Love strengthens relationship (Episode 2)


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Swara goes near laksh with a naughty smile in her face..
Laksh sees her but did n’t identify her to be swara as ragini is not with her..n keeps on searching for ragini..

(Laksh nd Sanskar  studied in hostel n hence they couldn’t see swara n ragini till their schooling..and then laksh came home town so laksh n ragini are close to other..but while laksh came..swara went to abroad to pursue her studies.. n similarly sanskar also went abroad..)

Swara: excuse me..r u taxi driver..we want to go to..
Laksh interepts her

Laksh: am I looking lyk a driver to u

Swara: sry, seeing ur costume I thought u to b a drive

Laksh: seeing u I too thought u to b a sweeper.. come on I too want my home clean

Swara: I looking lyk a sweeper to u…

Laksh: then am I looking lyk a driver to u..

Ragini comes there, see’s them fighting

Ragini: laksh..wat’s gng on here?!

Laksh: nthng, jus a disturbance lyk u.. n where s swara?!

Ragini: right behind u..!

Laksh sees swara n gets shocked..while swara gives a wide grin..

Swara: I thought my aunt’s son will be handsome.. but see here..

Laksh: Huhhhh…I too thought my aunt’s daughter will be cute..but God why are you torturing me lyk this..
I thought atleast one of my aunt’s daughter will be looking good..but..both are lyk open mouth dinosaurs…
He said with sad naughty tone..


And saying this al three started laughing and had a grp hug

They returned home having masti..

Swara saw al their family members and al r very happie seeing her after along tym..they al talked for sometime ..
Thn swara and ragini went to their room

Swara: our house is lyk heaven ragini.. I’m here after a long tym right! I missed a lot..

Ragini: I too missed u a lot shona..

Meanwhile Sujatha entered the room

Sujatha: it’s a lovely sight to see my both daughters together.. I luv u both a lot dears..

Swaragini: we too ma..

They three hugged each other..

Sujatha: we are going to temple.. get ready and come..u both should wear half sarees..

Ragini: okk ma

Swara: but ma.. it ll take tym for me to get ready.. as I have to fresh up

Sujatha: no problem da.. I ll say laksh to pick up u both after u get ready..

Saying this she went..

Swara: ragini..when will sanskar come..

Ragini: but y are u asking fr him..something wrong…

She said with a naughty smile n her face

Swara: haaa!! Ragini nothing lyk that..

She smiled shyly

Saying this she went to fresh up..

Swara got ready with pink an yellow half saree.
While ragini with a grey and blue half saree..

Ragini: okkie swara.. I ll go n search for this laksh idiot.. I donno were he s?! u wait here..

Swara: okk..ragini I ll wait here..

Swara went round her house after a long tym she s here..

While going to d back of d house he saw a guy of six feet height jumping over their wall..

Swara : omg… thief.. wat shal I do now..i should b careful..i ll catch him..( she whispered to herself)

Swara thought to catch him and went behind him..but while following him she tripped n was about to fall..
Hearing her sound.. that guy turned and swara felled ovr him and both they rolled  over the steps..

And now swara is on top of that guy..and her hair fell over his face..

When she tried to get up she saw his face…he was so handsome..
Swara was just mesmerized..but didn’t show it..nd she got up..

And she started shouting..

Swara: thiefff…thiefff..someone come n help us

Seeing her shouting that guy was startled fr a minute..
And thn he closed her mouth

Guy: don’t shout.. im not a thief..shut up

Meanwhile laksh came there with ragini…

Laksh: sanskar…!!! He cried..

Saying this he went and hugged him..

Laksh: wen did u come…u could have told me na..?!

Sanskar: I thought to surprise u al..
But this disturbance disturbed my plan..

He pointed swara..

Swara: excuse’s not me.. u only came by jumping our compound wall..and hence I thought u to b a thief .. tats it..okkiiee

Laksh: sanskar..both d sisters are lyk this only..too much of disturbance.. thank God now u came for my rescue..

Ragini: OK OK..enough of teasing us..

She turned towards sanskar and smiled and hugged him..

Ragini: so happy to see u after a long tym sankyy ..h r u

Sanskar: I’m fyn rags.. wat abt u..

Ragini: Gud sankyy..

Laksh: buddy.. u go n fresh up.. .

Rags: n cum fast sankyy we ll wait fa u..we can go to temple

Sanky: okkiee l.. I’ll cum within fifteen mins guys..

Nd saying this he stared swara n went.. while swara gave what did I do look

All left fr temple..

All rejoiced seeing sanky..( I’m not gng write it as it ll jus drag lyk anything)

Sujatha: ragini n swara just round the temple three tyms n come

Swaragini: jii ma..

Sanky saw them gng n followed them..

Swara: ragini I have one doubt.. do u lyk laksh..

Ragini: why are u asking this swara..

Swara: from d tym I came.. Im seeing..d way u speak to him n d way u behave to him…al gives me some diff sort of feeling..

Ragini: hmmm…but I lyk him..i feel to tease him al d tym.. nd im happy wen I’m with him..n swara do u lyk sanky..

Sanky was startled by this qn..even swara.

Swara: hmmmmm… I don’t know..

Saying this she bent her head down..

Ragini: thn wat’s that lipstick Mark in his shirt..

Sanky being shocked hearing their convo..saw his shirt and found a lipstick mark..
Thn he remembered how they rolled n steps..

One stupid smile came ovr his face..

Swara there still shocked.. donno wat to answer and just blabbered something and managed it..

Ragini: enough… enough..don’t blabber.. I m not gng to ask u anything else abt tat OK..spaek normally ..

Swara smiled as she has  escaped from ragini’s questions..

Nd both d sisters continued their rounds..while sanky ran to d opposite direction to come opposite to them..

N he thn went casually near them..

Seeing him swara immediately turned her head while ragini said a gentle Hi..!

Sanskar too said  hi..n looked at swara

As swara didn’t see him..Sanskar smiled and called her

Sanskar: hi swara..

Swara had butterfly in her stomach wen she heard her name from his mouth..

Swara saw him n smiled a little..

Ragini: omg..swara.. I forgot my purse..i ll bring it..
Saying this she ran without hearing her rply..

Al of sudden swara and sanskar were alone..

Having this as a chance.. a naughty smile spread ovr his face..

He slowly touched the lipstick mark in shirt..
Swara was shocked..n she blushed..

N when he was about say something

Ragini came there with her wallet..

Sanky signalled swara with his eyes that he will show that mark to ragini..

Swara came behind ragini and begged him asking him not to show tat to ragini..

Meanwhile laksh came there…
Nd took sanky along with him..

Swara thanked God as laksh took him away..which is also noticed by sanky..

he smiled seeing her

After a while..

Laksh: sanky wat do u think about swara.

Sanky:wat to say.. I donno anything about her character

Laksh: she s so cute right?;

Sanky remembers their first meet and smiles..

Laksh: I think  I’m n love wth her..

Sanky’s smile changed..he felt as if his heart dropped to his stomach..but he didn’t know why..!?

Hey everyone hope u all lyk it..;) …plz comment.. it ll make me so happy!

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