My Love Story (Ragsan OS)


Hi hello everyone. Hw r u all.i hope fine.
Ok let me go to the story its a ragsan os.lets go
Guys rags family n sankys famliy r family friend very close to each other

Rags pov
I wont say that love is life but without love life is nothing. Confusing right but i dont know hw i changed like this . I have become mad coz of u . I speak many things which r meaningless like inthe starting . I had many dreams but now my only is u .
But…….(with tears in her eyes) all the dream cant come true right . Yes ,u know y coz something has destined to happen . But my love start with rejection which i know every well . Mylove story will be my love story forever. Will never be our love story.still now i dont know y i loved u even though knowing that u will not love . When and hw i fall inlv with u ,this question arisedin my mind whenever i think abt u (may be all the time) . But why ,even though i love u , you wont love me back na.
Why did my heart did this to me .why it loved a person who wont love me. .. arghh love me…….who dont even care abt me in any sort. Who feels that i am a burden ib this world. ………. many times i get angry on myself for loving u but i dont know i couldnt stop loving u . I dont want u to love me but i love u . I dont know what i am doing but i thing i love u ….. i love u all my life . I LOVE U SANSKAR MAHESHWARI FOREVER .
With this closed her dairy . Closed her eyes which was having tears. Sometime later she slept hugging a pillow which was wet with tears…..
Next day .
Ragini doesntknow that this would be a shock day for her.
Her mother came with saree .n waked up ragini.
She understood y her mother came het with a saree . Coz today some groom is coming . So she took the saree went towards the washroom .while sumi said ragini only the groom will be coming not his parents..
In meantime the groom came his face is not shown. …..

Ragini got ready in white with sky blue saree.and silver matchings.she went near her dairy(guys rags wrote everything in her dairy abt her love).she took it in hands n took sankys pic from it (yeegguran nee en pakkam illaiye plays) today i feel something i feel like u r near me here some where. She wiped her tears n went out of the room. She came to the hall where no one was. Her mother said .he waiting inthe terrace go n meet him. She marched towards terrace. There she saw a man in blue jean n black shirt his back visble to ragini. She went near him .he was abt to turn but raginisaid
R. Dont turn plz first i will tell abt me then u say . I am not interested in marrying. Coz i love some else so plz tell my parents that u dont like me plz i dont want to marry ir i can say even i wont marry u…….she said in one breath.

The boy. ” u wont marry even me. ” that voice made ragini to shiver . She coludnt understand anything she stood like a statue .
B. “U wont marry even me . The person whom u love the most . Love a lot come onragu tell me ”
For min she was shocked then she realized what said .
R. “Sanskaar”
Yes the groom is non other than our sanky opps sry her sanky
Sa.”one n only ur sanky ragu”
Without even wasting a min . Rag jumped into sankys embrace . Sanky too hugged her so tightly and rotated her . She got down n kissed him allover the face even he did the same.
R. Hw u got know that i love u.
Sa. Ur ma read ur dairy yesterday after u slept then she called me n asked to read this dairy . After reading it i got to know hw much u love me . Who will miss a girl who loves him this much . So said ur mom not to tell u anything n told that i will come tomorrow to meet u .so simple.
Ragini smiles at him.
Sa.u idiot y u didnt propose me .
R. I thought if we destined to be one then we will be destiny will do that n i thought i should not lose ur friendship too so …
Sa.from when u r in love with me .
R . From 11th.
Sa . My god it means 10years . Y do u love me this much.
R. I dont know but i love u
Sa. I love u too

Saying this he dragged her towards him kept his hand on her neck back side n kissed her in lip he kept his another hand in her bare waist n started squeezing it.. he kissed her very harder n harder .both were enjoying the kiss .ragini was pulling his hair n hand on his shoulder. Slowing sanky bite her lip n started taste her whole mouth with his tongue after some min they broke the kiss . Rag hugged him tightly placing her around his neck.he too hugged her tightly .
……… ..
N thats the end of the story
Guys i happy very very happy to say that its my own love . Yes ragini in the story is myself n sanky ….no no i wont say . Thank u say how is it n bless me for my love

Credit to: ragini

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    Nice one….

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    Nice and all the best for ur love life.

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  3. Sindhura

    Oh my sweet heart its awesome
    True lovecwins
    It last para was slso true or imaginary ???

    1. aaaaaaaaa mmmmmm hw to say …….some r true n some r imagination. and thank u

  4. Megha123

    Short bt nice os.

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  5. I loved it . All the best Ragini for your life ?

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    Awesome… And may God bless u both and be always happy for your further life….

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    awesome, god bless u both and have a happy life ahead

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    Mind blowing. ..loved it

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely one
    ALL the best for ur love too

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  13. awesome!! your love story is really a fairy tale!!

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