Madhubala 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Bebe takes phone from AK and scolds Madhu for not informing her before leaving! Radha introes herself..and says ur son is very nice..and helped for my operation and cant forget ur debt! Bebe says dun say all this. .ur Madhu is best.. and i pray that AK gets a bride like Madhu! AK gets up and leaves! Radha says surely he will get! She says wanna meet u and talk to u ..! She asks where Bebe is from..who she is? Bebe says from Punjab ..! Madhu is worried and stops her from talking further and takes the phone and goes out to talk to Bebe..! She says sorry and says once Radha is better u both yap..! Bebe says sure! Bebe asks Madhu if AK said something to her? Madhu feels shy ..and goes silent! Bebe insists! Madhu says doc is here..will talk to u later! Bebe says.. i know ur blushing! She

says .. atleast say yes or no… R u happy? Madhu says .. YES! She cuts the call and Bebe smiles happily ..! She turns to talk to AK but he is gone!

AK is at the studio and a spotlight is moving over his head..! He recollects Radhas blessings for him and Madhus intro to him as Madhubala DevkiNandan… his dads death! AK screams ..! He says sorry dad.. the ones who took ur lives.. i gave them life.. ! AK says  wont take revenge of 20 years.. in 20 days .. but will keep Madhu-Radha alive to die every moment..! AK says Radha is right.. her life is given by me..and from today.. her every breath is mine..! 

Radha looks at Madhu and she asks the matter? Radha says go back.. ! How many more debts to take from ur bosses? Madhu says who will take care of u then? Bittu says me..! He says i do all this well .. u do what u do … ! Madhu hesitates.. but Radha insists..! Madhu hugs Radha..!

Pam fumes hearing that AK had gone to Mathura.. and wonders why did he go after that PA to Mathura? Nikhil says he has gone nuts! Annie says.. guess to get her back on job! Pam asks what magic has she done on him? Madhu comes and Pam fumes n asks how dare u come inside.. get lost! Madhu says sir… ! Pam says.. sir sir karke sur pe chad gai ho! Nikhil says u dun have the stature to enter this house.. get out! AK comes and says Madhu wont go anywhere! He says u r no one to tell her stature..! I will tell! Pam asks what? AK says..she is ur would be relative.. the bahu of this house and my would be wife..! All are shocked..! Madhu is scared..! AK says.. very soon .. u all will welcome her in this house .. to do her aarti ..! AK says.. afterall gonna bring her in this house as the bride ..! Madhu is speechless while AK smiles at her..! He goes to her and asks how did she like his surprise? Madhu is terrified..! AK puts the bangles on Madhus hand just as Bebe/Dolly enter! Bebe smiles.. and Dolly is shocked..! AK self thot.. Madhu after today at every corner will give u such surprises that u will be left shocked and u wont lauf at the surprises..rather cry ..! Bebe tells AK that he has given her the biggest happiness of her life..! She says thank God.. and thanks Madhu too and blesses her…! Dolly self thot.. the girl ur taking bala of .. she has done some magic.. or AK in love with this girl? And Bebe too? She swears not to fall for Madhus tricks..! Bebe suggests to have sweets..! She tells Dolly to get sweets..! Dolly goes..! Nikhil says wedding or business should be with people of same stature..! He says this girl is not deserving of even stand with u! Pam says…we have a stature and ur decision will badly affect all this! She says Madhu is a MISFIT for everything! AK says .. u both have worried for me already so now chill ..! AK says enjoy the wedding preps and after today when Madhu comes before u.. remember .. her name is Madhu Kapoor.! All are speechless!

Part 2

AK asks why so much silence? Its wedding time.. celebrate! Ur bahu is infront of u..go hug her.. .wish her! Pam hugs Madhu ..! Tamanna watches shocked..! Annie-Nikhil fold hands and wish Madhu … congrats!

Part 3

Dolly brings sweets and Bebe feeds Madhu ..and then AK! AK offers sweets to all … Pam -Annie-Nikhil-Tamanna! Tamanna says congrats.. ur a chupa rustam …! No one else eats and AK asks why not eating?? Let me know if u are with me on this decision? Pam says congrats.. n is about to feed AK and he blocks her and is about to feed Pam and she blocks ..n he says love u mom n Pam says love u too and eats! Bebe calls AK and says every good thing should begin by praying to God.. wanna go to Gurudwara! AK says going that way lemme drop u! Madhu says wanna talk to u.. n AK says stay here..these folks will take care of u! AK asks? Pam says sure! AK says I LOVE U ..! Madhu is speechless..! He walks out of there! All are fuming .. n Madhu is scared..! AK walks in the alley n opens the sweet box and throws them in garbage ..! AK says .. all know sweets are sweet…only few know the taste.. but i will feed u poison .. dun worry u wont die but u will live to tell me how it tastes..! Madhu calls AK and he cuts the call ..!!

Precap — AK is at Madhus house in chawl and has brought shagun ..! Lela is surprised .. AK says.. no son in law comes empty handed at his sasural ..! Lela says knew Sweetie will marry a big guy! AK says its for Madhu ..not Sweetie! All are shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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