Madhubala 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 28th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu says when Radha finds out.. she wont agree..! Lela says lemme handle that.. but tell me.. u like AK or not? Madhu blushes..!

Lela puts the ghunghat on Madhu n says u look so pretty and when u deck up like a bride u will look lovely .

AK calls Madhu and says.. wanna meet u..! Madhu hesitates. .but AK insists ..! He invites her to the hotel Picaso ..but doesnt arrive..! Madhu keeps calling AK but he doesnt receive..!

The waiter asks Madhu to order as its time to close the hotel ..!

Some ruffians start eve teasing .. and singing songs and Madhu rushes and the guys follow her ..! She calls for auto but it doesnt come..!

The ruffians keep tailing her .. ! Madhu is running on the street and AK watches from his car …!

Madhu trips and falls

on the road ..! All keep closing in on Madhu when AK comes out of the car..! He helps her get up and she hides behind him ..!

AK tells the goons..she is my would be bride.. try and touch and all goons say no n walk off..

Bittu inquires about all is ok or not? Lela says yah .. ! She asks when he will come and he says will take time …! Radha is not well yet! He asks Lela to take care of Madhu and she says.. Madhu doesnt listen to me.. u tell Madhu to listen to me..

AK wipes Madhus wound ..! Madhu says hurts..! AK is quiet! Madhu says u r harassing me.. tried calling u whole day n u din respond .. n now this..! AK asks her to calm down and then says he was busy with arrangements and says we are gonna get married in 3 days ..! Madhu is shocked!

Part 2

Madhu says feeling dizzy.. drop me at home! AK says sorry.. din wanna tell u like this… ! AK says am there.. ur life will be full of happiness from hence forth ..!

Madhu n AK are in car.. n Madhu recollects AKs words..!

AK asks what u see? Madhu says ur happiness.. Madhu asks n u? AK says .. fear… ! He reassures Madhu ..!

Madhu says to AK .. in a minute u changed my position and made me stand by ur side.. cant repay u .. but … cant agree to marry u in 3 days..! AK says .. we will be getting married  …! Madhu is in tears!

Pam and Bebe all are shocked with AK’s decision for wedding after 3 days..! Bebe says.. how ?? Nikhil says we need to inform media ! AK says no… only family at the wedding … ! Annie asks why? U din ask us..! AK says .. just like u din ask me before marrying this good for nothing Nikhil .. n mom married dad…!

AK asks Bebe’s blessing … and says once Radha is better we will keep bigger function!

Part 3

Madhu sulks that AK din call her … n says love u and Dida n dun wanna break either of ur heart..

Lela comes and asks to extend hand … n Sweetie says gonna punish u..! Madhu is shocked and both lauf ..!

Lela gives Madhu pan and shagun haldi … to offer to god to put on her face..! Madhu says she has told AK cant marry without Radhas approval ..!

Lela calls Bittu n asks to talk to Madhu n tell her to agree to what Lela says… n he says that ! Madhu is relaxed and Lela puts haldi on Madhus face …

Precap – Promo of AK-Madhu-Vivian’s character sequence from the wedding

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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