Love of Two Poles – KB Part-5


happy mother’s day. love you mom you are the best mom.

abhi was driving the car and it was absolute silence in the car and he broke the silence
“resign your job” he said “I won’t” I replied

“it’s not safe to continue your job so resign your job” he said while driving

“I won’t what will you do?” I asked him

“I never saw a egostic person like you “he said to himself but I could hear it

“what did tell I egostic person how dare you are?” I started scolding him

“what you will do”he asked teasingly

“I…I will kill you”I said him and he started laughing

“have you ever seen your face in the mirror you can’t even kill a small living thing in this world and you are talking about killing me a gangster” he laughed coyly

“stop your dramas I mix poison in your coffee so drive properly ” I said him and he stared at me

“by the way resign your job” he again came to the same point

“I can’t why should I?” I asked him

“you forgot what happened yesterday?” he remembered me about the kidnapping.

“haan I remember” I said him

“then why are you risking your life what’s the need of a job if you want money ask me i will give you more than you want” he said and my house also came and got down a and went but I turned and came to him

“I pragya arora” he corrected me and said “pragya abhiskek prem mehra” he said then only I came to know his full name.

“haan I pragya abhiskek prem mehra is the world’s dangerous gangster’s wife even my death should ask your permission to take me so nobody can touch me till you are there” I said him and he was continuously looking at me as if he is seeing me now

“kitni barowsa mujper (this much trust)” he asked looking at me

“I am leaving” I said and ran inside mom’s house

I came back by evening and saw chotu sitting sadly

“chotu want happened why are you sad” I asked him and he came and hugged me i made him to sit in my lap and he laid in head on my shoulder and put his two hands over my shoulder I could feel he is sad

“chotu what happened sweetheart” I asked and I felt my sleeves were getting wet and I lifted his face and he was crying

“arre chotu baby why are crying what happened did anyone scolded you ” I asked him and again he laid his head on my shoulder

“chachi today my friends told me that my parents died because of me”he said stammering and crying and I can understand his pain I cursed God for making such worse situation for this small child

“arre chotu nothing is like that if your mom dad were there with you will they allow you to cry” I asked him and he shooked his head

“haan God took your parents but he gave a 2 chachus for you so you have 2 fathers” I said caressing his back

“mom” he asked me

“haan mein hoon na”I said and he cried hugging me and I caressed him

“okay stop crying now you are a strong boy na”I told him and lifted him in my arms and took him to my room

“chachi go to that room na” chotu pointed a room next to my room and I opened it. the room was dark and dirty and I switched on the light there were many photos and some musical instruments.

“chotu why this room is closed”I asked him

“chachi once I came to this room but chachu told if I come again here he won’t talk with me so only I brought you here”he told and i placed him down from arms

there I saw a family photo I saw purab and abhi with few more others it was looking like happy family and there was a broken guitar and a drums set plus a keyboard set chotu spoted a album and in was full of dust and I cleaned it with my duppata. the first photo was very nice abhi was holding a guitar he had a long hair a band in his head and in the second photo abhi and a girl was holdings purab’s eats ot was a funny photo i thought it would be aliya the next photo was a family photo and 8 people where standing I found chotu’ father as he was exactly resembling him and he was puting his hand over a lady probably it would be chotu’s mother and purab, abhi,aliya were there a elderly lady was there it would their Dadi and I could easily find his mom and dad because purab and aliya were resembling like there mother and abhi was like a carbon copy of his father.

“chachi let’s go na it’s boring” chotu said and I took the album and left.


I made chotu sleep with me and he kept his head on my chest and held his arms tightly i was not in a deep I felt somebody opening the door I think it is abhi I opened my eyes slightly yes it was him he came near us and took a duvet and covered us he kissed chotu and caressed my hair and left I got up once he left I opened the closet the song “tum hi ho” was playing and I heard a very beautiful and wonderful singing along with the player I went near the bathroom and laid my whole body on the blur glass door to hear the voice I never thought he would sing this much beautiful I forgot myself and enjoyed the music suddenly the door opened and the force of the door pushed me inside but I a strong body protected me from falling and I was drenching I looked up to meet his eyes and it was like a filmy scene he was holding my waist and my hands rested in his bare chest and the shower was drenching us we both looked into each other eyes the song “tum hi ho” enhanced our romantic scene he moved his hands to my cheeks and carresed it.

“why are you trusting me this much I am gangster and I married you without your interest then why you are trusting me” he asked and I don’t had a answer for that yes I started trusting him without knowingly how it happened and were completely drenched.our intimacy affected me a lot I don’t know what is happening to me i thought myself.

“I promise you I will never break your trust forever” he said and moved his lips to my lips and lips were were very close the water was flowing and he came very close to me and we started moving for the song.

he pulled my waist…both of us were lost in each other’s eyes and as we come closer…as he pushed my hair back…while I decided to move away…he again pulled back by him.

i came closer to him…my hand resting on his chest…feeling his heartbeat…
abhi keeps gazing on he leads me on…and makes my hand move up from his chest…to his shoulder …my fingers went to his wet hair and we both started swinging to the tune…our eyes not leaving each other even for a second…
he then traces his fingers up my wet cheeks…which makes me feel the heat…as I tried to move away…but stopped by him …again…
he pulled be then hugged me from the back…our hands entwined at my waist meanwhile his face was hidden in the crook of my neck he nuzzled my neck with his nose while is grip in my stomach tightened I kept my gaps over his hands which was resting in my tummy…both our eyes closed…
our faces…as close to each other as possible.then we go ahead to dance to the tunes he made me to turns and he raised my chin.. we were as close as possible as he goes ahead to kiss my forehead…and mould his facial features with me he kissed my forehead softly and I dug my nails in his chest in the warmth of his lips I couldn’t control myself I don’t know what was happening suddenly the shower stopped then without looking his eyes i ran from there.


I started to stir my body abhi’s strong hands was over chotu and me. chotu was in middle while he laid his protective hands over us I took his hands from my body and covered them with the duvet and went to fresh up.


abhi,pragya and chotu got struck in a jungle.
pragya gets shocked Bulbul kissing purab.


are you guys okay to read romances with little more matured than you read if you are not okay with that I won’t add it because for my upcoming episodes abhigya romance will be 13+

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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