Ranveer was confused about her behaviour whereas sanky was burning in jealousy , and ragu was absolutely blank , obviously she couldn’t figure out what is happening here .

Radhika  went to her room and shut the door .

Radhika took ranveer ‘s pic and spoke out :

” I ‘m really happy rv.  I couldn’t express my emotions rv.  I don’t know how to tell it ?? I really love u so much rv. I was married to you according to my soul.  You are my hubby according to me. Without you I ‘ll die rv . But at last I saw you . Now I felt in love at first sight ”

But thinking about ragu and rv ‘s closeness ,

What if rv likes ragu ??? See how happy he was with ragu.  He doesn’t like me I guess . I ‘m happy as rv found his love . His ragu . I pray to God that even ragu should love him.

All these was heard by sanky .He was sad seeing his sister’s tears . But seeing ragini and rv , he felt as though someone stabbed his heart.  But then he couldn’t figure out the reason for his pain.  Unknowingly his eyes were tearing .

Sanky in his mind : why am I shedding tears ??? He thought because of Radhika in pain , he couldn’t control his emotions.  I ‘ll teach you a lesson so that you wouldn’t forget in your lifetime rv.  And ragini ?? What’s her fault in it ??? Why am I not scolding her?? Wait wait!!! Why I am being affected by her.  Stop thinking about her sanskar . He wiped his tears and went off .


Ranveer saw Radhika ‘s photo along with Sanskar in the hall .

Ranveer ‘s POV

” What a beauty u are ??? I never knew you would be this beautiful.  The time when we used to fight for cakes , chocolates etc I would give it to you as you love it . My heart danced in joy when I see your smiling face . A drop of tear from your eyes tear my heart very badly . When I went to US , I thought I missed you a lot along with others . But when my friends told the meaning of love , I saw u . Yeah I love u madly Radhika . But I don’t know whether you love me or not ??? Yes or no I ‘ll make u to love me dear . This is ranveer ‘s promise ”

Someone tapped his shoulders

Ranveer : yeah ragu , tell me ??

Ragini : I think someone is busy in staring someone so that they couldn’t think that they are tired or in the middle of the hall .

Ranveer : yeah ragu , u won’t know how much I love Radhika . I love her to the core ragu . Will you help me ??!

Ragu in mind : yes even Radhika love u rv . But let rv itself feel for her and propose her. I won’t tell Radhika ‘s feeling for him . He would be happy if he comes to know about it .

Her chain of thoughts were broken down by his voice ,

Ranveer : please ragu !!!( With a puppy face )

Ragu : yeah sure !!! But don’t keep those puppy eyes

Ranveer : thank u so much ragu !!! Love u ragu !!! And in excitement he hugged her and cried ( those were Happy tears ).

At that time sanky came to see ragu but stopped and stood near pillar and watched them,

Ragu : sssshhhhhh!!!! Ranveer stop crying , and love u too ( in a friendly manner ).

Sanskar to himself : enough ragu !!! Now u crossed your limits . I never thought you would stoop too low by snatching other ‘s love . I hate u ragini !!!


Ragu showed rv ‘s room to him and while going out , rv held her wrist

Ranveer : thank you so much ragu !!!! Today I ‘m really happy because of you .

Ragini : I don’t like you rv .

Ranveer : why what I did ??

Ragini : don’t you know in friendship there is no sorry and thanks ( with a fake anger )

Ranveer : awwwww mera chota !!! ( Pulling her cheeks ) hereafter I won’t do like that . Okay??

Ragu : okay !!! Now they both burst into laughter.  Okay rv , take rest . Then only u ‘ll look handsome in front of Radhika .

Ranveer : yeah ragu .

Ragu bid bye to him and while coming out of the room when she felt two muscular arms pulled her to the side .

Ragu : what the hell ll!!!!

Shut up ( it’s obviously sanky ).

Ragu : what is this sanky???

Sanskar : I have to ask that to you ??

Ragu : what ???

Sanskar : with rv.

Ragu in mind : if sanky comes to know about rv ‘s love for Radhika then he ‘ll spoil the suspense .

Her thoughts were interrupted by sanky,

Sanskar : do you like rv??

Ragu ( naughtily smirk ) : what do u think is your answer ???


Ragini kept her hand on her burning cheek .

Yeah sanskar slapped ragini .

Ragini eyes welled up,

Both their eyes met , they had a long yet painful eyelock . Their eyes expressed their emotions which even can’t be expressed by them.

Eye talk:

Ragini : why did you do this Sanky???

Sanskar : you hurted not only my sister but also my heart . Yeah you broke my heart into millions of pieces .

Ragini :  I didn’t even  think  that you would do like that ?? You didn’t understand me Sanskar . I never thought you would fail to understand my emotions .

Their eyelock was broken by sanky ,

Sanskar : ragini I ‘m ….  

Ragini showed her palm to indicate him to stop .

Ragini : enough Sanskar !!!

PRECAP : next?????

What would be ragu ‘s reaction ???

What would be sanky’s reaction ????

Should ragu forgive sanky???

Yayyyyyyy !!!! Meeting  you guys with this episode !!!! You guys should tell me how was it ??? I know it was boring but u guys tell me frankly how was it??? I ‘m eagerly waiting for ur response . Now a days there is no much response.  If u guys don’t like it tell me I ‘ll stop writing this ff.

And Thank u my wonderful bunch of ppl who always support me.  And silent readers please do vote and comment .

Be happy and cheerful !!!!

Tata and bubyeee  , take care ppl .

Varshni .

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