Hii every one!! I am a new writer.. I have a concept in my mind..!! I am posting a teaser!!Please comment if you like it!! so that I can continue!!
But I will be late in starting my ff..!!I may stary in mid of july..!! I will upload character sketch and one more teaser if possible in between..!! Hope u like it!!


‘Life is short-Enjoy it’ – I love this quote and it’s my life strategy. Who would waste this precious life??!! I only dream of roaming the whole world, enjoying the beauty of it.
Here I am, in a position being the centre of attraction, where everyone around praising me, my parents standing far, seeing me with tears of happiness in their eyes and my sister, being next attraction to me, whole heartedly laughing with her friends. I am feeling like I am in heaven.
My happy thoughts were disturbed by my mehendi designer, sitting next to me asking “What letter should I putin your mehendi mam??”From nowhere my sister Ragini appeared and said “You came to my sister’s marriage without knowing my jiju’s name!!!Write ‘S’, his name is sanskar..!!”
Hearing the words ‘MARRIAGE’ , ‘JIJU’ and ‘SANSKAR’ from her mouth, my face became red and my anger reached beyond limits. There used to be no place for word ‘MARRIAGE’ in my life dictionary and now, like all other girls, finally I am going to reach HELL!!!!

This hell is going to keep full stop to all my dreams and enjoyment!!! But I am not going to let it happen…
And this ‘SANSKAR’… and my ragini started calling him ‘jiju’????!!! I feel like kicking his a**!!! He is the main reason for all these sudden turnings in my life!!! He himself has invited danger…Till now he has seen only my few shades…

‘SANSKAR MAHESWARI!!! You are just going to change my surname only for some period of time. But I am going to be SWARA GADODIA at the end. You might make me enter into hell temporarily, but you too are going along with me. Now get ready to face the torture along with me, where I will make you regret for the decision of marrying me .’ I smirked myself.

“Di.. I know you are thinking about my jiju!!! Still there is some more time..!! Please come out of your dream world…” Ragini started teasing. “Woww!! Raguu.. You are soo intelligent..!! You caught me” I replied. Little does she know that I am actually thinking with exactly quite opposite intentions of what I am supposed to think about him off.

I kept my thoughts aside and started enjoying my marriage, after all it happens only once where you will be treated as a celebrity!!!

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