Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 13

Hi friends! Sorry for being so late. Had to put with problems this week ! Hearfelt apologies to all ! Another sorry for sending the wrong link in the previous episode. Here is the link to my article in humour.
Do check it out if you have time.
Recap- Anika tells Omru the truth and they promise to help her. Sangeet night arrives in OM
The whole mansion was decorated beautifully, and the whole family was ready for the sangeet. The three couples were looking gorgeous and totally in love. All were wearing matching clothes and complemented each other perfectly. Any person other than the family members would definitely agree that love was in the air. All gathered in the hall and Priyanka and Ranveer took everyones attention.
Priyanka : Thankyou everyone for gathering here on the sangeet function of we four siblings. None of us had a sangeet before marriage, so we are celebrating it together. Now we start with the performances. First we have our Shivaay bhaiya and Anika Bhabhi.
Shivaay and Anika make a romantic entry and ball dance on Sunn mere humsafar, soon joined by Omkara and Gauri on Hamari Adhuri Kahani whereas Rudra and Bhavya danced on Roke na ruke naina. (Sorry for the song selection, I couldnt think of any better πŸ˜…πŸ˜…).
Priyanka and Ranveer caught up on Waha Waha Ramji. The girls vs boys war started on Mehendi lagake rakhna. Soon, the whole family was dancing away on Lafzon ka yeh. The sangeet went on very well. In between, Shivaay felt that Anika was not around. He looked around and saw her in their room. He went inside and,
Shivaay : Anika.

Anika (worried): Ye…yes…Shivaay.
Shivaay : Anika, what are you doing here ?
Anika : Shi….Shivaay…actually I was talking over the phone.
Shivaay : What happened Anika? Why are you so worried? Is something wrong?
He caresssed her face.
Anika (thinking ): How to tell you Shivaay, whats wrong? I dont like lying to you, but what else can I do ?
Speaking : Shivaay, nothing is wrong, everything is fine.
Shivaay (half-jealous) : Who was that calling you at this time ?
Anika : Shivaay, I can smell something burning. Is it you?
Shivaay : Why will I be jealous?

Anika : I didnt say anything about being jealous. Chor ki daari mein tinka. Rohit called up.
Shivaay : Rohit? Who Rohit? WHY Rohit ?
Anika : Just kidding Jealous Singh Oberoi. Wrong number.
Shivaay: Okay lets go down. Everyone will be waiting for us.
Anika : Yes Shivaay, you go I m coming.
After Shivaay left, Anika recalls calling Tia and enquiring about Shivaay and Omkara. Tia tells Anika the truth of Shivaay being illegitimate and not Omkara, which secret forced Shivaay to marry Tia.
A third apology for posting a very very short episode. But I m working on the track to be shown on the ff. Will catch up very soon….


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    Mine favorite words :
    Awesomeness overloaded !
    Beauty redefined !
    Cuteness personified !
    Loved it❀❀pui darling.

    • Pui



      Thank u so much Jerry !
      It is the best comment I ve read so far.
      Luv u infinity,sissy! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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