My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 19


Precap: while working Twinkle gets a call from her mom, saying kunj is sick. She left the job to attend to him, she attempts to make him Hindi food to make him feel better, but it only made his sickness worse. Now let’s continue

Twinkle was upset, it wasn’t after the doctor left that she gave kunj a piece of her mind. Now she’s downstairs, putting her shoes on,kunj seeing her told her not to go, but she told him to let her go. He refused, saying he didn’t mean to cause himself harm, he says she was so happy making a dish for him that he didn’t want to disappoint her. ” plus I saw how hard working you we’re, so please don’t leave me” he says

Twinkle ignored him and open the door, she was about to walk out when the rain started pouring harder, she could see the trees hanging in their, trying not to get blown away. The weather was extremely bad, kunj could feel drops of rain on his skin, he shivered feeling it’s coldness.

The wind blow some more pushing twinkle backward, she spun and landed in kunj arm. ” so you will stay then” he says
Twinkle glares at him before composing herself. She marched in and remove her shoes, then she sat on his couch hand cross. Kunj sneeze little and sat next to twinkle, but twinkle move two seats away, kunj frown and move closer, but twinkle move again. kunj says since she won’t talk to him, he will go.

He got up to leave, but twinkle stops him. ” kunj wait”

” yes?”

” I’m sorry ”

Kunj smile, he was happy she was talking to him again. He told her since its raining she will have to be a good housewife, and take care of him. Twinkle says ” and what will you do?”

” i’m gonna go back to sleep”

” oh no your not” she says tugging his arm, and making him fall. Kunj seeing he was about to fall on her uses both of his arm to balance himself, each arm on either side of the couch, trapping her in between. His face was to close to her, making her blush.

They had an eye lock, for just two minute, before twinkle decides to make a move, she leaned in and kiss him, not caring if she took him by surprise. Kunj was about to pull away, but she snuck both of her hands around his neck, preventing him from doing so. They continue to make out on the couch, this time kunj switch his position. Twinkle layd back on the couch, while kunj lay on top of her. He snuck his hand under her shirt, feeling her soft skin. Twinkle, wanted more of kunj, pull him closer, she move a little more, causing their region section to touch.

Making them feel some type of friction. Kunj was getting hot, and it wasn’t helping his little friend that was getting bigger. He never knew twinkle could be so good at making out. She pull his shirt off him, and kunj asks her if she likes what she sees, twinkle jokingly says I’ve seen better. Kunj frown , he says ” so you’ve done this with many guys”

Twinkle says when you live in America for so long, you see many guys with their shirt off. Kunj became jealous. ” so I’m like the many guys then”

” kunj why are you taking this seriously”

” why? Because I want to be different from the rest. Not the same”

Twinkle tried pulling him back down, but kunj remove his hand and got up, this confuse twinkle. ” kunj… kunj, your making big deal out of nothing. ” she says

” it’s not nothing, I’m basically not special to you ” he says putting his shirt on

Twinkle frown and told him, he is, but kunj didn’t listen. He went sneeze, and went upstairs, ignoring her. Twinkle became angry, she says his personality, changed like someone I know, but who.

” you mean like you?” The voice says
Twinkle turn to see her mom next to her ” mam, what are you doing here?”

” you wanted me here beta” she says ” anyway, kunj wants to be special in your eyes, so make him feel special. You like him right?”

Twinkle nod her head, leela smiles ” then show him what the girls in our family can do. After all you got your s*xyness from your mom.” She says

Twinkle agreed. She chanted ” you s*xy… I’m s*xy” before going up the stairs. Leela smile before saying don’t make me a grandmother so soon.

Once twinkle was up, she saw kunj going to the bathroom, to take a shower. Twinkle couldn’t help, but stare at is bare back. Once he was gone, she changed, and follow him in. She smirk and close the bathroom door, before walking in the shower, surprising kunj. From outside all you can hear is, kunj voice ” what are you doing here twinkle… stop it… ”

What could Leela mean by s*xyness, why is kunj screaming, and what is she doing to him in the bathroom. We won’t know until next time c ya

To be continued……….

Credit to: Kk

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