Meri Bhabhi 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 10th July 2013 Written Update

Meri Bhabhi 10th July 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone preparing food for Bobby. jaya and Kittu have a talk. Kittu says Bobby came here for the first time. Kittu says shall I call everyone in the lawn. Mummy says give the food in the room for Shraddha and Bobby, I want them to be alone and spend time together. Mummy asks Kittu is Shraddha happy. Kittu says yes. Mummy says I want them to be free. Dhruv is enjoying the scene where Ishaan and Ashish are enacting to fight with Bobby. Kittu comes and asks them to stop it. Ishaan hurts Bobby. Shraddha slaps Ishaan. Ashish and everyone look at her. Bobby says it was my mistake, Ishaan says sorry to Bobby. Kittu asks Ishaan and Ashish to leave from the room and takes Dhruv with her. Shraddha looks at Bobby.

Kittu comes to Ishaan and says you are feeling bad. Ishaan says no. Kittu talks sweetly with Ishaan and makes him smile. Ishaan says I m thinking its my mistake, but I saw Didi’s love for Bobby, how much she missed Bobby till now. Kittu says lets go and join everyone. Bobby tells Shraddha you should slap me. I’m very bad, you love me so much and I left you. He beats himself and Shraddha stops him. She says don’t talk anything about your death. He says what should I do, she says answer my question truely. She asks him did you come back for us. He says I m not saying you to forget everything, but trust me once. I will not leave you alone again. Shraddha says then promise me you will be with me in every difficulty, we will face it together and we will not break our trust. Bobby nods yes and hugs her.

Mummy asks Papa why he did not come in lawn, he asks about Shraddha and Bobby. Mummy says Kittu told everything is fine, but it will take time. She asks Papa to talk well with Bobby, and why did he slap him. Papa says sorry. Mummy says now don’t be angry. Papa says how will I live when you be annoyed with me. Dhruv comes and shows his new toy that Bobby brought for him. Anand comes to Papa and asks what did you think. Anand says Shraddha is emotional. Papa says do you still doubt Bobby. Anand says do you trust Bobby. Can we let Shraddha go with him. Mummy says Anand don’t be angry, sit calmly and talk. She says if Bobby takes Shraddha with him, we will first see and then allow him. She explains Anand that we need time to understand Bobby. Papa says Anand is becoming like Kamini. Papa jokes with Anand. Anand smiles at last.

Kittu is working in the kitchen with jaya. jaya is annoyed for working more. Kittu jokes with her. Shraddha comes in, and says I will help you in making the food. Kittu asks her to go and sit with Bobby. jaya says you might be feeling like newly married couple as you are meeting after one year. Kittu asks what should we meet, jaya makes excuses and leaves. Kittu asks Shraddha what are you thinking. Shraddha is worried about Anand. Kittu says don’t think about him, think about you and Dhruv. Kittu and Shraddha have a laugh. Bobby comes and says he is getting bored, so he came here. Kittu asks him to go to hall. Bobby says I will also cook with you both. Shraddha sees Bobby working in the kitchen and asks when did you learn all this. He says I was helpless and learnt to do all this in Dubai. Shraddha feels sad for him. Kittu asks Bobby to cook his fav recipe. Bobby cooks for them.

Papa is thinking about Bobby. Mummy asks him what he is thinking. Papa says I m thinking about Shraddha and Bobby. He says we should think about Anand’s words. I should be careful and have a talk with Bobby. Mummy asks what, Papa says leave it on me. Bobby is making the food. Everyone see Bobby cooking. Papa comes to him and asks him to come in his room. Bobby looks at Shraddha and goes after Papa. Everyone follows them in a tensed state. Papa talks to him alone. Mummy, Shraddha and Kittu stand outside the house.

Bobby has a talk with Papa. Mummy asks Kittu not to worry, its good if they talk. Shraddha gets tensed. Papa tells Bobby that I love shraddha a lot so I m bearing you. She fell when she was small, I have beaten Anand a lot as it was his fault. He says you have given so much pain to my daughter, you have left her alone in a strange city, how dare you hurt her. Papa says I can take anyone’s life for my daughter. He says he won’t leave anyone who hurts Shraddha. Bobby listens to him patiently.

Anand asks everyone why you are standing here. Kittu says Papa is talking with Bobby. Bobby tells Papa that you did not enquire about Shraddha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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