Philanderer {womanizer} characters continued

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The spoil brat of the college….
Being the only son and heir of the number one company of the country…..
He is knows for his looks, well built body alongwith never ending zero’s after the number 9 in his bank account
He very well knows how to lure the woman, its his usual trick by spending expensive gifts, dates, throwing awesome parties, nice champion , expensive cars, restaurants, etc in short using his money to get girls to his bed… Afterall he is in top five for the competition

The “cutest boy” of the college
He uses his charm, looks and simplicity to lure girls…. His simple way and boyishness and the innocent look on his face makes woman fell on their knees for him.. He is the biggest flirt of whole college… He is the captain of the basketball team… From cheerleaders to refree to opponents drool over him

The bad boy of the college…. With him near you feel the bad vibes… Boxing champion no one dares to even see him in the eye.. Girls die for his manly appearance and the bad boy attitude..

The genius of the college… Perfect example of beauty with brains… His looks can even make a blind mesmerized…while his intelligence is the one which makes you doubt einstein or newton…. Having so much of knowledge which puts even google at shame … He have his exellence way to bring girls to his bed

The singer of the college… His sweeter than nightingale… Its like you have drown yourself in his voice.. Its voice contains a strange pain, feelings, love, sadness, emptiness, guilt… Its like he wants to convey a message through it… His such a touchy gesture puts girls in awww and make his work easier

Well all of them are in the top list for the title with equal balls in their court but despite the natural jealousy you can see their hatered for each.. Whenever they are around its like a cold war…

Well lets see how the story unfolds who wins and who loose…..

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  1. Loved it dear

  2. Soujanya


  3. Manya

    Post soon

  4. Amazing
    And may be hunter is sanskar .
    Let’s see .

  5. Awesome

  6. Tooooooooooooo

  7. Pooja26

    goona very interesting……

  8. I’m loving it….Amazing one….post the episode soon….I’m eagerly waiting….❤

  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  10. Aarti32

    Plzz reveal d boys soon yaar.. I can’t wait..

  11. A.xx

    fab and plz reveal the boys(actors) can’t wait for 1st post.xx

  12. Arshaanya

    Loved it

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