His Lust Or Love (Episode 1)


Episode 1
The episode start with Sanskar was kissing Swara and she was crying her lips start to bleed again but Sanskar didn’t left her and suck her blood also then after sometime he left her or u can say he had to left her to catch breath as it was becoming hard to breath Sanskar look into her eyes and said
Sanskar:I haven’t enjoyed kissing anyone this much like I enjoy with u babe saying this he buried his face in her neck and start kissing there Swara cried and said
Swara:please Sanskar let me go please
Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar:how many times I told u that don’t say this please and all that I don’t like it at all got that and don’t forget u r not any girl ok u r mine my wife Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari so I can do whatever I want to do with u saying this he push her and she fall on floor and he said
Sanskar:I’m going out and I’ll be back in night I want u to be ready saying this he came flow to her and hold her hairs in his fist and whisper
Sanskar:and wear something s*xy like saree I want u to be ready like a newly wedded bride and if u didn’t did as I said then just remember ur so called sisters u know na how much they r desperate only for my one glance so just think if I gone to them and said they’ll easily throw their self on him and won’t mind if I do something if u just remember that night before our marriage saying this Sanskar walk out and Swara cried badly

Next Episode: Flashback Of Their Marriage
hey frds h r u all?
here is the 1 episode how’s it and thanks a lot for all the lovely comments on its intro well one more thing I want to say lots of frds said to post regularly but I’m sorry I can’t because I wrote 2 stories

2nd:His Lust Or Love

so its little difficult and I’m lil busy also so I can’t promise to update regularly but I’ll try my best and they might short as well so leave all that and tell me how’s it and till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Ur story is really different from others,u know,thats why i like it✨…i think u type at a great speed.may be thats why…..but plz put some full stop next time…as sometimes i dont get many sentences whence it started.i hope u understand…
    Btw,i never checked any ff till now…its the first…so plzz update whenever u r free…and write some more…its too short,dear.i hope u didnt mind…?☺

    1. thanks a lot dear and its ok I’m glad u told me my mistakes so that I can improve my writing skills so thank u very much dear ?

  2. It’s awesom but plz write a little longer it’s too short yar

    1. thanks and ok ?

  3. Its so short!! Eagerly waiting for next part.

    1. will try to write longer next time ?

  4. Its short pls a long update if u can 2day one more plss

    1. will try to make long next time ?

  5. Awsm…..

  6. I knw u r nt able to write daily….. bt its just… post asap…..
    so nice.. waiting for next one….

    n plzzz make it more longer….

    both r going interesting ….

    keep it up

    1. thanks a lot and I’ll try definitely ?

  7. awesome.. when are u posting???

  8. I agree with Eliza. Your sentances are sometime are continued without dot. And Superb Angel. SwaSan ff is going to rock 🙂

  9. Ur story is really very different cuz this is a different side of sanskar and i love it.post when it is possible dear. I m waiting to know their fb

  10. It’s wonderful but a little short…. Try to update longer..

    1. thanks and I’ll try nexy time ?

  11. its nice give previous episode link for ff… if we miss we can read there because here so many ff’s there sometimes may missd the part.. give previous links.. and try to give some long episodes… awesome ff..

  12. Awesome

  13. Update long nd regulaly plz

  14. Plz update long and episode was superb

  15. nice…..

  16. awesome. plz 2nd fiction

  17. nice Yarr super difeerent thought

  18. awesome angel just tell me is it a ff or a os or ts or three shot or something like that

    1. thanks and its a ff ?

  19. Brilliant dear… How can someone force himself on a girl…. Very bad…. U are just mind blowing…

    This hatred is a great start for love… Superrrrbbbb start….waiting with fingers crossed….

    Love u ……cute hugs…..

    1. thanks a lot dear… There r people like that dear… Thanks again and love u too ???

  20. Nice episode … but too short

  21. Awesome. But plz make chaos longer

  22. eagerly waiting for nxt one …………. and darling it’s too short ……….. update asap …………. luv ya ………tc

    1. I’ll try and love u too tc ?

  23. Its different

  24. Awesome episode, love you loads.

  25. Ur just awesome writer ……superb….

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