my love story (episode 3)

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The story begins..
Abhi and pragya danced gracefully.
The children were mesmerized.
Ranveer and ishani were shocked to see abhi and pragya dancing.
The children clapped…
Abhi: so…
Pragya: I will come tomorrow children…
Abhi: I will be here only.
Pragya smiles and leaves.
Abhi : she is special….
Pragya gets inside the car and removes the mask.
Ranveer: dance ah… And ranveer starts laughing..
Pragya: stop it Bhai.
Ishani: tum hi ho ab tum hi ho..
Abhi: stop it yaar.
Ishani: ahaan.
Abhi: let’s leave.
Bulbul, roshni,pragya,ranveer are enjoying the drive.
Bulbul: Bhai panipuri.
Roshni: haan Bhai…
Ranveer: OK..
Bulbul and roshni are eating panipuri..
Ranveer: let’s leave.
Ranveer starts car…
As the car leaves…
Abhi,ishu,Sid and purab come to eat panipuri.
Abhi: ishu eat fast.
Sid: haan ishu..abhi should practice dance na..
Purab and Sid share an hi-fi.
Abhi: ishu..
Ishani: I didn’t tell anything.

They came to the NGO..
Purab: when you were dancing..
Abhi: let’s leave…
Sid,purab and ishani starts teasing abhi.
Abhi smiles..
Abhi thinks: who is that girl …
At the same time pragya thinks : who is that guy…
Sayara dil sayara plays.
Unnale en naalum en jeevan plays..
They sleep..

The next day morning…
Ranveer: I need a boquet of white flowers.
Pragya: for whom Bhai..
Ranveer: client..
Pragya: I’m leaving Bhai.
Ranveer: roshni and bulbul ..
Pragya: they already left..
Ranveer: what..
Pragya smiles..
Pragya: Bhai it’s time get ready..

At SP design house.
Purab asks bulbul for a coffee.
Bulbul enters his room with coffee.
Purab takes the coffee and starts walking..
Purab: bulbul make sure the designs are ready by tomorrow.
Bulbul : sir..vo..
Purab: kya..
Purab now only noticed bulbul..
Bulbul with her blue chudidhar and free hair,looked like an angel..
Sajna ve plays.
Bulbul waves her hand to make purab regain his sense.
Bulbul: sir ..Sid sir is calling you.
Sid: purab ..
Purab: Sid..
Sid: stop blushing yaar.
Purab: shut up..
Sid: learn from me.
Sid: roshni..
Roshni: sir..
Sid: can you bring me the design pattern.
Roshni: sure sir.
As roshni leaves,Sid leaves his leg..
Roshni is about to fall,but Sid catches her.
Nagira nagira plays.
Roshni was dressed in a yellow chudidhar.
Bulbul was shocked.
Bulbul: roshni..
Roshni got up and she went..
Bulbul went with her.
Purab laughed..
Purab: luckily she did not see.
Sid: learn the romance.
I think you are in love purab.
Purab: kya..
Sid: now bulbul will turn.
As he said bulbul turned…
Purab was surprised..
Purab blushes..
At the NGO,
Ishani gets a boquet from ranveer.
Ishani called ranveer..
Ishani: ranveer what is the need of such formalities..
Am I your client or what??
Ranveer: no I wished you should call me..
Oru pathi kathavu neeyadi plays.
Ishani: ranveer turn back..
Ranveer: what..
She ended the call.
Ranveer received a white boquet with ishu’s number in it.
Ranveer is happy..
Ishani: I guess he would have found.
Ishani gets a msg from ranveer.
Meet you at la place….
Ishani smiles and replies sure..

Pragya and her students visit abhi’s office.
The meeting got ended..
Abhi said OK for pragya’s proposal.
Pragya: abhi the rockstar is our chief guest..
Pragya leaves..
Abhi at his cabin..
Thinks of the girl he met at the NGo.
Pragya on the other hand..
Thinks may be he is my prince charming..
That’s it.
Precap::Sid roshni locked up in a building…??
Will this love blossom??
Wait and watch..
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