Her director his designer episode 15

Ragini goes to office all greets her and she too greets them…
She indulges into designing and applying colours in laptop..
Laksh comes to office..

As he entres as all knew him as director they too wishes him.
He smiles to all..
He goes to ragini pa and asks him that he wants to meet ragini..
Pa goes to inform to ragini..
Ragini looking in to her laptop.
Ragini:- hmm..come in
Pa:- mam director laksh kapoor came to meet you.
If are ok shall i allow him.
Ragini:- yaa ofcourse let him in.
Pa goes to inform laksh…

Laksh knocks door and comes inside
Ragini:- when do you started asking permission to come inside.
Laksh:- you are so busy mam what to do.
Ragini:- what to do..by the way you should be also busy in shooting right so what were you doing here…
Laksh:- actually my dad met with an accident so i came here to see him.
Ragini:- oh my god . How is he now.
Laksh:- he is fine..and yaa i am leaving tomorrow.
Ragini:- thank god nothing happen to him.
Laksh :- yaa and he sees a band on hand .
He gets worried and holds her and asks.
What happen to your hand did you too meet with accident.
Ragini looks on at him for his concern and feels happy too.
Ragini:- hi relax nothing happened to me..
Its just that and says what ever happen.
Laksh:- oh my god that means she met dad..she saved him.
I should say thanks to you but cant..

If i say he is my father then you will ask me number of questions to which i cant answer now..
Ragini waves her hands infront of him and brings him back to his senses..
Ragini:- where were you lost..
Laksh:- nothing..
Are you free can we go out to night..
Ragini:- ok.
Laksh:- be ready at 7 pm hmm
I will pick you from your home..
Ragini:- yaa ok..done….
Laksh:- so whats up..
Ragini:- nothing right now i am busy in paris fashion desiging..
I hope i will crack it.

Laksh:- ofcourse you will you have that talent.
Ragini pinches herself and leans forward to laksh ..
While laksh leans back.
Ragini says wait..and pinches him Laksh shouts ahhhh..
What are you doing idiot.
Ragini:- checking whether you are fine are not stupid..
Laksh:- why all of sudden you thought it.
Ragini:- because you said that i was talented and starts laughing.
Laksh looks on by noding head in disbelief but soon lost in her smile..
They both were disturbed by a door opening sound..
They both looks at door..
Where ragini smiles and says bhaiyaa..
Laksh:- pradeep….

Precap:- pradeep and laksh looking at each other..

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  1. Sofia


  2. Awesome short but cute

  3. awesome. pls some lenghty.

    1. Sindhura

      I will try
      Thank u

  4. Nice! Loved it

  5. Dafsi

    Lovely chappy di raglak were cute

  6. Pavani

    Do he know about Laksh

    1. Sindhura

      I too did not think about it..
      But no he dont knew

  7. Chala bagundi plz continue.what ever we missed on screen you are giving it .nice dear you just rocked.

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u meera

  8. A very nice update. Lol I loved how Ragini pinched Laksh ??. Can’t wait to read more ?

  9. Gud one dr

  10. Priya15

    Nyc di…

  11. Loved it dear

  12. Prateeksha

    Awesome as always. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  13. Lata


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