Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu writing a letter to Shivani stating he is not his husband and cannot follow the relationship. He asks her sorry and says he is going now. Sumitra comes, picks the letter and tears it. She says Shivani’s pooja wont’t be successfull. Shivani comes in search of Raghu. She does not find him in his room. She thinks where he would have gone. She tries to call him, but his number is switched off. She thinks where would he have gone without informing. Bela comes and asks why is she looking tensed. Shivani says she prepared prasad and wants to show it to Raghu, but he is not here. Bela says he must have gone somewhere and will be back soon. She says she will look good sitting next to Raghu for pooja. Shivani says she is waiting for that moment.

Raghu is sitting near the temple. He says a lady asking her daughter-in-law to eat something. She says she is fasting and cannot have food. Her husband comes and says why did she fast. She says she kept it for him. He says he got worried of her and came to check. They go to perform pooja. Raghu remembers even Shivani is fasting.

Latha says pooja time is nearing and goes to check arrangements. Shivani tries to call Raghu, but he does not pick the call. She sees Sumitra there giving evil smile. Shivani says Sumitra she knows she wants to spoil her pooja, but she will not let her do that. Sumitra asks where is Raghu, if she wants to perform pooja without him. Shivani says Raghu will be coming soon. She starts picking garbage. Maya comes and asks why is she spreading garbage. Shivani says she knows who threw the garbage. Sumitra says she threw the garbage and Shivani is picking it. MAya asks Shivani to throw the garbage out.

Guests come for pooja. Shivani is going out to throw the garbage, but Sumitra pushes Shivani and garbage falls on the guests. Guests see eggshells in garbage and scold Shivani for throwing eggshells on them and go from there. Latha starts scolding Shivani for eating eggs on pooja day. Shivani says she didn’t eat eggs since she came into this house. Baburam comes and even he starts scolding Shivani. Sumitra says Shivani she would have felt hungry and it is okay to have food, but she should have had eggs. Bela says she is with babyji since morning, she did not have anything since morning. Maya says she would have eaten eggs when Bela was away from there. Shivani says she did not do that. Latha says her guests insulted because of her. Raghu comes and asks Latha not to scold Shivani. He says if Shivani will not lie. If she is telling, she didn’t eat eggs, she she would not have. Baburam scolds Raghu that he takes Shivani’s side always. Latha says Shivani cannot sit in pooja as she ate eggs. Shivani says she did not eat anything since morning. Latha says she cannot insult the god by letting her sit in pooja.

Sumitra suggests to allow Maya and Vivek sit in pooja. Vivek says they had breakfast in the morning. Maya asks to let Raghu and Sumitra sit in the pooja. Sumitra says she will agree as it is family’s pride issue. She says even she did not eat anything since morning. Latha asks Raghu to sit with Sumitra in pooja. Raghu says he is not married to Sumitra. Latha says he will be marrying Sumitra soon, so he has to sit in pooja with her for family’s sake. Baburam commands Raghu to go and get ready for the pooja.

Raghu and Sumitra perform pooja. Sumitra is very happy. Shivani and Bela are very sad. Guests start gossiping that Shivani is not ashamed of sitting in pooja even after eating eggs. They say this house people are not ashamed of having 2 bahus. Shivani prays god to stop the pooja if her love for Raghu is true.

Shopkeeper comes and calls Maya. Vivek goes and checks. Shopkeeper says MAya bought eggs from my shop and gave torn currency. Maya starts scolding shopkeeper that she didn’t come to buy eggs. He says he remembers her telling people dont eat eggs on pooja day, but she did not reply and gave torn note. Vivek gives him another currency and sends him.

Latha asks Maya why did she tell lie. Maya says she will tell the truth. Sumitra gets tensed.

Raghu scolds Sumitra for conspiracing against Shivani and not letting her sit in pooja because of that.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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