Has she made for me? swasan os sequel part 6 last part

Has She Made For Me?

Hi friends. This is the last part of this OS sequel. As it is the last part , please give your valuable comments about this story. Criticisms are also welcome. And Please kindly read the last paragraph. Now I am stopping my bakbak and starting my story.

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Part 5
Last part:-

The story is starting from:-

Swara has hugged second person and two persons are looking at each other .

Swara: Sanskar ( gayatri, swarna and arshanya , your guesses were right. The second person is none other than our hero Sanskar ) you came here to rescue me. I known that you must be came here for your jaan. How will you allow to happen something with your jaan. See ( pointed her finger towards Sahil) my best friend has kidnapped me. You are right. He is not a good person. I should stay away from him.

Flashback start

Sanskar:( said in a stern voice) Swara, you stay away from Sahil.

Swara: ( fold her arms on her chest) Why ?

Sanskar: I don’t like him.

Swara: For your like, I can’t break my friendship with him. He is my best friend from childhood.

Sanskar: But he is not a good person

Swara: And how did you know about it?

Sanskar: I can’t explain you. You obey my decision, ” stay away from him”

Swara: And I am denying it.

Sanskar: For your decision you will regret one day. Remember this and leaved the room.

Flashback end

Swara: Why aren’t you saying anything ? ( looking his face) why are you calm after listening about my kidnap ?

Sanskar:( cupped her face and said worriedly ) Swara, its me ( took a pause) who has kidnapped you not Sahil.

Swara: ( parted from hug , stepped back few steps and said emotionlessly) but why? ( said loudly) why did you do that with me?

Sanskar:( went to cupped her face) listen Swara , I can expl…

Swara:( cut his word in middle) no. Don’t touch me. First tell me, why did you do this?

Sanskar: For you and our baby’s safety

Swara: Means??

Sanskar: Kavita was wanting to harm both of you. She has also tried it many times. That night also she purposely ate me sleeping pills for that I won’t go to home. And the lift incident , she had also done it .

Swara: But why will she want to harm me and my baby ?

Sanskar: Because ( took a pause and closed his eyes tightly) she loves me

Swara: And I am the thorn on her path for which she was wanting to throw me out from your life. But why did you kidnap me dammed.( said loudly holding her belly because now she is feeling pain in her womb . First she has in stressed and now after knowing the truth she was not handling these many things )

Sanskar: Because at party she crossed her limits. She was knowingly taunting you. But I heard everything. So I am not wanting she creates more problems in your pregnancy for which you suffer any complication . So I have closed her chapter permanently

Swara: ( in a slightly pain voice) means?? What did you do with her Sanskar ?

Sanskar told her everything how did he arrest her by police ?

Flashback start

After leaved MM Sanskar reached police station with his driver. Sanskar gave a complain against Kavita for his wife’s kidnapping. Then police, driver and Sanskar reached in kavita’s house. This time Kavita has waited her men’s call to whom she has given Swara’s contract. ( friends you have remembered ,Kavita also gave a contract in her phone. So they are some local goons . Now she has waited for their call)

At this time police entered with Sanskar in her house. To see the police Kavita was sweating badly. To see her condition Sanskar gave a smirk which one unnoticed by everyone.

Sanskar: Inspector, you ask her , where she has kept my Swara ?

Kavita:( she became surprise to listen Swara’s kidnapping , and now she is shock , because how did Sanskar know she has sent the goons for Swara ‘s kidnapping? But as usual she starting her acting and said innocently) what are you telling Sanskar? Why will I kidnap Swara .

Sanskar:( irritated on her acting and said loudly) don’t act Kavita , last night I have heard everything. How you gave money those ladies to taunting Swara? And today someone has kidnapped her . So its you only. And inspector and I have checked your calls details . You have given contract someone for kidnapping Swara. So now don’t lie. And inspector, why are you wasting our time? If anything will happen with my Swara, then I won’t leave anyone. Go and search her.

Kavita: No , you can’t search my home without search warrant .

Sanskar:( said in a satirical voice) wow , you have knowledge about law also. Then great. ( he signed something when a constable handed over a paper to Kavita) So miss Kavita this is search warrant of your house . So now can we proceed. ( said loudly) inspector now do your work quickly. I want result

Constables searched every room , every corner when they got 2 CDs . Inspector played both in DVD player. First one is original cd , where Kavita recorded her own voice . Then the second cd played but there Sanskar voice come. The constable told , here someone has changed this voice from Miss Kavita to Mr Maheswari by using software based voice changer.

Inspector: So now it proved that you have done this type of things before also. So now you are under arrest. You will stay in jail till when you don’t confess your all deeds . After your confession , we will forward you in court.

Kavita now speechless . Now what will she do? Again her all dream shattered. But now she is praying to god, her men kill that Swara.( bichari abhi bhi Swara ke piche padi hai. Nadan kahin Ki) So she will get piece in jail. That time her phone is ringing. Without whose notice she picked it. ( her phone was in silent mode. So no one could know about it) but a pair of eyes was watching her every activity and laughing on her silly acts.

Kavita: You killed that Swara

Goon: No mam , till now I don’t contact with her. From morning her phone is showing not reachable

Kavita: Then who has kidnapped her? You know police have come in my home

Goon: What? Then don’t call me again. I don’t want leave rest of my life in jail. So from now I don’t know you.( cut the call immediately)

Kavita: Hallo ! Hallo ( but other side ——-blank) dammed . If they haven’t kidnapped Swara , then who has kidnapped her ?

” I ” : A voice came from her behind when she turned her back to face the person she shocked to see him .

Kavita: Sanskar, you!have kidnapped Swara . But why?

Sanskar: To give you punishment for your bad deeds. To give you that torture which you have given my jaan( he was gritting his teeth while he was saying all this ) for you my jaan and my baby have fought with their life. So how will I leave you so easily. So now you will leave rest of your life in jail like a captive. And I am promising you , I won’t allow you to come outside. I will give you lifetime imprisonment in jail. This is your punishment

This time police came and arrested her where Kavita is totally numb . When she was going with police , Sanskar come near her and hugged her and said in a low dangerous voice: Never ever try to mess with Sanskar Maheswari, who never leaves his enemy so easily.

After police left Sahil called him and told about Swara , that now she has been conscious. And immediately he left to Sahil’s home where they have kept her.

Flashback end

Swara: How could you do this with me , sanskar ?

Sanskar: ( tensely moved towards her where Swara was moving backwards) listen Swara, what have I done only for you and our baby’s safety. I don’t want Kavita hurts both of you again with her evil plans. So for this onl….

Swara:( didn’t give to complete his words) so you did this with me. If you want, then you would inform me your plan instead hide it from me. ( said loudly) you know , how much I scared that time. I thought I have loosen all of you. I can never meet with you again. But you ahhhhh….. Maaaa….. ( screaming with pain)

Sanskar: ( trying to hold her but Swara stopped him by showing her hand) please Swara, I am sorry. But see your condition. You are in pain. Please allow me to go near you.

Swara:( said very difficulty because now her pain is increasing in every passing seconds) no, you can’t come near me. You have cheated me. You ahhhh…maaa ( couldn’t complete her words due to pain and sitted on floor with a thud holding her womb)

Sanskar immediately ran towards her and took her on his lap. Swara what happened? I am sorry for me only, you suffered all of these pain. I am your culprit. Please punish me but please don’t ignore me where Swara is closing her eyes due to high stress and tiredness. Swara , what did happen with you? Why you are closing your eyes? Swara , just open your eyes jaan. Please talk to me.( shaking her face on his palm where his tears are flowing continuously from his eyes)

Sahil placed his hand on Sanskar ‘s shoulder and Said : Sanskar, we will be go to hospital immediately. See her condition. We have no time in our hand. So let’s go.

Sanskar:( said frustratingly) but why aren’t she saying something, Sahil ?

Sahil: Sanskar , please let’s go. We can talk about it later. But now she needs a doctor. I am taking out my car. You come to take her .

Sahil leaved from there to take out his car. Sanskar lifted Swara in his arms and went to downstairs.

After half an hour Sanskar and Sahil reached in hospital with Swara. When doctor checked Swara’s condition, he immediately admitted her in OT room. Sahil informed Sekher who has been already present now in MM. To listen Swara’s condition from Sahil everyone has heartbroken. Now everyone went to temple for praying god to save Swara’s life with her baby.

After 20 minutes doctor came out from the OT room. When Sanskar saw the doctor he ran towards him like a kid .

Sanskar: ( breathing heavily due to run) doctor, how is Swara ? She is fine na. Nothing will be happened with her na.

Doctor:( said in a stern voice) listen Mr Maheswari, before also I told that she is having complications on her pregnancy. And I strictly told you, you will keep away her from stress. But I am really disappoint on you. You promised , you will take care of her. But see now her condition. I don’t want to give you any false hope. Mrs Maheswari’s condition is very critical. We will try our level best but if

Sanskar:( cut his words in middle) but what?

Doctor: But during the operation if any complications happen and in this situation we can live only one person then you decide, whom will you choose ?

Sanskar:( hold doctor ‘s collar) how could dare you say like that? How are you saying that, you can live only one person. They both are my life. I can’t live without them.

( where Sahil was trying to free his grip )

Sahil: Sanskar, please leave him. He is only doing his duty. Please yaar leave him . For Swara ‘s shake leave him

When Sanskar heard Swara’s name he freed his grip from doctor ‘s collar and said: I am sorry

Doctor: Its ok Mr Maheswari. But please control yourself. And Mr Sahil , please understand him the situation and sign this medical terms papers immediately. Then we can proceed further procedures.

Then doctor left from there. Sanskar immediately went to hospital temple which has present beside of the hospital main door.

Sanskar sitted in front of god folding his two hands and said : Please god spare their lifes. They haven’t done anything wrong. Its me who has done all this. Its me who is soul reason of every problems. Then how can you punish them without any mistake. So please give me punishment but leave them. ( now he is crying miserably to keep his hands on his mouth where Sahil was hearing him from his behind and he is happy for his friend. Who is having a gem in her life as a life partner.)

Then he went towards him and helped him to make him stand. Then he took her waiting zone and sitted him on a chair where he also sat beside him. And he said something to listen this Sanskar became shock and blank.

Sahil: You know Sanskar , Swara is very lucky to having you in her life. You are really a very good person. Can I share one of my secret with you.

Sanskar: Nodded silently

Sahil: You must know that Swara and I both are beasties from childhood. But you and Swara don’t know that , she is my first love ❤

Now Sanskar was looking blankly. First Swara’s condition, then doctor’s declaration and now Sahil’s love confession. He can’t take it more. He is now hell tired to see the situation. So he silently bend down his head where his eyes are closed.

Sahil: ( continuing his talk) yes I love her from my childhood. I thought once I returned from Italy to complete my study I will propose her. But when I reached here it was too late. She had married with you. But I was happy for my besty . But somewhere I was feeling, ” she has only made for me “? No one can’t love her like I love her. I felt its true, when Swara filled a divorce case on you. This day I thought, yes , “she has only made for me “? I thought ,God has given me second chance to make her mine again. But when court didn’t give divorce both of you , I was angry on you. I thought this is your plan to keep Swara with you. So from this day I searched proofs against you for which I can apply your divorce case in higher court. But in this process I got to know you are innocent. It is kavita’s plan to trap you. So next day I called Swara in park . Because I was wanting to share this with her. But you know before I tell her about it she told me something for which I ashamed on myself .

Flashback starts:

Sahil has waited for Swara in park when Swara reaching there. To see Swara , Sahil went towards her.

Sahil: Swara, I want to tell you something important

Swara: I also want to share something with you

Sahil: Ok, you tell me first. Then I will tell you.

Swara: Sahil , I am misunderstanding to Sanskar. You know, he loves me. He can’t never imagine to ditch me. And in these days( means after divorce case when she is staying in MM) he is taking care of mine without any expectations. Where he has known I will apply again divorce in higher court. Maa is saying right. Every situation is having two sides. Where one side only we are seeing. Other side has till now in dark. To take this uncertainty, I can’t stalk my married life. So from now I will think about my baby , my Sanskar and myself. I won’t think about any third person .

This time Sahil felt pain and happiness both in his heart. Pain because he lost his love for everyday and happiness because her friend got her love back in her life.

Then Sahil said , how did have Sanskar trapped in his office? But didn’t tell about Kavita. After listen it Swara happily twirling Sahil because her believe, her love has won on this stymie.

Flashback end

Sahil: That day I have seen her eyes , how much she was happy to get back you in her life. This time I realised she has never meant for me. She has only made for you. So trust on your love Sanskar like Swara trusted on her love. Then you will see everything will be fine. And you know, she is a fighter. I have seen her from my childhood, she has never compromise with her life. Everytime she has fought with her life and won also. So trust yourself and your love , she will be fine and again come back to your life like before.

Sanskar just hugged him so tightly and felt jealous on Swara is having a true friend in her life.

Sanskar: Swara is very lucky to having you as a friend in her life

Sahil: Thank you . But you are lucky to having her as a life partner in your life.

Sanskar:( with a little smile said) ya I am ( accepted the fact proudly)

Then Sanskar signed on paper where Sahil submitted it on reception.

After 2 hours everyone tensely present outside of OT room. Where Sanskar was taking deep breath because every passing seconds his breath was becoming heavy. Now for him each seconds are feeling like decades.

After sometime a baby’s crying sound listened inside the OT room. A nurse came out holding a baby in her arms where everyone ran towards the baby. But Sanskar sat there like this only. This time doctor came out. Sanskar rushed towards doctor to ask about Swara.

Sanskar: How is she? She is fine na. Nothing happens with her na doctor ( said everything in one breath)

Doctor: Relax Mr Maheswari , she is fine. Now she has conscious on the effect of anesthesia . But after 1hour she will gain her consciousness. You can meet with her this time and left from there.

Sanskar sat in a thud on the ground. Tears are flowing from his eyes. But it is not sad tears. These are happy tears to being your soul come back to your life, to being a father who has come before some minutes in their lifes. This time he felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned his face towards this direction he is seeing two most beautiful creation of god’s on his life. Her mother is holding his baby in her arms.

AP: Its a baby girl Sanskar

Sanskar: I know about it before. It will be my little princess.

AP: I also known that ( stop your self praising section. Because everyone here know about that??)

Sanskar took her baby girl in his embrace and looking her with lots of love ❤. Her little kitten like eyes, her little soft fingers , her soft pink lips and mostly her pink chubby cheeks like her mother is adoring her more.

After one hour in Swara ‘s ward

AP sat on a chair where caressing Swara ‘s hair and parineeta was arranging essential stuffs on table. And Swara , who has gained her sense before sometime now happy to hear her baby is sound safe. And now She is a mother of a baby girl .

AP: ( caressing her head and said) from beginning I was saying na , its a baby girl.
Now see , it is a baby girl

Parineeta: Mom you also told her.

AP: Yes, I have also told her

Swara: But you know di, till now mom doesn’t tell me the reason. Can you tell me?

Parineeta: You just ask her. She can only describe it.

Swara: But di yo….

She Couldn’t complete her words because Simi and Ankita entered in room with a bang. Both are looking very angry on someone. And after a second both starting their complain section not exactly complain section but you can say yelling section.

Sita ( Simi & Ankita said in unison) : Chachi/ didi , I never ever won’t talk with chachu/ jiju. You know he isn’t..

AP: ( said strictly) first take a deep breath then tell , what happened but one by one only.

Ankita: Chachu isn’t allowing us to touch the baby

Simi: He is only kissing her but he isn’t allowing us.

Ankita: When we asked , how are you kissing her then why can’t we kiss her

Simi: ( said in a complaining voice)And he said , he is only her princess. And now she is very small. So now you can’t kiss her or hold her

Sita:( again said unison) chachu/ jiju is very bad. We won’t talk to him

Where Pari, Swara and AP chuckled to see their funny angry faces.

Pari: Ok now lets go to home for dinner. Tomorrow when we will come I will take a big class of your chachu ( looking towards Ankita) and your jiju ( looking towards Simi)

Trio left the room leave AP and Swara alone. After some seconds AP broke the silent

AP: Swara, I know you have angry on him. And you should be also. But once think about his condition beta. When he had seen you like a lifeless body inside the lift. How did he feel that time? After that he has always feared to lose you. And when he known its Kavita , who has done all this. How he leaves her freely. I am admitting, he has done wrong. But this time won’t give her that much punishment for which he will loose his hope in live. (When she didn’t get Swara ‘s any response she stood to go ) I am going now and I will send baby with Sanskar after sometime .

When she turned to leave Swara hold her hand and asked something for which a little laugh came out from her mouth .

Swara:( said cutely) till now you don’t tell me, how you know its a baby girl

To see her cute face a laugh came out from AP’s mouth face. She again caressing her hairs and said : It is not any kind of medical or logical theory, Swara. Its just a thought or you can say concept which told me my mother-in-law during in my pregnancy . she told that , ” in a relationship, who loves more than from other partner her/ his wish only fulfil” . And in between our relationship, she was always telling me I love your father-in-law more than he loves me. So my wish will be fulfilled . And see my wish has only fulfilled.This isn’t mean that, your dad wasn’t loving me but not more than I love him. Like this Pari and Adarsh relationship, Adarsh loves Pari more. And about you I think you know about it more than me. How much Sanskar loves you? ( said in a very low voice . So that Swara doesn’t listen it clearly ) I am sorry if I will hurt you.

( swarna now you got the reason. From beginning of the story , I didn’t think to give the reason more than 2 lines but for you only I became force to write it as a paragraph. If now also u will say about it anything,then I will kill you on my bare hands . )

Swara: ( in a proud voice) don’t be sorry mom. For this only I proud myself. He loves me more than from myself.

AP gave a peck on her forehead and leaved the room. After sometime Sanskar entered inside the room where Swara was fully lying on bed where her head is resting slightly on headboard. Sanskar entered the room very nervously. He quietly entered inside the room. To hear some footsteps Swara opened her eyes where she got to seeing her little princess sleeping peacefully on his dad’s arms. It is a beautiful sight for seeing her most important and beautiful persons like this. Now she is having happy tears in her eyes. But Sanskar misunderstood to seeing her tears. Again a guilt covered his heart.

Sanskar forwarded her little princess to Swara’s lap where Swara happily took her on her embrace. But their happy moments broke down by Sanskar ‘s confession.

Sanskar: I am sorry to hide it from you. Please punish me, beat me but don’t leave me again. I can’t live without you and my little princess. You both are my life. ( now tears started to flowing from his eyes)

Swara( wiping his tears) I am not angry on you Sanskar and you know it very well ( Sanskar nodded his head silently.) forget it Sanskar, I don’t want to remember it more. See today our little princess has come into our life. And this is the best day of our life. So today we will forget our all worries, sadness . From now onwards we will welcome happiness in our life.

Sanskar: Ok jaan as you wish

Swara:( said make a pout) but see , you won. Your wish only fulfilled.

Sanskar:( said in a winning tone) I told you it will be a baby girl only. But you weren’t accepting. So here, what is my fault jaan?

Swara: You are so bad for you only my wish didn’t fulfil.

Sanskar: Arrey, I am bad . But how? Can you explain me clearly?

Swara: Now only mom told me in a couple who will love more than his / her partner, then only his/ her wish will be fulfilled. And in our relationship , you love me more for this only your wish fulfilled not mine.

Sanskar:( listen her innocent talk laughing loudly and said) seriously jaan you are so cute ( kissed her cheek very tightly) for this only I love you

Swara: I love you mo…( immediately going to say him but stoped in middle make a pout again) now I can’t say you also I love ❤ you more. You are very bad Sanskar

Sanskar:( hugged her like this where her face resting on his broad toned chest and his chin resting on her head) so now you will stop to tell me ” I love you ”

Swara:( thought something then said) naaa. I will tell you” I love ❤ You too” . How is it? It is nice na.

Sanskar nodded his head with a chuckle .

Swara: (parted her from hug and Said in a serious voice) don’t worry Sanskar next time , my wish will be fulfilled because that time i love ❤ you more than you love ❤ me.

Sanskar eyes widen to listen her sudden confession about next baby.

Sanskar:( said in a surprise voice) Swara, you already plan for our second baby that also a baby boy. Not so bad jaan

Swara is embarrass to realise her talk’s meaning. Now her face colour turned into crimson red . She immediately hugged Sanskar tightly where Sanskar was just enjoying her shyness.

Avoid the awkwardness Swara started the conversation.

Swara: Sanskar

Sanskar: Hmm

Swara: Tell me na , what has you thought about our little princess name? You have remembered our deal na.

Flashback start

Swara: Sanskar, parth it is a nice name na

Sanskar, who is working on his laptop till now listen a boy name from Swara’s mouth very lovingly his blood became boil.

Sanskar:( said angrily) who is Parth? How did you know her?

Swara surprised to hear his voice tone where it was clearly showing his possessiveness towards her.

Swara: ( with a little smile) I have chosen this name for my junior prince. ( now in a teasing smile said) if you want I will also make a new friend with the same name person.

Sanskar : ( thrown his laptop on bed and seeing her teasing smile said in a dangerous voice) never tease me like this Swara. I never won’t see you with anyone. You are only mine

Swara: And I am only yours like you are only mine ( hugged him tightly)

Sanskar: ( smile to see her sweet gesture then again said strictly) but why parth? Our baby is a baby girl , my little princess. So we will only choose a girl name

Swara:( parted her from hug nd said angrily) no it is only our junior prince

Sanskar: I said na , it is our little princess

Swara: Don’t argue with me Sanskar , it is a junior prince

Sanskar: Little princess

Swara: Junior prince

Sanskar: Ok fine. You choose boys names for your junior prince and I am choosing names for my little princess. Will see who is keeping his/ her name?

Swara:( said proudly) you will watch, you will lose it

Sanskar: Lets see.

Flashback end

Swara: So tell me , what have you kept her name?

Sanskar:( said with a smile) SARA , Sara Sanskar Maheswari

Swara: Sara, but why?

Sanskar: She is a symbol of our love. For her only we have again became one. She has joined our hearts again, like this now she is also joining our names.

SA: Sanskar ‘s first two letters

RA: Swara’s last two letters. Now we are joint together for always by her. Now tell me how is it?

Swara: ( pulled his cheeks and said)Outstanding, excellent, superb

Sanskar:( said with a chuckle) that much praising. Thank you Mrs Maheswari.

Swara: Thank you Sanskar for coming in to my life. Thanks for accepting me with my all flaws. Thanks again for making my life beautiful. Thanks for giving me this much love, happiness. Thanks for making me complete in your love. Thanks for giv….

Sanskar placed his finger on her lips to make her silent

Sanskar: How much you are talking? And this much thanks, why are you giving me? If I will start to thank you then the whole day will pass but my thanking list won’t end. So better you stop it now. And about I come in your life then we were meant for each other. And you have forgotten” you have only made for me” . So you came into my life like my angel.

Swara: You said wrong ( where Sanskar giving her a questionable look) I have not only made for you like this you have also made for me

Sanskar: Now also you said wrong , jaan The truth is( joined their foreheads)


Swara: Ya, you are right Sanskar


They are seeing each other lovingly where they are seeing their bright future with their little family where Sara is sleeping calmly on her mom’s lap.


Finally I completed this story. I don’t believe, I have completed this story as a SS because I started it as an OS . But only for your demand , I gave it as a sequel. It is only possible for your love. Now come to the story. I am thinking, I have fulfilled all your demands which you had demanded for an epilogue like Swara’s mood swing, swasan lovey dovey moments and as I said I will fulfil all your demands in my style. So now it was completed. So thank you everyone. So now time to take good by to all of you. But before say good by , I am thanking to all my silent readers . And a special thanks to my regular readers who have appreciated my works everytime. So thanks all of you.


Hallo friends, as all of you know before some days telly update had arranged an os competition. I had also participated on it . And you know what , I have got 90 marks out of hundred for my os .I got 4th rank in this competition . I am very much happy because this is something I have secured in my short writing period. As everyone know before 2 months only I have joined on telly update. But in this short time period , you have given me or my stories that much love , that I can’t never forget it in my entire life.

Thank you to all my readers. Without your motivation I don’t reach at this place. Again thanks all of you.

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