Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Komal saying we will leave and inform everyone. Komal and Jaggu leave. Nani argues with Rambhateri. Rambhateri says Jaggu came with bad intentions. Nani asks is this right way to create your own solutions, I will go in meeting. Nandu gets Billu to Kishora’s house and makes him sleep. Kishore shouts and says I have right to know to whom are you talking on phone, tell me if there is anyone else, leave me and go. Nandu hears this and opens the door. She says Komal did not hear this, I heard this and felt glad, did you understand it feels, Komal will take revenge from you for my mum. She leaves.

She goes out and sees the lady hiding her husband’s clothes with lipstick marks. The lady leaves. A cloth falls over Nandu. Raju gets under it and says I thought there would be any beauty, its you. She also taunts him. He says enough of this enmity, we fight a lot, I m leaving, ask me anything, lets get friendly. She says yes, for a change, you are talking well, where are you going. He says we all are going leaving model town. She says she will not stay here. He asks what will she do staying here, its proved that this place is cursed. She says its not proved on me, so I won’t go. He holds her in the cloth and pulls her.

Rambhateri looks on. Bairi piya…………plays……… Raju says when I dream, I make it true. He says he will even break her bones, but vacate this place. She gets angry and says she will stay here even if everyone go. He says you will stay here if you are alive. Rambhateri calls out Raju and says I think you are in love with Nandu. Raju says love with Nandu? Rambhateri says you are always after her. Raju says there is no match, see her face. Rambhateri says I felt you said don’t break my dream, is this love or enmity. Nandu says he is dreaming to vacate model town and feels its cursed place, he was advising me to leave, I will stop his dreams, she won’t vacate the house.

Rambhateri sees Nani hiding a file and calling someone. Nani says she has decided to sell house and will come in meeting tomorrow. Nandu comes and Rambhateri tells this to Nandu. Nandu says I will not leave this house. Rambhateri asks on whose name is this house. Nandu says its on mum’s name, but Nani has POA. Raval calls Raju. Raju asks him what Jaggu knows about this game. Raval says Jaggu does not know about hotel. Raju says its not easy thing to vacate model town, let me play this game my way, I will get Pratap and Dheeraj there to your office, we will talk there, amount should be big so that they agree to leave, reason should be solid. Raval smiles.

Raju sees Rajni hugging a guy. The guys smile seeing her and she leaves. Raju lies on their car. Raju scolds them. The guy asks whats your problem. Raju asks him to just answer and slaps the other guy. He makes the other guy sit in the car. The guy says Rajni stays in his college, she wants to sell her house so I told my dad to help her. Raju says I m buying that house. He keeps the guy’s hand in car door and crushes it saying about Rajni. He threatens the guy asking him to be away from Rajni. The guys leave. Raju says I can’t tell my family that we are going to shift in our old home.

Pratap asks Jaggu about the house. Jaggu says I will find. Bittoo says house is on Dadi’s name, don’t worry, I will manage. Pratap tells her to get Dadi’s sign on papers. Bittoo’s mum gives her some money to do the work. Komal talks to the lady and asks her to attend the meeting.

Rambhateri and Nandu think what happened to Raju all of a sudden, he is thinking to leave model town. Nandu asks do you think we can stop everyone. Rambhateri says I will stop them. Rambhateri sees Dipika cleaning the lipstick mark from her husband’s shirt. He lies to her and she goes. Rambhateri says poor woman, her husband is cheating and her brother is helping her husband.

Komal tells everyone that people are not buying homes, as this is cursed by model town. She tells Mrs. Mishra that she is ready to sell home on Jaggu’s price. Mrs. Mishra says we will not be ruined, Komal asks is money more imp than our life. Mrs. Mishra says Jaggu is saying very less price. Komal says this lady is strange, she has no manners to talk, I don’t let such people stand near me. Dheeraj takes Mrs. Mishra with him. He asks her to calm down. Dheeraj’s watch gets stuck in her saree. Mishra comes and sees them. He scolds then. Mishra scolds Dheeraj and asks him to go and help his brother in law. Dheeraj goes and tells Pankaj. Nandu sees Nani going and giving the papers. She asks what papers is she showing Jaggu.

Raval reminds Raju his promise and says Nandu looks his rival. Raju says he has plan and model town will get vacated in one go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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