Has she made for me? swasan os sequel part 5

Has She Made For Me?

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Part: 5

After one week

After one week Swara discharged from hospital and came to home. Now she is happy because after one week she has freed from this hospital like jail and returned back to her home but she didn’t know that here also Sanskar will behave like a hittler. After reached in home he is not allowing her to move from bed. He has strictly told her, she won’t remove her legs from bed. Now she has banned to come outside from her room. Now she is angry on Sanskar because for him only now everyone is keeping eye on her. Specially his two chamchis Ankita and Simi, whosoever are never allowing her outside of the room without bathroom. Now You must be thought that , how is Simi keeping her eyes on me? So after that incident she denied to go home and told to dad she wants to stay with me. Dad also worried for me . So he allowed her to stay with me till my delivery .But now she is really a headache for me. Why not ? After all she is Sanskar ‘s partner. So some behaviour will bring like him na.

Like this one more week passed.

At night in swasan room

Swara has stood on her room balcony when two hands gently hold her belly . Without turn she rested her head on his chest because she knows who is the owner of this hands , where Sanskar kept his head on her right shoulder.

Sanskar: ( in a whispered voice )missing me

Swara: Very much

Sanskar: And my little princes ( that time he felt a kick on his hands which gave by his little princess. Now this is a regular habit of his princess who gives answer to her dad by kick. But everytime of this dad and daughter ‘s conversation Swara gets pain in her stomach. But she is happy to see the father and daughter’s bonding.

Swara:( wince in pain) ahhh

Sanskar: It is paining. I am sorry , for me only you are getting this pain.

Swara: ( placed her hands on his hands ) its ok Sanskar. I am fine. Don’t think so much. I am also happy to feel my baby.

Sanskar:( picked up her in bridal style and moving towards the bed) come now it is your medicines time and placed her gently on bed. And gave medicines to her.

Swara: ( where Swara was making different faces) yukk

Sanskar chuckled to see her facial expressions which was looking more cute for her chubby cheeks. Sanskar immediately sat beside her took her in his embrace where his one hand has kept on her waist.

Sanskar:( kissed her temple) so now

Swara: So now what?

Sanskar: You want something to eat

Swara : ( kicked his stomach and pushed him from hug) what do you mean by ” you want something to eat” . Your kind information before half an hour i have completed my dinner. So i have no mood to eat.

Sanskar:( again pulled her for a hug) then tell me who tells every mid night ” I am hungry jaan”( mimicked like her)

Swara: I tell that at midnight not 10:30pm ( showing the clock) and don’t worry today I won’t say anything.

Sanskar: Why?

Swara:( pulled his nose) because today my husband is tired. So your little princess don’t want to trouble her father tonight.

Sanskar:( freed his nose and said) I never ever tired for both of you. Right princess ( again baby kicked to Swara’s tummy) with a winning smile said) see my princess also in my side. ( now Sanskar pulled her nose)

Swara: ( make a pout) you both daughter and dad are very bad. From now you are started troubling me . After her birth I will be a mad for both of you.

Sanskar: Don’t worry if you will be a mad since I will love you only ( swara looked him angrily and made a pout) . Don’t look me like this and stop to make this pout. If I will lose my control then won’t blame me. ( now Swara is blushing to listen his talk) don’t blush jaan . You know how much I am missing it now( wink at her)

Swara: ( hitted his chest slightly and said) besharam

Sanskar: But for you only jaan

Swara hugged him immediately don’t want to face him because she is also missing him. After sometime Sanskar again started the conversation and said something which surprised Swara more.

Sanskar: Jaan

Swara: Hmm

Sanskar: Next week our company is keeping a party.

Swara: Party but why?

Sanskar: This is our annual party Swara. Every year I keep it.

Swara: Ok then you will enjoy your party and here I will waited for you( again make a pout)

Sanskar: You are also coming with me

Swara:( suddenly parted her from the hug and sat on bed) what? I will go party with you in this condition ( pointed her finger towards her belly)

Sanskar: So what?

Swara: Don’t joke with me Sanskar ( stood up and moving towards mirror) see I am looking like a penguin. And which clothes will fit me now. Everyone will laugh on me.

Sanskar ( walked towards her) you are looking penguin or something else I don’t care. For me you are the most beautiful girl in whole world and I mean it jaan . I never ever care for anyone. Only you are matter for me. And here no one is having that courage who will laugh on Sanskar Maheswari ‘s wife and baby. So now you will come with me or not.

Swara:( hugged him) yes I will go. You have kept any other options for me

Sanskar: No

Again took her towards bed and lied her on bed. And went his side of the bed . And took her in his embrace. Then both slept peacefully in each other embrace.

After one week

Now Swara is in her 8 months pregnancy. Today is the annual party which has arranged in 5 star hotel .

Before from one hour Sanskar leaved Swara in their room to be ready for the party. Today he has presented a saree for this special occasion. But till now Swara has not come down . Sanskar irritately was watching his watch repeatedly. Where Sanskar has wore a black shirt , black pant and with black blazer?.( you think Sanskar has wore same clothes which he wore in gpa award function). He is looking dashing and handsome. At this time Swara came downstairs to arrange her saree fleet. Sanskar mesmerised to see Swara on his gifted red saree. She was looking just amazing on it. The red colour is suiting her body Where white beats have worked on the whole saree .( think swara has wore the same saree which she wore on her suhagraat in swaragini). And in jewellery she has wore only a pair of diamond earrings with her mangalsutra. And she has added a pinch of vermillion on her forehead which is indicating she is only belonging to him. On hands she wore a set of red water bangles which were creating a magical sound . She has freed her hairs and done a little makeup on her face. And finally added a red lipstick on her lips which is making her lips more attractive. When Sanskar saw her lips, he gulped his saliva inside his throat. He always surprise to see her wife who looks more beautiful in also a simple make up.

Swara slightly blushed to see his continuous gaze on her . Sanskar moved towards Swara

Swara: Staring is rude Mr Maheswari

Sanskar: But this is not applicable for you. And why have you added red lipstick on your lips? You know, how much I want to taste it?

Swara:( hitted his shoulder) shut up Sanskar. Nowadays you are becoming so
shameless. Don’t forget now you are father of a child.

Sanskar: ( encircled his hands on her shoulder) after father of 10 babies I would be love you like this only ( joined their foreheads) understand

Swara: ( where Swara nodded her head with a smile) I would be also love you like this till end of my life

Sanskar: You have no problem about 10 babies

Swara:( nodded her head as a no and said huskily ) no . I want more

Sanskar: ( his eyes wide opened to see a bold Swara but he loves her this sight also) I love you

Swara: I know. And I love you more

Sanskar let out a handkerchief from his pant pocket and forward it towards Swara.

Swara: Why are you giving me this?

Sanskar:( come closed to her ear and said huskily) because I don’t want anyone to see your lips in a desire . So remove it. And to give a wink towards her and leaved from there where Swara was recollecting his words .

At hotel

Everyone has reached the venue at right time. Why not ? After all this is Sanskar Maheswari ‘s annual party. Who won’t want to develop their bond with him. He is no.1 businessman in Asia.

Here Kavita has waited for Sanskar. She has wore a silver colour sleeveless and backless gown where the front is v shaped which is rarely covering her front. And on lower part of the gown a large cut has present till her thighs.Swara is fine , after knowing that she has been angry on her fate. But today she is happy. Because this is a couple party. And Swara will never come to this party with her big tummy. So today Sanskar is only her. For this only she has spent 3 hours in parlour. Her wait became finished when Sanskar entered in the hotel but she was angry to see the scene in front of her eyes. Sanskar and Swara entered the hotel together where there hands entangled in each other arms. Now Kavita is hell angry on Swara.

Kavita’s monologue: Today I will see you Swara. Everytime you can’t forfeit me Swara. Today I will give you a good lesson for which you , yourself think that you aren’t fit for Sanskar . With a smirk she immediately leaved from that place.

Here swasan are busy on talk with their clients . After sometime Sanskar sat Swara on a couch and went another side to talk with his clients to leave Swara alone. Where other place kavita was giving money to some ladies whose have hired by her to insult Swara. But unknown the fact that one person has heard everything .

At party

The ladies are knowingly taunting Swara where Swara is listening their talk silently.

First lady: See there , she is Mrs Sanskar Maheswari

Second lady: Really. But I am thinking she is pregnant now

Third lady: I think she is expecting on her last month. See her tummy who is looking like a pumpkin. Haha

All thee laughed together on Swara.where Swara was feeling humiliate by them

First lady: I don’t understand how Sanskar Maheswari is bearing her .

Second lady: Ya that’s true. And you know I have listened they have married only before 1 half an years ago.

Third lady: And now she is pregnant . Oh god now I am really feeling pity for Mr Maheswari. For her wife he couldn’t enjoy his marital life.

Second lady: And after delivery Mrs Maheswari won’t look s*xy like before

First lady: Now also where she is looking beautiful? Now for her baby womb she is looking like a baby elephant.

All laughing on her again. Now Swara can’t tolerate their humiliation more. So she stood up and turned to leave that place when suddenly all lights became switched off. When one spot light fallen on Swara and another one fallen on a man who stood far away from her where his back was only showing to everyone. The man started his talk on a mike

Man: Hallo friends ,today I want to share something with you. Not something actually . Today I want to share about my love. You know friends before one half an years I have married. And everyone think that after marriage they lose their freedom. ( with a little smile) Haha right friends. But you know after my marriage I never feel I have lost anything . Because my love , my jaan has given me everything ( when Swara heard the jaan word from the man’s mouth she is curious to know that who is the person?) before I tell her always she gives me that. My jaan totally different from other girls. For that only i love her so much. Nowadays where every girls want to maintain their figure. But my jaan without think something fulfil my mom’s wish to be became a grandmother . She never live for her . Everytime she lives for others happiness for which I love her more day by day. I don’t know about love . I am also not a poet or any writer who can define it very well. But today I want to share my feelings by a song ?.

Sanskar started the song , when he turned his face towards the crowd . Everyone whose are present there , they are clapping for Sanskar. Kavita is now full jealousy because her plan has became flopped again. And Swara was not believing on her eyes because first time Sanskar is singing a song for her. Now she is the happiest girl in the world.

Sanskar was singing while moving towards Swara


Na wo ankhiyan ruhani kahin

Na wo chehra noobani kahin

Nahin dil wale batein bhi na

Na wo sajri jawani kahin

Now he is rotating in a circle on her side

Jag ghoomeya thare jaisa na koi (2)

Now he has stood in front of her

Na toh hansna rumani kahin

Na woh rangli adayein dekhin

Na woh pyari si nadani kahin

Now Sanskar pointed his index finger towards Swara where he was going backwards

Jaisi Tu hai waisi rehna

Now Sanskar is doing the epic step of jag ghummeya

jag guoomeya thare jaisa na koi

jag guoomeya thare jaisa na koi

jag guoomeya thare jaisa na koi

jag guoomeya thare jaisa na koi

Now Sanskar has stood in the crowd and singing to see his lady love

Barishon ke mausamon Ki bhigi hariyali Tu

Sardiyon Mein galon Ki Jo ati hai

Wo lali Tu

Here Swara’s eyes were brimming to see the Sanskar’s love towards her. Now she is supposing herself world’s luckiest girl. Everytime a big smile on her face

Ratoon ka sukoon bhi hai

Subah Ki azaan hai

Now again Sanskar moved towards Swara where Swara shyly down her face is not wanting to meet with his gaze.

Chahatoon Ki chaadaron main Maine hai

sambhali Tu

Nahin agg jaise jalti hai

Now Sanskar has stood on her back whenever he was continuing his song

Bane barkha ka pani kahin

Kabhi Mann jaana chupke se

Yun hi apnichalani kahin

Now Sanskar pulled her towards him where her back collided with his broad chest. Now both are looking each other in corner of their eyes which is showing their love, passion and mainly trust for each other

Jaisi Tu hai waisi rehna

Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi (2)

Both came back to sense when they heard a loud clapping sound from the crowd. Everyone were acclaiming the couple where Kavita was burning on jealousy. Immediately she leaved from the venue where Sanskar was having a victorious smile on his face.

( yes the person who listened Kavita ‘s talk is none other than our Sanskar)

In Kavita place

After reached home kavita was throwing everything. She can’t handle the thing that everytime Swara is forfeiting her. Today is enough. She will let out a permanent solution for Swara. Immediately she grabbed her phone from bed and dialling a number

Kavita: I want a permanent solution for Swara. I don’t know what you will do with her but throw out her from Sanskar’s life. I am giving you till tomorrow time. I want result at this time and cut the call

After party Swasan reached in MM happily. When they entered their room Swara went to washroom for freshen.
Where Sanskar called someone on his phone

Sanskar: I think time has come to execute our plan. I don’t want she creates more problem for Swara. So tomorrow we will execute our plan. And cut the call.

Then both changed their clothes and slept on bed to take each other in their embrace.

At night 1:30pm

Swara sat on bed lazily and started conjecture to Sanskar which irritated Sanskar more

Sanskar: Swara please sone Dona. I am tired jaan

Swara: Please get up na jaan I am hungry

Sanskar:( said in a frustrate tone) I have kept 5 dms in your side table draw. Go eat them

Swara:( said in a sweet voice ) but I have already eaten it

Sanskar:( immediately sat on the bed where he was rubbing his eyes) what? Seriously Swara , you have finished 5 dms at a time

Swara:( angrily) so what? Now you will calculate how much I am eating chocolates ? in a day. And always you are telling me you love me so much. This is your love , for which you are calculating the number of chocolates I ate in a day. ( in a dramatic way she folded her legs from her knees and encircled her both hands on it) . Today in party whatever you have told everything is lie. Now you don’t love me. Don’t forget you are earning money for your family. And here you are calculating how much chocolates I ate ( sanskar placed his hand on his head to listen her debate about on eat chocolate)

Sanskar:( folded his hands in front of Swara) now stop it jaan Please . First you disturbed my sleep and now to listen your this much lecture I can’t hold your mood swing more. So please tell me now what you want to eat

Swara: ( happily hugged him and said sweetly) I know you love me and your baby so much. You can’t deny us.

Sanskar: So now tell what are you wanting to eat

Swara: Hmmm now I want to eat some spicy like

Sanskar:( cut her words in middle) chart right

Swara:( pulled his nose) right

Sanskar: But Swara this time which chart stall will be opened. I will give you chart tomorrow morning pakka

Swara: ( parted her from hug and said) but I want now. I don’t want to listen anything. This is your problem ,where will you bring it ?

Sanskar: But listen na jaan

Swara: Ok fine ( Sanskar took a deep breath don’t know the fact that now a bomb will blast on his head) then go in kitchen and make chart for me

Sanskar: Really Swara. You know , how much I am a bad chef but also you want I make food for you.

Swara:( in a strict tone) Sanskar today I won’t listen anything. Go and make it

Sanskar: But how? I don’t know how to open a gas and you are telling me go and make chart( turned his face other side)

Swara: Now I have a doubt . Who did give you the title of no.1 businessman in Asia

Sanskar: ( angrily looked towards Swara) what do you mean by this?

Swara: I mean if you don’t know then go to youtube and search the recipe and make it. Now all your doubts were cleared . Now go fast and make it quickly. Now I am really very hungry.

Sanskar:( without any option) ok lets go

Swara: What let’s go. You go and make it for me. I won’t help you. I will take rest here ( arranging herself for sleep )

Sanskar:( picked up her in a bridal style and said) I know to search the google I will get recipe but jaan in google I won’t get where the ingredients are available in our kitchen right. So help me about to search the ingredients

Swara:( encircled her hands on his arms) ok

In kitchen

Now Swara sat on counter where Sanskar is busy on searching the ingredients. After so much difficulty finally he got all the ingredients. And started his new venture of cooking where Swara is enjoying it fully. At finally she has convinced him to make something for her.

After half an hour our chef means Sanskar prepared chart and forwarded it towards Swara. Swara kept it on slap . She hold his hand and pulled him towards her. She chuckled to see her husband’s face which was looking like a cartoon. His eyes has swollen and nose is red due to continuous crying when he was chopping the onion.

Sanskar: ( angrily)What? Don’t laugh on me

Swara: ( with a little smile said) I am not laughing on you. I am just adoring your red nose( pulled his nose)now which is looking like a strawberry ?.

Sanskar:( turned his face other side) it is not a joke, Swara

Swara:( moved his face towards her ) sorry. Ok look at me (when Sanskar looked at her she is blowing airs in his eyes.) now you are feeling good

Sanskar:( encircled his hands on her waist) hmm. Now I am feeling better. Now you tell me , how it has made?

Swara: Wait

when she take a bite Sanskar immediately grabbed the spoon from her hand and said may I . Swara happily nodded her head as a yes. When Sanskar fed her first bite Swara’s eyes became wide . Where Sanskar thought that the chart has not made tasty

Sanskar: Sorry jaan for its bad taste. But before I told, I am a very bad chef

Swara:( happily hugged him) Sanskar this is the best chart . I have never eaten like this chart. Thank you jaan and kissed his both cheeks

Sanskar: Really. Then I also want to taste it ( when Swara forwarded a spoon of chart, Sanskar hold her hand in middle) not like that( where she gave him an amazed look) like this ( pointed towards her lips for which she blushed slightly and bite her lower lip)
Sanskar moved towards her when they heard a throat clearing sound. When they turned to see for their surprise A.P and Parineeta have stood near the kitchen door to holding an empty jug . Now Swasan are hell embarrass .

A.P: Arre wah ! my beta has made chart for first time and he doesn’t invite us. But its ok now we are coming na so we will taste it by ourselves. ( take a bite and ate it) wah son you have made it so tasty. Why are not you opening a chart shop as a side business?

Sanskar:( angrily) mom

A.P: What mom? I am only saying truth. Parineeta you taste it

Parineeta:( after tasted it) really Sanskar it is so tasty . Mom is telling right. If you open a chart business na then we will get to eat tasty chart everyday.

Sanskar: I know all are pulling my leg. I don’t want to talk with anyone and moved that place to leave Swara alone in kitchen. Where Swara was nervously looking down to the floor.

A.P: ( kissed her forehead) thank you beta to back his smile again. You are his life. This time don’t leave him. He can’t live without you.

Swara:( hugged A.P) I never ever leave him maa. I won’t repeat my mistake again. I love you maa. If that time you aren’t guide me then I would never believe him again

Parineeta: Arey wah! Everyone forgot me ( made a pout face) swara immediately hugged her ( now she has hugged both of them) I love you bhabhi. I love both of you

The trio ladies spent a gala time with each other and then leaved to their respective rooms


Sanskar has been to office in early morning because after last night encounter he doesn’t want to face his family . And here Swara has sitted on her bed who doesn’t allow to move anywhere from bed.

At 11am

When suddenly Swara’s phone rang. When she saw the screen its a unknown number. She thought she pick up the call or not. Because Sanskar has strictly warned her don’t pick any unknown number. But she attend the call. When she picked the call the other side said something to her that she couldn’t believe on it

Person: Can I speak with Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheswari

Swara: Yes I am speaking

Person: Mam in xyz place the school bus has met an accident. And all students are badly injured. Simi has also injured. I have informed all parents. All parents are coming to this place. You also come to this place.

Swara: Yes I am coming and cut the call. Without inform to anyone she went to that place where the person gave the address.

When she reached the place she didn’t get anyone there. It is a lonely road where no one is going on this road. When she was searching Simi, a van came towards her and suddenly pulled her inside it and close the door. With in a second the van leaved the place. Where the driver was watching the whole scene but couldn’t do anything. Because the incident happened within a second for which he couldn’t understand anything. When he resisted the whole thing the van has been leave from his eyesight

After one hour in MM

All are tensed about to Swara. When they heard from driver Swara has kidnapped they couldn’t believe it . Sanskar immediately reached at home.

Sanskar: ( in angry voice) Everytime i have told her won’t pick any unknown call. But she never listen me . Now see what did happen? ( in a frustrate he was moving his hand on his hairs) I won’t leave her, mom. If anything will happen with my jaan and little princess I won’t leave her. Mom I am going to police station to write a complain against that Kavita. If in this time anyone call here then please inform me ( where A.P nodded her head)

Sanskar immediately leaved that place with the driver because he is the eye witness of the kidnap.

After 4hours

Swara gained her sense where she found herself in an unknown place. Now she remembered everything. How a person called her? How some people kidnapped her in a van? Now she is nervous? She searched her phone but it is missing. She went towards the door which is locked from outside

Swara: ( knocked the door) anyone is present outside. Please open the door.
( now in a crying voice) please open the door. My family must be waited for me. What you want from me? Why did have you bring me here. Please open the door.

No one opened the door. Now she is tired. When she moved towards the bed she heard a door open sound. When she turned she couldn’t believe the person who has stood in front of her eyes.

Swara: I don’t believe it. You have kidnapped me. You know when Sanskar will know about it he won’t leave you. So for your betterment you leave me now. And I will tell Sanskar, he will forgive you. When she moved towards the door she saw another person who was just entering inside the room. When Swara saw the person she ran towards the person and hugged him .

So the screen froze where Swara has hugged the second person and the two persons are looking each other.

So who is the first person ,whom to see Swara reacted like this?

Who is the second person ,whom to see Swara hugged him immediately.

Precap: Last chapter

I am sorry friends I couldn’t end it in this part. Because this is a very big part . And I can’t write more. But next part pakka wala last chapter. And thanks all of you to like my other story ” ek rista aisa bhi” . Keep support me like this for which I would give you new stories. So now you think, who are the two persons? I am taking a small break?

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