Love is unique…..Episode 1

Hi guys…This is my first article being posted ….I hope u wud like it…. Don’t worry to post negative comment…It’s for me to improve…

It’s Monday morning and SPACE, the musical school is ready to meet it’s new freshers.The well-known musical band of the college FAB 5 headed by Manik,Dhruv,Cabir,Mukti,and alya entered the college in their jeep. The FAB 5 is famous for all it’s performances.and there comes their best friends Nandini and Navya who are not part of the FAB 5 but actually Navya is the sister of Mukti..Mukti was a modern girl unlike navya as she completed her schooling in a very famous school in the outskirts of the city but navya was a girl who was shy to go into the cities …So she studied in a small village of Bihar…

Manik is really happy seeing both Navya and Nandni but he is more happy to see Nandini actually. Coz he secretly loved her.Nandini was not at all knowing this ,not even his friends.It was just a personal secret of him.he was actually tensed that if nandni knows that he is in love with her what wud be her reaction.He was scared whether this wud cause any problems to their friendship .But deep in his mind he had to tell her his feelings.
Navya huga her sis Mukti.

Navya:it was so boring without u .
Manik:so guys what about having a look at the new amphitheater?
We know that from last year onwards the construction works were going on….
Cabir;yeah u r right Manik,actually I just forgot it…Come let’s go.
They reaches the amphitheater ,while Manik stands near to Nandini .
Druv; Guys,I think this one looks really grand…
Alya: yeah u r right Druv…It is much much better than the previous one..
Cabir ; But the work is still going on…
Mukti:Guys ,there is a whole lot of dust up here.I’m scared if I wud look dirty on the first day itself,so………. I guess we must go now..

Suddenly a sack full of cement fell off from a worker and everyone was actually filled in the cement dust.First there was a silence and then there was a whole lot of laughter going on…. Evryone looked on each others faces and started laughing
Mukti;I told u na that we must go!…

Cabir:I think that’s why the sack fell on u,because of u even we got cemented…
Again laughter.
Nandini:guys,I think we must go back,change our dresses and come .
Manik;yup that’s true come on let’s go..And nandini I’ll drop u home..
Navya:oye!then what ABOUT ME…

Manik;Of course navya even u ….. can come…….
They all goes .

Manic drops Nandini in her home and also Navya and mukti in their flat.

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