“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 24)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 24

Sarna Mansion
All the elders were sitting and talking when suddenly the door bell rang. Usha said, “I’ll open. It must be Twinkle and Kunj.” She went and opened the door and hugged Twinkle. Kunj looked at them and said, “Lag toh aisa raha hai jaise beti ghar lauti ho, beta nahi.” (It looks as if your daughter has returned home and not son.) Usha smiled at Twinkle and said, “Ofcourse. Beti hi toh ye meri.” (She’s my daughter only.) Kunj frowned while Usha laughed and hugged him. They went inside and greeted everyone. “Call everybody, we’ll show what all we bought”, said Twinkle. “No, first you both go freshen up then. I’ll make coffee for both of you till then”, said Usha. Twinkle and Kunj went to their room.

Twinj room
Twinkle and Kunj entered in the room and found it nicely arranged. “Thank God! This time the room isn’t a mess”, said Twinkle. “I wished it was messed up”, said Kunj. Twinkle looked at him and gave a “you’re hopeless” look. Twinkle took her dress and went to freshen up. After about 20 minutes, Twinkle came out in a blue salwaar. Kunj enacted to cry and said, “Back to those boring 1990’s days.” Twinkle giggled and said, “Go and change.” Kunj took his clothes and went to freshen up. After around 10 minutes, Kunj came out and saw Twinkle struggling to tie the dori of her salwaar. He went to her and tied it. He kissed her bare back letting shivers down Twinkle’s body and said, “I told you western wears are much more comfortable. In one week itself you forgot how to tie this dori.” Twinkle turned around and said, “Rubbish. Let’s go now.” Twinkle was about to go away when Kunj held his hand and came in front of her. “What happened now?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj took out a silver bracelet from his pocket. The bracelet had hearts hanging with their names written on them, each letter on one heart and in between two hearts had their pictures they had clicked one in Delhi and the other one in Agra. He tied it on Twinkle’s wrist and smiled at her. Twinkle looked at the bracelet and hugged Kunj tightly. She said, “Thank you. I’ll be always wearing this.” “Okay, let’s go now”, said Kunj pulling back. “. “Yes, everyone will be waiting”, said Twinkle and they went down.

Twinkle was unpacking their luggage when Kritika came. She hugged Twinkle tightly and said, “I missed you so much di.” Twinkle pulled back and said, “I missed you too sweetheart.” Kritika searched a place to sit and found only one place empty next to Rahul. Rahul placed his hand on the place and asked her to come and sit there (through his eyes). Kritika sat on the arm rest next to Twinkle. “Why are you sitting here? Go, sit over there next to Rahul”, said Twinkle. “No di, I’m fine here only. Anyways, I want to stay with you”, replied Kritika. Twinkle smiled and took out everyone’s gifts except Yuvraj and Mahi’s gift. All of them liked the gifts. “Nothing for us?”, asked Yuvraj. “No jiju. This is your punishment”, replied Twinkle and turned her face faking anger. “Okay, we elders are going to the market. The food is prepared. Just in case you all want to talk, you can or rest as you both must be having jet lag” said Bebe. Twinkle and Kunj nodded their heads while the elders left for the market. Twinkle, Kunj, Yuvraj and Mahi went to Twinkle and Kunj’s room. Kritika got up and was about to go when Rahul came and stood in front of her. “Can you please tell me what’s wrong? Why are you ignoring me? Have I done something wrong?”, asked Rahul. Kritika ignored him and started fidgeting with the perfume Kunj and Twinkle gifted. Rahul held her by her shoulders and said, “Stop it Kritika! Answer my questions.” Kritika pushed him away and said, “I’m not answerable to you.” Kritika walked away and was about to climb the stairs when suddenly she stopped and turned around. “Rahul”, she exclaimed. Rahul was delighted and quickly turned around. Kritika in a stern voice said, “Tomorrow is the fest in my college. So, please be ready by 8.” “Doesn’t it start at 10?”, asked Rahul. “Yes, but I can’t wait for anyone except my best friend”, replied Kritika. “Yes, I know you’ll wait for me”, said Rahul. “I told my best friend, not you”, replied Kritika and went to her room. Rahul said to himself, “Best friend? Who’s this best friend? If I’m not, then who’s this person? But, what is it that’s disturbing Kritika so much? I need to find out. But, whatever it is why is she ignoring me?”

Kritika’s room
Kritika sat down on her bed and hugged a pillow. She said, “I’m sorry Rahul. I know I’ve been hurting you a lot. But, you’re trying to recreate the bond we once had and I can’t let that happen. It’s better if we stay away from each other. I want you to hate me and believe me it’s going to be beneficial for both of us.” She got up and closed the door. She came back to the bed and started crying hardly laying down on the bed hugging the pillow.

Twinj room
Twinkle, Kunj, Yuvraj and Mahi were sitting and talking when Twinkle gave them their gift. “You told you didn’t bring anything?”, said Mahi. “Actually we aren’t shameless like jiju so, that’s why couldn’t gift it in the hall”, replied Twinkle glaring at Yuvraj. “Twinkle, Yuvraj did for your good only. You both are husband – wife only no, then?”, said Mahi defending Yuvraj. “Whatever. By the way Kunj, we bought the perfect gift for them. Look at di, the way she’s defending jiju”, said Twinkle. Yuvraj smiled while Mahi tried opening the gift. She took it out and was amazed to see it. “Di, true no?”, asked Twinkle teasingly. (The gift was a photo frame for Mahi and Yuvraj which had two photo holders on the sides with a heart shape in between which said “Truly, Madly, Deeply in love”.) Mahi started blushing while Yuvraj smiled looking at her. They continued talking for about an hour when everyone returned from the market and called them down for dinner. All of them went down.

Dining Hall
Everyone settled down while Kritika came down. Twinkle and Kunj were sitting next to each other and opposite to them Yuvraj and Mahi. Kritika came down and saw all the places filled except for the one next to Rahul. This delighted Rahul and he pulled out the chair for her. She picked up a plate and served herself. She said, “Ma, I’m not feeling well. I’ve a headache. I’ll have my dinner in the room itself.” Leela said, “What happened puttar? Shall I give you a head massage?” “Aunty, I’ll go. Anyways, I’m very good at giving massages”, said Rahul interrupting. “Maa, I’m absolutely fine. I just need some sleep so, please don’t worry”, said Kritika and went back to her room. Rahul got up and being disappointed said, “I’m not hungry. You all continue.” He walked away to his room while everyone found him a bit wierd but, they ignored it. They started having their dinner and Bebe said, “We met Mrs. Malhotra in the market today. Her granddaughter is so cute and sweet.” “Ya Bebe, pata nahi hamein ye khush khabri kab milegi! Kab hamare ghar bhi ek chota sa sadasya aayega”, (Ya Bebe, don’t know when we’ll get this good news! When a small member will be added in our family too) said Usha. Suddenly, Mahi and Yuvraj who were drinking water spilled it out and started coughing. Twinkle smiled and said, “Jiju, honey..” “Bebe, Maa, what are you saying?”, asked Yuvraj interrupting Twinkle and gave her a death glare. “What? It has been a long time now”, replied Bebe casually. Mahi started blushing and quickly got up and went to the kitchen leaving behind Yuvraj smiling. Everyone laughed at her behaviour and continued eating.
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