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Hi friends.. sorry for late updates.hope you know that my country faced a huge desaster.i was not that affected area.but we have to gather for the sake of our nation. Thatz the reason.. thanq for comments…thatz y i am writting here is pragya’s love which came from sky

Purab and bulbul went to the outside.after destroying DOP abhi step towards pragya’s and his room..when he come to room he get damn shok to see what has his fuggy done.
Plates wich is full of many variety of foods are there. But most of them are empty.. abhi cleaned them using his gravity changin power.
Then pragya apperes from his backside…
P,arey my janemaan why are you so exited..
A,dont eat this much fuggy.. who gave you this food tablet. Itz not good for your health yaar.. see what Taco Bell Double Decker Tacos, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Samosas, Aloo Gobi, Tandoori Chicken… all are contain with suger oil salt. Thatz not good for human health time i will select foods for you.
P,calm down cutie potootie. Thatz the thing which harm health.these thing are my favorits. I have a surprice for you…
Pragya stands from her flying chair and huggs abhi
A,oh nice now you can walt have to pay for this okey.
P,achcha?okey i’ll..
Pragya pinch abhis belly and ran..
A,are you going to play with me fuggy?wait i am comming..
Abhi tries to catch pragya… they ran around the bed.abhi jumps to the bed and catch pragya from her duppatta and Pulled her toward the bed and pragya fallen on to abhi…
A,you pinched me na? Now let me take my revenge..
PrAgya hides her face in abhis chest bcoz she felt shy.. abhi bit pragyas rosy cheeks with his lips…
Pragya huggs abhi unknownly and tighten her grip.
A,fuggy… this is my dream..i never thought that u’ll love me.the most beutifull girl in the earth is my wiffy now.. i dont have words ti explain my mind
Pragya blushes with abhis words
P,actully i didnt even dreamed to marry a guy from other planet.. but my heart is restless when your away from me even 1mtr..
Abhi kept a loving and caring kiss on her nose and their eyes meets each other…
(I dont care who you are
Where you from.. plays in bg)
P,abhi where is washroom. I need to have a bath
A,wait i ll arrenge it..
Abhi get stand from the bed and ask pragya also to get stand up.
Then abhi closed his eyes for moment and looks up. Then a small washrooms appers around both of them which consist all the bathroom fittings..
P,wooow abhi.. how can this happen.what an interesting tech you have
A,just we have to imagine only fuggy.this chamber(abhi and pragyas room)is sensitive to imaginations.. when you need to open the shower just imagine it..
Before abhi complete the sentense they both get wet becoz shower opened….
Pragya looks at abhi with cute puppy dog eyes…
Then pragya wish to close the shower but abhi opened the shower again..
A,you know fuggy you are really cute in water to… your face with water drops drive me crazy..
Abhi kisses pragya’s face inch by inch… pragya tasted the feeling of his warm kisses in the cold water by closing her eyes… pragya removes abhis chain and braslets becouse they get wet.abhi didnt noticet that becouse he alredy sinked in pragys beuty..they were hugging each other tightly and shared their feelings silently but by the beat of their hearts which beat for each other.
Their love kept the next step after the marrage.. two bodies becomes one sole forever.

After few hours
Pragya is sleeping like a dool within abhis strong arms.abhi also sleeping by hugging pragya from his protective arms..

Credit to: tina

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  1. how r u now…..pls take care suha…really missed u a lot….
    episode was really so romantic……

  2. awesome episode dear!!!!

  3. Yes Suha I had heard abt it in news and was also worried abt tat…Thank god u are fine and my prayers are there for those who are affected by it…As usual it was such an amazing epi that u had given!! ??

  4. It ok u takecare tina… U always rock it..

  5. Super…..hope nthg hppn to others too….tc

  6. itz really glad to know that you’ve pray for us. as i think if i say “thank you” it wont worth enough… but i must say thank you sooooooooooooooo much for caring… i am fine yar.but lot were dead and missed. thanq for commenting.. n i promise next time i’ll make this epi long…
    and sure i’ll make this reguler..♥♥

  7. Nice episode yaar take care…

  8. how r u akka.thank god u r fine.and this episode was so romantic. love this.weighting for next episode.

    1. i am fine sis.. thanks for caring.

  9. Take care Tina… Romantic epic…. Waiting for next epic….

  10. Take care Tina dii.if u can try to upload regularly,the episode was fantabulous????luv it

    1. promise yar i’ll update regulary… thanq for caring and commenting…

  11. thanq
    ♥krithikal sissy♥
    for your lovly cmmnts!!!!!

  12. Take care suha glad to know tat u r safe

    1. thanx for caring rithu. i am safe here..

  13. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOME……

  14. Hw r u suga dear hope u r fine take care ?and today epi was so romantic awesome yaar??

  15. Thank God u r fine let the things get back to normal by the Almighty’s blessings. And thank u sooooo much for the wonderful epi

  16. It’s very very nice Tina and take care of your health and your family

  17. take care of ur health tina and happy that u r not affected…may all their souls rest in peace those who r died in the disaster….u hav done an great job of helping them…

  18. Superb

  19. first sorry for late comment dr….
    take care of ur health dr…..
    u always rocked dr…..

  20. welcome back i am so happy to see u again i love ur ff so much take care

  21. waiting for ur ff tina.abhigya romantic is super… waiting for next episode…

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