Lucky Everyday Manmarziyan (Chp 3 Part 3)


Sam bought Radhika to Arjun room.It had a large window with beautiful scenic beauty of Mumbai.The bedroom was classic and Radhika liked it though she wanted to change some interiors.Sam hugged her and said,”I always wanted you to be my bro Arjun’s wife.And you remember you completely wrote that project u and Bhai had to do.He was just so very sorry for that so he wanted me to give you these flowers now.”It was a bouquet of beautiful red Roses.How Radhika loved it.Radhika said to Sam,”Thank you for saving me from that devil if u and Arjun wouldn’t be there I don’t know what would have had happened.”And she cried her heart out.Sam suddenly said to radhika,”I have a secret,I have a crush on your bro,Neil”Radhika was happy,she hugged Sam and said,”I would be so glad if I have a Bhabhi like you.Even Ma and Pa love u they will be so happy to have you.”When Sam said she wasn’t sure if Neil too felt it,Radhika said they will do something.Then suddenly Arjun came he signalled Sam to go out.Sam went out.Arjun closed his door. Radhika stiffened up.She did not know what would happen next.Arjun spoke,”Where are you going to sleep,sofa or bed?”Wait didn’t Arjun love Radhika.Radhika gave a questioning look.Arjun spoke,”don’t you look at me with those eyes.U still look that what they called ,ugly duckling.”Radhika was shocked.She didn’t cry and stood up and asked him,”If u think I am not beautiful then why marry me?I thought that care and love u showed was real?if not why did you protect me?why Arjun,why?Or wait are u like Rohit who treats everyone like he likes.First you showed care, then protectiveness and then you show me hatred that too after marriage,are u serious?”Arjun was calm till she spoke about He being Rohit.Oh how he hated that man.He suddenly pinned her to wall and said in angry tone,”To protect and care does not always mean love,Ms Radhika Mishra oops I mean Radhika Arjun Mehra.And I did all for a motive,to take over the Mehra company.To become its sole owner after my grandpa.”He suddenly realised his position and made Radhika Sit nearby a chair and Radhika just wondered how a cold man right few mins ago now looked such a good warm man like she always thought he was.Arjun said,”Look at yourself,you are not at all a miss beauty type you are one of those average looking girl who my grandpa thinks are honest and good.He wanted the owner to be settled in his life by marrying and studying good grades.I have fulfilled both.Rohit wanted to marry you that’s why.You are average looking plus right now you bought some really good grade.”when Arjun stopped a sec, Radhika replied,”So Rohit is your brother?”Arjun said,”Yep cousin brother.Brother of Saral and Nandini.”The name Saral shocked her.He tried to molest his cousin sister that day.Though she wasn’t surprise that Rohit and Saral had same attitude towards girls though they had a sister.Well she never had heard of Nandini.Arjun said,”My father brother and my father were enemies but grandpa managed to bind them together but soon when Sam and my parents died in an accident we were left at Father brother hands but our grandpa still was strong enough to not let him exploit us.And we know that Saral,Rohit and Nandini can never handle this company.Sometimes we have to make tough decisions.They would have taken us to court if grandpa had not made a will that said to fulfill this condition.Hope you understand.”Radhika nodded though she did not understand.Arjun later apologised for his earlier calling her ugly duckling but he was too angry at himself without knowing her consent.Radhika asked about the debts of her father.Arjun said its already paid and your father is free from it.Arjun told Radhika to sleep as morning they had to go to their grandpa house.She agreed.She decided to sleep on sofa.While going to sleep she looked at Arjun who had already slept.He looked so innocent.Why he had to marry her,his motive clear but this barrier this distance will remain the same or will ever change she did not know.

Pre cap: Grandpa blessing Radhika and Arjun giving Some papers to sign to Radhika.Radhika shocked to see paper and signs but later cries.

How was the episode?Plz give your comments and suggestions.Try to guess what would be the papers for?Next part meeting of ………. With Radhika.Try to guess this also

Love u all.sorry for any mistakes.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Thanks Tanya for update. Very nice episode. Very interesting story. Keep it up, please continue… Eagerly waiting for the next episodes… love you loads…

    1. Thank you Roma

  2. Hey nice one tanya……. arjun ko kya hua why he is behave like that with radss…

  3. Tanya superb yaar am going crazy to read if possible pls update next part

  4. Awesome u so much ..plz plz post ur nxt episode quickly plz dr ..u r making me mad

    1. Thank you Hayathi,Devi,Harani.

  5. Tanya awesome yaar ….plse plse update soon. …I think it’s divorce paper. …….

    1. Thank you and the papers what she is signing you will get to know.

  6. tanya can I ask one thing(hope u don’t mind)…
    wt r u studying?

    1. Well that’s a secret to be kept for me.don’t mind.

  7. I think divorce papers. . Nice story. ..

  8. Nandhini and rads meeting. ..

    1. Wait and watch

  9. Tanya what r those papers?????????????is it divorce paper???????? hope its nt.

    1. You will get to know soon

  10. amazing taniya!!!!
    interesting story.
    eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. Thank you Zara

  11. YOur both the parts are amazing . Both fulfilled with lots of twists and turns.

    Loved it dear.

    Keep updating your stories. We really loved it dear.

    And hoping for some really interesting twists and turns also for laters.
    as you give us such a unique story so we have lots and lots of expectations from you dear.

    And have full faith that you give us really good content to read. Love you dear love your writing.


  12. Thanks Nisha.I read your comment on part 1.I will try to make Ardhika scene more in next parts.

  13. Hai Tanya, ur story is very interesting & many twist r there. Wait for next update.

  14. Oh my god… I am too much late… Sorry Tanaya… Your story is beautiful… In one day two part… Amazing…

  15. I m new comer i really enjoy ur story really gud…. i think not a divorse paper something another twist…….keep going tanya and thk u for such a beautiful story

  16. super dear….

  17. hi tanya I luv to read all of ur stories. update nxt chapter soon yaar.

  18. I always read ur updates but these days i coudnt but now i read. Each part is awesome. Keep going n sorry for not cmntng much dear Tanya 😀

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