavy work. He asks her not to worry and meet RK now, as he wants to meet her. She asks can I take him home. He says yes, call me when you are ready for his operation. She cries and wipes her tears.

She comes to RK and he asks her not to worry, as he is fine. He says did you think I have a heart disease, now my life got happiness and disease can’t touch me. She says yes, see RK, doctor asked you to take rest. He jokes. Bittu brings them back. Madhu asks RK to be careful and come. RK asks her to go home and he will go to garage. Madhu asks Bittu to explain him. RK says I m fine. Bittu says health first. Madhu takes him home. Leela sees them and says see their drama. RK asks Madhu to give his mat and he will sleep on floor. Madhu says no, you will sleep on bed. He asks why. She says as doctor said. She insists. He asks what about her. She says I m fine.

She cares for him. She thinks she can’t tell him about his disease so how to make him take medicines now. He says can I go to garage now. She asks him to take rest for few days. RK is puzzled. Madhu thinks how to make RK have medicines. She takes his phone and calls her number. She acts like talking to doctor, saying I m fine, but some weakness. Veg juice, twice a day, no doctor, I can’t have it. She says you can give me injection but not juice. She says how can this be, to drink two glasses, fine thanks. RK asks what happened.

She says I don’t want to have veg juice. RK says when doctor said, you have to drink. She says no, I will vomit. He says its good or our child. He says I will also have some. She says I will have it when you drink one glass. He says it will cost double. He holds his chest and she gets worried. He says I m fine. She says you say you love me, people drink poison in love, can’t you drink it. RK agrees. Ishq hai ishq hai…………….plays………….

Madhu act smart and asks RK to come and have the veg juice. He says I m coming. Madhu gets worried for him and says Raja…………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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