Madhubala 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Meera wishes Radha well and steps back when she notices MKs pic

She screams.. YEH AADMI … He is a liar.. he is a thief.. a cheater..! Sultan tries to calm her and asks him to let it go…but she is hyper Sultan keeps trying to calm her Meera says…my kid.. where is he

Sultan says.. ur son is ok ..he is here! Madhu tries to touch Meera when Sultan jerks off and says.. stay away.. n asks who put the pic? Madhu is Dips quickly leaves from there worrying about Sultans strong arms around their necks!

Madhu takes the photo down.. ! Sultan realises Meera has fainted and carries her inside! Radha breaks down as well and Madhu asks her to calm down! She rues that.. Meera saw MKs pic.. n remembered all pain..

Radha discloses that MK is guilty of all the crimes.

.n Madhu is shocked.. but takes her inside! Dips overhears the whole thing!

Madhu feeds water to Radha …asks to calm down..! Radha asks to be left alone .. Dips rushes to her.. when Madhu stops her..!! Dips insists but Madhu interrupts n pushes her out of the room ! Dips says she is the elder bahu so should be part of it!

Madhu says 3 words – Its all drama for Dips but its Radhas life.. second it mite be about Dips MIL but its Madhus mom.. and third thing its connected to RKs dad so she is out of it..!

Dips says DONE? Well listen… one second to tell RK the truth Madhu says n then her one signal and Dips will be out of this house! Madhu says..RK trusts her more than Dips! She says.. LIVE and LET LIVE!

Dips says.. Rishbala mehal mite be priceless but will take only one ignition to be put on fire..!

Madhu comes to Radha.. n she discloses about how MK had relations with Meera… n her own staff used to whisper about her.. but she never knew who she was. n MK never told her either.!

She says.. MK told her years later about the marriage and a kid! She says MK told her .. Meera was out of his life…n so she decided to give a second chance! She says Meera-Sultan are telling the truth a poisonous truth!

She rues that all was well . .n now ..all is a mess…wonder who cast an evil eye on the house! She accepts lying to save the family !! She says she felt guilty seeing Meeras condition … She regrets for not doing anything earlier! Madhu is shocked and in tears!

Madhus cell rings its RK .. .Radha asks her not to tell RK or he will break completely!

Part 2

Radha rues that if RK finds out..he will lose faith on everything.. ! Madhu says..if they hide from him ..he will lose trust on them too

Radha asks Madhu not to tell RK as she has seen him so peaceful after ages..n she is ready to lose his trust for his happiness!

Madhu is worried and struggles … Radha loses her cool and asks Madhu to tell RK rightaway and destroy his happiness!

Part 3

Meera is still crying for her son and hyper.. n Sultan thanks Doc on phone for the guidance! Madhu comes and sits by Meeras side..

She sees the bangle on Meeras wrist and its same as hers..! Meera is still crying..! Madhu recollects Radha telling her the story of the bangle and is shocked..!

Precap — Madhu tells Sultan that Meera will get all her rights! Sultan says .. RK wont agree to this .. neither Radha ..! Madhu says. .one minute..and Radha comes to meet Sultan!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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