Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sumitra breaking Shivani’s mangalsutra and all its beads falling on the ground. Shivani says she wants to slap her, but does not want to as she will go to Raghu. She will not forgive her for breaking mangalsutra and will reply her. Sumitra laughs and says she replied her and will break her relationship like she broke her mangalsutra. She goes from there. Shivani starts collecting the beads and remembers her marriage with Raghu.

Sumitra takes Maya out and says sorry that she got a slap because of her. Sumitra says she is the best in that house and says she bought a gift for her. Maya gets happy and checks the gift. It is a makeup box. Sumitra then says Latha has asked to bring vegetables. They both starting buying vegetables. Neighbors see Sumitra and says she is staying in Latha’s house without being married. She is not ashamed of herself, her parents had to leave their house because of her. Sumitra says babyji came in between Raghu and her. Neighbours say babyji is legally married to Raghu and she sat in pooja with him, not her.

Raghu sees Shivani picking beads and crying. Raghu asks her he will pick them. He picks all the beads in a box and says why was she so worried for a small thing. Shivani says it is her mangalsutra and it is her identity. She asks him to give it to the jeweller to remake it. Raghu agrees and goes from there. She thinks even if their relationship because of Sumitra, she is sure they both will build back the relationship like the beads in thread.

Sumitra comes to Raghu and asks till when he will behave with her like that. He asks what happened. She says people are laughing and torturing her for being in his house. She says she has become a second woman for him. Raghu asks her to give him some time. Sumitra says it is an insult for their relationship and she cannot tolerate this. She asks him to say if he loves babyji, she will leave his house. Raghu says he does not think babyji as his wife. Sumitra asks then why is he threading the beads. Raghu says he signed the divorce papers as she told him to do. Sumitra says why didn’t he give it to babyji, he has to choose between her and babyji. She turns and gives evil smile.

Shivani prepares lunchbox to Raghu and asks him to have food during lunch break. Lawyer comes and says he came to meet Raghu as he has brought divorce papers of him and Shivani. He says he got a message. Sumitra comes and says she messaged him and says she is Raghu’s fiance and will be marrying Raghu soon. It cannot be happened until babyji and Raghu are divorced, so she called him here. She asks Raghu she did as he told her he already singed the papers. After divorce, they will start a new life.

Sumitra then says Shivani that this divorce has to happen some day. The early it happens, the less pain it will give and asks her to sign the papers now itself. She takes divorce papers from lawyer and asks Raghu to take babyji’s signature and fulfill his promise. Raghu asks Shivani to sign the papers. Sumitra says her husband Raghu helped her till now and asks her to sign on papers and help them both. Shivani asks Raghu if he really wants that.

Raghu says he is doing this for her happiness. He does not know how to explain her. He says he is worth being her husband. Shivani starts crying vigorously and says she would have born in his area instead of a mansion and rich. He would have accepted her if she was just Shivani and not his babyji. If he divorces her, she will die. Maya says Raghu wants to marry Sumitra and he needs his freedom. She says Shivani is thinking of herself. Sumitra says Shivani she understands how is she feeling. She says does she like being a burden on someone. Raghu asks Sumitra to stop. Shivani takes papers from Raghu. She remembers Bela’s words of taking right decisions herself and not to get dominated by someone. She then remembers Sumitra’s warning. She tears the divorce papers. Everybody see her tearing the papers in shock.

Precap: Sumitra starts shouting on Shivai and says divorce was necessary for everybody. Shivani says she knows who needed this divorce more.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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