Sanskar: I love you Swara. Swara: I love you too (Episode 1)

Sanskar: I love you Swara
Swara: I love you too

The story opens up at a house. A girl is seen weeping. 

“Why does this happen with me? Why can’t I get the happiness?” The girl says while weeping.

She is keeping hand on her mouth and weeping, so that she doesn’t disturbs anyone. As the time is 11:35 PM..

“Why God? Can’t I stay happy? Don’t I have the rights to enjoy my life? He too hasn’t agreed for the marriage.. But uncle and aunty are forcing him.” The girl says while crying.

The girl is revealed to be Swara.

“Day after tomorrow is his Engagment..” She says and sleeps on floor crying.

The screen then shifts to a boy, the time is same. He is too seen crying hugging a photo.

“Swara…You know that I love you and I cannot ever think of living without you.. On the Engagment day, I will reveal this to everyone that I don’t love Kavita.. Although they know this. I’m not going to marry her on any of the circumstance. Because I love you……” He says while crying.

The boy is revealed to be Sanskar.

The screen again shifts to a girl.

“Ugghh! On the Engagment day, I’m gonna reveal that I don’t love Sanskar.. I love Shyam! I won’t marry Sanskar.” The another girl says and calls someone.

“Shyam! Don’t worry.. I’m not gonna marry anyone else except you.” The another girl says.

“Kavita.. Then what about Sanskar?” Shyam asks her.

The another girl is revealed to be Kavita.

“I’m not gonna marry him.. I’ll call off the Engagment and marriage on the Engagment day.” Kavita says.

“Okay. But if any problem causes, I’ll make you run from there.” Shyam says.

“Okay Shyam.. Don’t worry. I’ll handle the situation.

“Okay.. And good night. I’m dozing off to sleep.” Shyam says.

“Okay.. Bye” Kavita says and disconnects the call.

Swara, Sanskar and Kavita sleep.

Precap: Sanskar  coming to meet Swara.

Shyam- Rahul Bhat

Hey guys! Thank you sooooo much for your amazing comments in the plot. Thank you soo much! I can’t express my happiness.. I just thought to upload the first episode as its been a long time. And I won’t be too long (in this FF) I feel..

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