Madhubala 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan bends down to pick up the photo n Radha calls out ..No Sultan and suddenly feels dizzy..! Sikky and Sultan support Radha.. while Dips picks up the pic..! Sultan says.. she has high fever.. call Doc..and helps take Radha inside the room..!

Madhu tells RK to stop he walks towards Madhu and she says. .dun drench me.. please no! She throws a towel to RK and he says.. the fun in wetting someone is like none other! He walks towards Madhu n he fakes that he is dizzy! Madhu rushes to RK concerned and RK grabs her and hugs her..! Madhu says.. liar and RK says..she is his lil doc.. when she came near him..he got ishq ki bemari..! Madhu asks RK to leave her and he shakes his wet hair n she gets wet! Madhu says..he wet her.. so now he wil lfall sick! RK says. .mard ko dard err

zukham nahi hota! RK sneezes and Madhu says see! He says..this is not cold! Madhu asks RK to sit and dries his hair adnd asks if he falls sick..who will go to shoot and say his lines. .Bittu? RK says. yes n then says.. remember studio night..! He he had tried to save Madhu n she fought with him! RK asks if she is a lil crazy? She says wasnt before but am now..thanks to company! Mahdu turns to leave n RK grabs her arm and says.. dun go or will get mad again! Madh usays..will appease..! RK asks singing? RK says.. the song.. the lyrics t ouched the hearty.. esp the lines.. ye haseen raat fir ho na ho. .as if its the last beautiful night in their life..! RK says. .it can ever be their last night.. n that she will always be with him..! RK says.. she wont leave him and go ever.. n asks her not to sing this song! Madhu smiles. .n assks so what to sing now? RK says.. sing. .aao na.. gale . .n trips n falls! Madhu laufs..! RK fumes.. fell down.. n u laufing. m hurt.. n asks her to lift him up! MAdhu says no. .n will sing.. ‘Aao na. .mujhe uthao na.. kamar dabao na; n alufs..! Madhu helps RK get up and RK holds his back n asks. .laufing a lot? RK grabs Madhu n asks to lauf now..! He says.. she is right.. he wants to live every moment of his life..wit her.. seeing her..RK careses he rface n says. .touching her.. loving her.. always..n forever! BG – Tum hi ho..! RK Madhu hug passionately..!

At the mansion, Sikky comes n tells Sultan that no doc is ready to come.. as its raining a lot and its water logged..! Sultan asks Sikky to bring a bowl of cold water n to call doc n asks which all meds are available at home that they can give! Radha shakes in her sleep n says.. Rishabh ..! Sultan comes and sits next to Radha. .n touches her forehead..! He gets up to leave when Radha holds his hand n says. Rishabh ..! Sultan sits down .!

Dips hides the pic in a diary in her cupboard..! Sikky says.. she doesnt have a beard.. so . how to find tinka..! He says. .girls always hide something.. so God din give them tinka..! Dips asks Siky to pray for better sense of humor! Dips asks if he called Doc? Sikky says. .he did but no one is ready to come due to rains.. but not to worry as Doc Sultan is there to take care of Radha! Dips asks ..Sultan still here? Sikky says.. yes ..n asks which side are they on? Disp says.. they will be Bibhishan.. n Siky asks so they are on Sultans side? Dips says.. he is RAvan. .and Sikky asks so they are on RKs side..! Dips says.. no they are current day Bhibhishan ..and they are on their own side.. no matter how much both sides shout .. only they will have power to create blast..! Sikky says. .too much confusion .. who to smile at? RK or Sultan?

Sultan is putting wet .. patti on Radhas forehead and she mummbles..! Dips says. .MKs elder son is serving his step mom. .not bad! She asks Sultan how Radha is? Sultan stays mum! Disp says.. one thing for sure.. Sultan is looking like Sravan Kumar of step mom! Sultan stays mum! Disp says..this is expected.. n says. .he was alone for so long. .n din have parents name.. but now.. he has two moms.. ! God has given him .so much ..! Sultan asks why is she here? Disp says. .wanna ask u the same thing..! Sultan glares at Dips.!

Next day morning.. Madhu finds out on phone about Radha n she says..they are rushing home rightaway! RK asks the matter? Madhu says. .Radha is ok now but yesterday night she was very sick! RK asks did this happen? Madhu stammers and says.. Sultan had come home..! RK fumes.. how dare he! Madh usays.. servant said.. Sultan took care of Radha whole night! RK comes to the shoot and finds goon disrupting thre shoot! He asks the mater? Goon says. to leave . n not act like real hero or he will be gone! RK walks toward the goons! Goon shows the gun to all n says.. no shoot will be done here! Bittu says. .to pack up the shoot! Bittu says. no idea what is happening! RK says. .not happening on its own. .its being done by someone.. that is .. Sultan..! Madhu is startled..!

Part 2

RK asks Bittu to get the car ready and they are going home rightaway..! On the way the car is stuck at a traffic signal! Bitu tells doc to reach home fast and they are on their way! RK asks why car is not proceeding ahead are they stuck at garage? A paperboy is selling papers. .screaming. todays breaking news.. RK is illegitimate son of Mohan Kundra! RK asks Bittu to call the paper boy n he does..! The paper boy hands Bittu a paper with RKs pic and Mohan-Meera weding pic with headline that RK is MKs illegitimate son..! RK fumes reading it and Madhu is shocked..! RK says. .how can anyone fall so low? He crushes the paper..! RK says.. Sultan u will have to pay a big price for this..!

Part 3

Sikky reads the paper headlines. and Dips smirks..! Bittu screams on the media guy threatening about the quote..and RK glares at Sikky – Dips and walks past them! Disp says. .strange relations

Radha is sitting and watching the news.. where Reporter asks if this is true n RK is MKS illegitimate son? What will RK do now? Madh uasks RK to control himself.. n see RAdha! RK picks up the TV and breaks it..and Madhu screams.. shocked while Radha stays mum ..! He tears off the papers as Madhu tries to calm him ..! RK says. how dare he.. put this sort of cheap news in press and ruin the image and name of his father? RK assures Radha he wil lnot spare Sultan and says will kill him! RK rushes to his room and Madhu runs after him..! Sikky says.they planne to be Bhibhishan of Ramayan here.. Mahabharat is gonna start..! RK keeps looking thru his closets and Madhu asks RK what is he doing? RK opens another closet and takes out a gun..! Madhu is shocked..!

PRecap —- Madhu tells RK not to do ajnything liek this. n that all wil lend n be reuined.! RK tells Madhu she wont stop him today..! Madhu chases RK on the stairs as he moves her aside and walks towards the door holding the gun..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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