Love Is The Sweetest Poison Ever chp 17


Navya and Nandini reaches home and who they saw made them shocked.
Navya: they came again.
Nandini: don’t take tension, m here na.

They make their entry inside.
Navya: aunty, why did u come here? Don’t u think I m too young for marriage?
Aunty: i m ur mom
Navya: yeah a fake one, I love someone else
Aunty: ohh now u started a love life?
Navya: enough, just go

She goes and Navya runs to her and Nandini’s room followed by Nandini.
Nandini: r u ok?
Navya: no, already today’s day was very bad and she had to add more trouble in my life.
Nandini: now she went, just leave it, will u have hot chocolate?
Navya’s face light up.
Navya: yes I will
Nandini: u freshen up, I will make.

She goes. Navya gets a message by Cabir. It said ‘Today we all have kept a party, come if possible.’ Unknowingly she smiles and tells Nandini about it. Nandini finds it a good opportunity to bring her and Cabir close, she agrees. Later that day, everyone gathers in Manik’s house.
Cabir: hi
Nandini: hi
Navya: hi
Manik: hello

He waves at Nandini, she blushes and waves back. She was wearing a sleeveless dark blue thigh length dress with white polka dots and pink skinny belt. Her hair were down curled.

Navya was wearing a white floral chiffon dress, her hair were down.

Everyone were dressed beautifully. There were only Fab5 and NavNi in the party so everyone gathered in Manik’s room.
Cabir: truth and dare time.

Navya looks on.

[A/N: hello tweeps, I am very late right? Sorry ? this time the update was ready but didn’t got time to update and I thought to give two chapters combined together but I m giving only one chapter update, I will write another chapter as soon as possible, I m busy in college work and all so I get late in updating, happy reading ?]
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