mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki~ EP-3

The scene starts with Raghav and his construction workers cutting down the trees and anything that’s in there way.
Scene 1

Raghav looks at his planning sheet than he looks at the boss.

“So this is how the building will be design. I want this perfect. If any of this is not correct than I will personally make sure you never work again.” He says

The man nod his head scared of what might happen. Not wanting to be anywhere near Mr. Singhania he quickly walks toward his workers. Raghav watch his workers. When he turns around he saw a group of farmers coming towards him. One of the farmers came to him.

“Excuse me sir, but what do you think your doing?” he says

“I’m destroying the trees.” He says

“But sir, this is where we work, where we farm.” He says

“Well now, it belongs to me.”

“You can’t destroy our land; if you do we will lose our job.” Said one of the farmers

“This is our life. We use what we grow to feed our children.” Says another farmers

Raghav looks at all of them; coming closer to him he says “does it look like I care about our little village.” He says

Scene 2

Vitthal was heading to the field to work when one of his farm buddies comes up to him.

“What’s wrong rohan?” he says

“Did you hear, someone is destroying our farm land?” He says

“What, who is he?” he says

“I don’t know, but he was a businessman.” He says

Another one, who is trying to take our land, Will they ever leave us alone? He thought.
Kalpi was leaving when he heard his father talking to one of his workers. She was shock at what she heard. What kind of person would do something like this? All our hard work, for their benefit. She thought. She heard her father leaving and follows them, when they reach there. She saw a lot of farmers yelling and screaming.

“Leave our land.”

“What will happen to us, if you do this?”

“How will we make a living?”

Vitthal walks to the scene and face Raghav. Kalpi tries to see the guy but his back was towards her.

“This land is our life.” He says

“If you destroy it, how will we make a living?” he asked

Raghav looks at vitthal and says “find another land. I heard you guys have more land around here.” he says

Vitthal shook his head “yes we do, but this land provides a lot of resources for our crops.” He says

“I don’t care, if you have a problem with this. Talk to the guy that sold me these lands.” He said plainly

The farmers’ starts whispering to each other wondering who sold there land. Vitthal who has nothing else to say, walks away dejected. Soon the villagers follow him. Kalpi watches her father walking away sadly. She knew this wasn’t right. She wanted to do something about it, but her dad comes first. She started walking away just when Raghav turn to her direction. Kalpi stop when she felt a tug in her heart. She knew it was stupid but she felt like her heart was calling to someone. She turned around when Raghav turned to look at his workers working.

Shaking her head, she turned back around and walks home.

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