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Hello Diary

—It all started the day he proposed Bhavya. My heart wrenched, but I was not allowed to show it because he had his happiness, I can’t think of ruining them for mine. Everyone of his family was very happy but somewhere I was sad… very sad but again I was not allowed to show.

I tried staying away from him and his family… but for how long?? And then they invited me for the marriage of their youngest son. I couldn’t deny. I happily accepted the invitation and gulped down my pain closing my eyes, when I opened those I found two faces smiling, looking at each ither… Yes, correct it was of Rudra’s and Bhavya’s. Though tears formed in my eyes, bit I had to hide them behind my smile.

My heart was breaking into pieces but I had to stay strong. Some days ago Rudra came to me and thanked for gifting back his Bhavya to him. The pain reached a notch up and I walked away congratulating him. He called me from back and thanked me again, but I did not turn because that turn again hided my feelings that were flowing down as tears continuously. I just walked away. Gradually all the functions… mehendi, sangeet, haldi… were performed.

Today is his marriage. Yeah he is getting married again forgetting his wife… no not wife… but his mistake. I cannot hide myself anymore so I shared with you Diary. I am going away not to return again, and, I promised to myself this time that I won’t interfere in your life Rudra. It is the time that I should kill  these unknown feelings and leave you forever.



Rudra read the last words of her on her diary. His feet stumbled as he sat down over the bed holding her diary tightly. The series of incidents from the morning got played in front of his eyes as if the flashback of his life is getting played like a movie.



“Rudra and Bhavya all the best for your married life… and Bhavya listen Rudra is a protein shake freak so just make sure he does not over drinks protein shake, and yeah Rudra at least now after your marriage stop checking out girls. Chalo I should go now” Soumya said looking at Rudra and Bhavya.

“Soumya, where are you going?” Rudra asked as Soumya turned to go.

“Actually Anika bhabhi… no today I will call her didi… my Anika didi… haan so Anika didi prescribed me some marriage preparation works, so I am going to finish those only… meet you both soon, bye” Soumya said with a smile.

“Listen… I won’t marry without your presence so just be there at the time of my marriage” Rudra said smilingly. Rudra’s words disturbed Bhavya a little but her smile never faded and Soumya walked in the direction where Anika was instructing some staffs about the preparations.

After that Soumya never came in front of Rudra and Rudra was busy with his family. Shivay’s and Om’s teasing session continued but Soumya wasn’t seen anywhere where Rudra was present. Rudra also didn’t enquire as he knew that she is busy with preparations. Rudra got ready for his marriage, ShivOm made him ready.

The page of the incident turned to Bhavya’s side where Anika, Gauri and Soumya was busy preparing Bhavya for the marriage.

“Let’s make the liner bold and thick” Anika suggested holding Bhavya’s face through her hands.

“Okay bhoujaai… and let’s make a combination of red, pink and golden bangles… it would look so royal… what say bhoujaai?” Gauri asked arranging the bangles.

“Anika di and Gauri bhabhi… can I say something?” Soumya asked from a distance from where she have been watching how Gauri and Anika were pampering Bhavya and making her ready.

“Haan… say na” Anika said.

“Di, let the liner be normal, I mean not much bold or thick and please exclude the pink colour from the arranged bangles… it’s not like that ki pink is not looking good but I am just requesting please… not pink” Soumya completed.

Anika looked at Gauri and Gauri reciprocated the looks and then they both looked at Bhavya. Bhavya smiled reciprocating their looks. Gauri soon removed the pink bangles from middle and started inserting one by one in Bhavya’s hand.

The time passed and Soumya was not seen. Pandit ji requested Rudra to sit down for marriage but his eyes were searching for Soumya to arrive. He requested Pandit ji to grant him some minutes so that he can call Soumya. Pandit ji agreed and Rudra ran towards Soumya’s room… where previously he was shifted when Soumya used to stay in his room in Oberoi Mansion.

“Soumya… oh madam, from when you started taking this long to get ready?” Rudra knocked calling out. But no response came. He knocked three four times more and then made up his mind to go inside. He was shocked to see the lehenga gifted to her to wear in his marriage is kept as it is on the corner of the bed.

“Soumya what is this yaar? You are not ready yet? Now come out of the washroom soon and get ready” Rudra waited for the response but no response came again and now he walked up to washroom and knocked the door but found it locked from outside.

“Not in washroom too?” he thought when his eyes fell on the diary kept beside her lehenga. He went near the lehenga and put up the diary and gave a thought to open it or not but at last decided to open it. He turned the initial pages and got to know that her diary writing habit started after she went to AUSTRALIA. But one similar thing he found in his diary that at least once his name is written over every page between the lines. He thought to give it a read but then thinking about the passing time he just skipped to the last page and read all those last words of her related to him.

NOW he is sitting still thinking how to react when ShivOm came up to take him down for the marriage.

“Hey Rudra… now come let’s go, Soumya will come soon… Soumya come soon” Shivay said standing at the door step and shouted the last words thinking she is getting ready inside.

Rudra got up but did not leave behind the diary in his hand and walked down till the mandap silently. He scanned every faces those were very happy but no one knew through which condition he is going. He kept looking down thereafter and did not understand when tears formed and they started oozing out, but his head is bent down and stare was still at the floor.

He sat beside Bhavya in the mandap while Pandit ji started to chant the mantras. He closed his eyes to escape the moment and got lost in the flashback of his and Soumya’s marriage. A smile adorned his lips and then he remembered the kiss he dropped on Soumya’s cheek. His eyes shut open as he came back to reality and realized Pandit ji is asking them to stand for the pheras.

“No… I can’t do this… no” Rudra muttered looking at Pandit ji.

“Rudra, ohhh stand up now… you were so eager for this, and now shying to stand up haan? Stand up… stand up soon, see see Bhavya is all ready to accept all your dramas throughout the life, see she already stood up… now you stand up” Shivay teased and hi-fied Om.

“Now don’t test the patience of my devrani Rudra… stand up” Anika said looking at Bhavya and smiling.

“Yes yes Rudy bhaiyaa… we won’t allow you to trouble our devrani more” Gauri winked looking at Bhavya. Bhavya looked down shying away. Rudra now gradually got up not able to look at anyone.

“Puttar kya baat hai? Where are you lost?” Daadi asked.

“I can’t let this marriage happen… I can’t marry Bhavya… I am already married, I am married Daadi… Soumya… where is Soumya?” Rudra asked hoping for an answer but when nobody had answer then how can they answer.

Shivay looked at Om and Om at Shivay.

“Rudra, if this is any kinds of prank please stop it… enough of your childishness now” Shivay scolded aloud.

“No bhaiyaa… I was behaving childish until now but from now no more… I am sorry Bhavya, please try and understand… please, I can’t marry you… I am already married” Rudra said while pulling out the garland from his neck. Bhavya kept on looking as the tears made their way down from her eyes. Rudra ran out of the mandap towards the main gate direction while Bhavya ran inside her room, Anika and Gauri followed Bhavya while ShivOm went behind Rudra.

“You can’t leave me like this Soumya… ufff why isn’t this car is starting now… start damn it” Rudra blabbered in tension hitting his left hand over the steering.

ShivOm reached then.

“Ye kya maza hai Rudy? (What kind of fun is this Rudy?)” Shivay asked aloud in angry tone

“Nai bhaiyaa… no… how can I no no… we, how can we forget that I married the girl, I am already married to Soumya then how can I marry Bhavya? No bhaiyaa… I can’t do this” his car started.

“We are coming along…” Om said and slipped in the passenger’s seat beside the driver’s seat while Shivay sat at the back seat. Rudra drove as fast as he could.

After sometime Om’s eye fell on the diary kept over Rudra’s lap.

“Who’s diary is that?” Om asked and opened the first page without even waiting for Rudra to answer.

“Read the last page O…” Rudra said from side.

Om started reading aloud when the sword stabbed hard on Shivay’s and Om’s heart. They looked out fearing to face Rudra. They were guilty for pushing away Soumya from Rudra’s life when she had all the rights to be with him.

“Where can she go Rudy?” Shivay asked.

“Don’t know bhaiyaa… but… but she said she would go back to Australia soon… so maybe she is going back” Rudra was right fully for the very first time in his life.

“Then Rudra fast… drive faster… we have to reach the airport before she leaves” Om said excitedly.

They reached airport after the needed time and started searching for Soumya.

“Soumyaaaa….Soumya…” Rudra shouted aloud grabbing everyone’s attention but the girl he was finding wasn’t there.

Shivay walked up to the enquiry area and asked about the flight to Australia more specifically to Sydney. They informed a flight just took off fifteen minutes ago and another flight is late by an hour which is after three hours from then. Rudra who have reached till there by then fell down with a thud.

“She left me bhaiyaa… she left me…” his tears had no boundaries when Om came running to them and hugged Rudra.

“Relax Rudra… just relax… she went there to complete her studies right? So she will come back one day and then you won’t allow her to go away from you again… now please relax”


Well friends I am back after a long time with TS. Thank You so much for picking the story up and reading it spending your time. For the next part I would love to ask how you all would like the ending to be. I have decided three options, please choose anyone from them.

FIRST: Rumya would get reunited

SECOND: Rudra will meet Soumya, would not confess his feelings because Soumya would ask him to marry Bhavya and he would fulfill Soumya’s last demand.

THIRD: Rudra will meet Soumya, he will confess his feelings but Soumya won’t do and she will walk away as she was hurt very much because of Rudra’s previous behaviors but Rudra won’t marry Bhavya.


But I would go by your choice. So please do drop all your suggestions. And according to all your suggestions would post the next part on WEDNESDAY.


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    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot for your opinion
      I posted the next part please do check it and post your view there too

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    Me: second option??

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      Okay well I had to cancel the second option for rest of the choices. So I apologise but would request you to read the next part and post your view there.

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      Thanks a lot for your opinion Aafiya
      I posted the next part please do check it and post your view there too

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      Thanks a lot for your opinion UF
      I posted the next part please do check it and post your view there too

  5. Jasminerahul

    I am happy that somebody is writing a rumya story on the present track.poor soumya was so upset seeing ruvya proposal. but she had to smile for them.sad.just before the wedding only when he read her diary rudra remembered that he was married to soumya. oh.leaving bhavya alone on the mandap was also childishness.but what rudra said is right.they all forgot that he is married to soumya. sad that soumya already left before he could reach her.
    I prefer happy ending with rumya reunion as its not possible on the show.I don’t go for the 2nd option as ruvya will get married on the show.3rd option is ok.
    May be you can give 2 endings.one with rumya reunion and the other with soumya not accepting him but rudra will not marry bhavya

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Jasmine for such a long comment. It means much more.
      Well dear I tried to put myself in Soumya’s position while writing her part. Yes leaving Bhavya was also childishness but it is normal human behaviour to go behind the person whom you actually love I think so I framed the plot that way. But I apologise if I was wrong.
      Well what did Soumya do was actually revealed in the next part.
      After reading your last sentence a smile appeared to my face as I think I have sketched something of that sort only at the end. I just tried making it realistic and I think it was good,
      So please do read the next part and do let me know about your views. Thank You. Thanks a lot

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      Thanks a lot for your opinion Aliya
      I posted the next part please do check it and post your view there too

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      Thanks a lot for your opinion Charitha
      Well the way I wrote the next part I think Rudy suffering was there so please do read it and let me know about your views

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      Arpita darling waise according to your order I tried to frame out the next part. I hope I won’t dissapoint you. Adhuri kahani…. well tum khud padh lo and lemme know ki kaisa laga. I will be waiting for your view.

  9. ItsmePrabha

    Hey Nilash.. Amazing yaar.. I mean how i wish that makers can read this and turn the plot this way.. And about opting an option i would go with reuniting rumya kyunki pata nahi show mein aisa hoga ya nahi..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Nilash

      Prabha first of all thank you so much ki you compared my work with makers brain but frankly I don’t believe they have this much brain to understand what actually their poor fellow fans wants so all my hopes from the makers died but thank you again for honouring me and my work
      Next is please read the next chapter to know what happens and let me know all your views about it.

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      Thanks a lot for your opinion Niriha
      I posted the next part please do check it and post your view there too

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      Thanks a lot for your opinion Niki darling
      I posted the next part please do check it and post your view there too and I hope your nails are fine 😉 😛 😛

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    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Nisha. I am with your opinion about Ishqbaaaz now. They have ruined the essence and about choosing the Rumya story it was because no other couple is attracting me this much now-a-days. Well I know last option was good but after analysing all other views I tried for a balanced part. Please do check the next part and lemme know about your views.

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    Amazing as always Nilanjana…
    Btw I like both Rumya nd Ruvya…so I’m not voting for any option..do as all the other voters ask for…
    I’ll love the story…

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      Thanks a lot Tanzee for all your support. I posted the next part here please do read and lemme know about your views

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      Push you know me so well right?? Well nothing of that sort happened 😉 😛 😛 😛
      You know the beast in me right? So just go and read the next part and let me know about your views. Love you

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      Thanks a lot for your opinion Neha
      I posted the next part please do check it and post your view there too

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