Your love taught me meaning of life- SUMMARY and PROMO

Hi guys so i m gonna give a summary and promoi fr my this ff as someone asked me soooooooooo and one who misssed out prev epi pls do read it

Episode 8

Twinkle a very extemely shy girl and a nerd always keeps studying never comes out of her house except fr going to college and never attends any trips or parties.Remains vry simple in simple attire and do one plate of hair with lot of oil so all calls her behenji. and kunj a flirty boy a boy who wants to make his own identity lives his life to the fullest does not believe in love and all but respects girls.
THey bth studied in same skool till tenth bt nvr talked and nw also in same college bt twinkle is doing medical and kunj is in arts………………
They are in +2…….

Mahi is twinkle’s sis and iuv is kunj’s bro.They bth are in tenth and are gud frnds.
sarnas and tanejas are family frnds too.
Twi one day in morning got up and went to a beautiful calm cliff side to study wer kunj was painting as he loves painting bth met der drenche din paints..
Then bth met in college wen cherry a bad guy of college wid his grp was teasing twi and kunj kunj takes revenge of twinkle’s insult.
Bth came to knw abt their family’s frndship and kunj tells her herclothes does nt shw ho wmch intelligent she is so she can vhnage her looks twinkle gets affected by his wrds and nxt day hesitantly comes in shrt dress with hair open and eyes having lens not specs

But cherry misbehaves wid her and tries to force him upon her but kuinj saves her fights wid him
Entr\y of paayal twinki’s frnd
Kunj takes her home leela and kunj makes paln to release twinkle’s shyness

UV and mahi nok jhok wali fight and twinj becoming frnds………..
Twi started feeling kunj and getting his visuals…………………..
huppph…………… thak gayi

twi:thanku so much …………………………
fr this (hugging smone)

Twi is slapping smone………………….
dont knw who

want to knw keep reading Your love taught me meaning of life

BYE nw i have to study fr my mock test also byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    I remember the story I want an episode the precap was so interesting I was waiting for the episode Kunj going to gift something to someone Please post soon and i remember you said that there will be a new entry too πŸ™‚
    Love you πŸ™‚
    Promo seems to be interesting Post soon πŸ™‚

  2. Adya

    |Registered Member

    Paavu di… gosh…
    Lovely episode ….u nailed it…I was missing it soooooooo badly…
    Well may I know who’s the one who asked u…batao batao….acha fabulous episode …
    Post soon
    Love u

  3. SidVee

    Hey paavu! Thnx for the summary though i remembered the story πŸ™‚ eagerly waiting for the epi ❀❀

  4. Baby

    |Registered Member

    oye ishu srsly promo is osm yr suspense cant w8 loved it☻β™₯β™₯β™₯
    post nxt asap☻
    love u soooooooooooo much dearβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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