Hi everyone the fans of sadda haq and kyy….guys I am combining these 2 shows and writing my ff..guys plz read it…

So today is only the introduction of characters..guys do comment..plzzz..and tell me should I continue?

SANYUKTA AGGRAWAL-Sanyukta is a confident ambitious and smart girl..She wants to become a top class enginner..She is a tall fair girl with a lovely face and specs..She is always surrounded by books and cant resist the temptation to read any book which is infront of her eyes..Her idol is HERMIONE GRANGER the harry potter character..

NANDINI MURTHY-Nandini aka nandu is a simple yet smart girl whose only dream is to fulfil her dad’s dream to become a singer…and to treat her bother who is suffering from a deadly disease..Nandini is a innocent and shy girl but knows to keep her self respect…she lives with her aunt and uncle

RANDHIR SINGH SHEKHAWAT-Randhir is a typical clever intelligent and arrogant guy…his ego is like his best mate..he is genius ambitious and handsome guy..yet he is innocent s a child by heart.

MANIK MALHOTRA-Manik is a typical bada bap ka begda beta types guy…he has money friends looks smartness and everything.he is just perfect…the dude of college…yet he is best and loyal from heart..know him well and he will become your best friend..

PARTH KASHYAP-Parth is the guitar boy..the gentleman and the best friend of randhir..he is like your 2am friend..handsome with hot body fair skin and cute dimples..he is clever and down to earth…

DHRUV VEDANT-The silent guitar guy..he is innocent.. the chocolate boy…his cute looks will make you fall for him…the best buddy of manik…He is always there for you..he is a talented guitarist..

VIDUSHI KUMAR-Vidushi is a girl you will not like when you first meet her…little rude arrogant always there for money..but when her friends are in danger she can do anything..her past is a mystery which runs her behind money..she can do anything to achieve her means…she is typical shorts wali sweet girl with high heels

NAWYA NAELI- Nawya is best friend of nandini..little crazy…she is from bihar..the typical bihari…she is ambitious bold and wants to become the world top singer…she is innocent but can make your hair curl if she is ner bad tempered mood..

ALIYA SAXENA-Girlfriend of manik.. she is a Barbie doll..a feminist..truely womanly..beautiful s*xy hot and rich..a true fashion icon..she loves her friends but is little hyper…can do anything..beware of this beauty queen..
ARYAN-He is the mystry man..the DS dark shadow..tall handsome silent caring highly intelligent…and with a dark mystery surrounding him….

SHANAYA-she is the bubbly girl….friend of randhir….smart girl.wants to become perfect piece goggle books magazines and coffee defines her look…..

MUKTI VARDHAN-attitude defines her..friend of manik …bestie of aliya..and enemy of vidushi..she is too arrogant to talk with.. too smart too deal wih..and too emotional to love…manik and muktis friendship is like duryodhan and karna…

So guys other characters are also included but these are the main…hope you guys will like it..

The university has department of enginnering and music side by side..and this how all will become friendss. guyss plzz read and comment.. thankyou….

  1. The intro was awesome ? Dhruv. Keep writing

    1. thnx dear.i am happy you like it..n thnx for alwz commenting,,,,

  2. its really nice so far….do continue…im not very familiar with kyy cast coz i didnt watch the show but im sure i ll get to know everyone as the story procedes…and pls along with sandhir make vidarth as a couple too…

    1. ya dear i know many are not fans of either kyy or sadda i gave a intro about them..actualy manik and nandini are leads from kyy dear..and yep i am icluding vidarth in my ff as i am a diehard fan of them…thnx for reading karu

    2. ok dear thanks for clearing my doubt about kyy cast and a big thank u for including vidarth in the ff…

    3. and dhruv pls update ur other ff too…the one based on SH…

  3. Hey druv you don’t mention cabir’s name…… isn’t he a part of your ff……. and one request don’t make aryan’s character as bad…… btw… seems interesting both my fav together….. just thinking how would they meet each other as they are in diff stream….. and ya.. All The Best for your ff….

    1. hey dear cabir is included in my ff but not that imp…but he is there…n yep aryan will not be the villan…thankyou somuch for reading..

  4. Manan_0206

    Omg! This is really an amazing one . Loved it at the start itself . Plz plz plz continue . Both shows together is great !!

    1. thnx for reading friend..i will surely continue it

  5. Sindhu_Varma

    My two favourite shows in one ff it is going to be amazing do continue

    1. thankyou frnd…i will cntnue.

  6. Mahi13

    Intro is amazing
    Plz continue. 🙂

    1. thnx dear…

  7. Whr is cabir yar….
    But interesting intro…..
    Plz continue…..

    1. cabir’s entry will be next epi dear..thankyou for reading

  8. Hey all my fan i am here.
    dhruvvvvv broo u frgt me ??

    1. Tash

      Ek minute.. Who r u portraying ur self as cabir?? ?

    2. hahaha..ur diehard fanof cabir i thnk..dnt wry u will be included..n thnx for reading

  9. Tash

    Hey… It was good.. But I don’t watch sada haq ever..
    But ll surly read ur ff…
    But fr me cabir is very imp character of kyy…
    Y didn’t u add him??
    Any ways… Plz continue n kyy scenes more.. Coz only watch kyy n not sadda haq.. Sorry fr that..
    Don’t mind plzzzz☹️☹️

    1. hey dear.i will add cabir in next epi.dnt wry..n no prblm evn if ur not SH fan…thnx for reading..

    2. Tash

      Hey sorry if u felt bad yaar…. I didn’t mean that… N I m a big fan of cabir but the biggest biggest fan of parth…
      U r a boy Haan?? Gr8.. I have first time a boy writing ff.. It ll be nyc to read ur ff..
      Keep going n don’t feel bad.. It was not what I meant to say..

    3. Hey sorry to say but that is not really nice of u too say…i also didnt watch kyy but u dont see me or other SH fans saying to Dhruv to post more scenes of sadda haq…i think we should let him write the story as he wishes and im sure he will give equal importance to both the shows.

    4. Tash

      Hey karina… M sorry if u felt bad.. It was nt what I meant dear…
      M really sorry if u felt bad… N ok.. I will listen to what u say… I will let druv do what he wants… N I m sure I ll love his ff..

    5. hey dear no need of sorry…i know u didnt want to hurt anyone…im sorry too if my comment was a bit harsh…i just wanted to say that we should let Dhruv write his ff in his own way…sorry again if my comment was to harsh.

    6. Tash

      No..u too don’t say sorry.. N ur words were nt harsh so it’s ok..?

    7. thank u for understanding me 🙂

  10. Sanyukta Rathor

    Dhruv bro is this u ??????

    Amazing bro ?????????????????????????

    1. actually dear i am not ur dhruv bhai..i am that AIIMS wala dhruv…thnxx for reading dearr

    2. hiiiiii santa

  11. Good start
    But like others I also want cabir in the ff and that to with our own navya
    Kyy stories will be incomplete without cabir
    Pls add him as a main character

    1. hey friend as i already said.i will add cabir..but ya story will be little diff cz it is ff na..thnx for reading..


    Dhruv nice style of writing gonna read for sandhir and vidharth others never matter

  13. hey bro nice start…

  14. hey friends..thanyou for reading and commenting..
    hii tash..ya i am a boy..actually my hobby is to write short stories poems…n SH and kyy i used to watch cz of my sissy..n dear i nvr felt bad dear…no prblm…
    tash and karu chill friends i will give equal imp to both shows..

    1. Tash

      U seems to be a nyc guy.. Tq fr understanding?

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